Angry Birds

Misunderstood Pigs: New iOS game sees Angry Birds from the other side

A new game for iOS, Misunderstood Pigs, explores the Angry Birds conflict from the other side of the firing line.
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This Christmas light display based on Angry Birds is actually a playable game!

It's one thing to make an entire holiday light show based on Angry Birds, but it's another thing to make it playable.
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Facebook more popular than many Google apps on Android phones

With Android continuing to grow in popularity as an OS for both smartphones and tablets, Facebook's social networking application seems to be one of the top app choices among Android users.

New game levels released to celebrate Angry Birds second “birdday”

It was December 2009 that Angry Birds first flew onto the iTunes App Store. Now two years later, Rovio celebrates its "Birdday" with version 2.0 of the game, complete with new levels and the unlocking of all existing ones.

ESRB is planning to release a rating system for mobile games

While mobile gaming applications are rapidly growing in quantity and quality on both the iOS and Android platforms, the ESRB is working toward a standardized rating system for all mobile games.
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Amazon to Nook buyers: Kindle Fire has Netflix too, and much more

After enduring a verbal attack from Barnes & Noble earlier this week, Amazon has hit back, arguing that the Kindle Fire will have Netflix too, and a lot of other apps that the Nook Tablet won't have.

Halloween spawns more real-world Angry Birds competition

Painted pumpkins become both birds and pigs in this Halloween-themed Angry Birds recreation.

Angry Birds stores coming to China, CEO inspired by copyists

Speaking at a conference in Beijing, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka announced plans for the opening of Angry Birds stores in China, where the game has a huge fan base. He added that the inspiration for some of the merchandise the stores will…

Angry Birds meets classic horror in short film The Birds of Anger

Final entry in gaming-themed movie festival, The Anger of the Birds, is a scary take on Angry Birds.

The iPad heads for space, together with an Angry Birds soft toy

Next week two of Apple's iPad tablets will be sent to the International Space Station to keep its occupants entertained. An Angry Birds soft toy will be following them a month later, although the purpose of its mission has less to do with…

Angry Birds movie moving forward under former Marvel Studios chairman

Iron Man and Incredible Hulk producer David Maisel hired to lead Angry Birds movie and other Rovio adaptation projects.

Apple TV 4.4 update brings AirPlay mirroring, NHL and Photo Stream

With iOS 5 receiving the vast majority of attention from legions of excited Apple fanatics, Apple slipped in a content-filled update to the Apple TV with little fanfare.