Angry Birds

New viral video has soccer players staging real-world Angry Birds competition

No plush pig is safe when Angry Birds fans from UNC Asheville are around.

Angry Birds developer becoming a publisher

Rovio Mobile, the group responsible for Angry Birds, is expanding to become a publisher for independent studios.

Real-life Angry Birds game created in China, Rovio in talks

The popular Angry Birds game appears to have stepped outside the virtual world and turned up in a theme park in China.
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Best HP TouchPad Apps

Who said webOS was dead? We've handpicked the best HP TouchPad apps to help you turn your $99 toy into a recipe book, television, virtual magazine and more.

Over a third of tablets end up in the bathroom

In a study surely to make hypochondriacs cringe at the thought of touching any tablet, owners of tablets are admitting to taking the device into the bathroom to play Angry Birds and watch video while on the toilet or in the tub.

Angry Birds maker in talks, could be valued at $1.2 billion

Angry Birds maker Rovio is reportedly in talks with investors that could see the company valued at as much as $1.2 billion.

Angry Birds empire expands to include a cookbook

Angry Birds maker Rovio has extended the brand to include a cookbook, along with a wide variety of other products.

Boxee rolls out iPad app, announces firmware update for Boxee Box

Despite a slow start with adding services at the launch of the Boxee Box in late 2010, the media company has continued to support existing products as well as add iPad support for Boxee fanatics.

Angry Birds developer Rovio to offer baby products

Having conquered almost every mobile device in the world, Angry Birds is now turning its attention to baby blankets.

Lodsys adds major game developers to infringement suit

Lodsys has added Angry Birds developer Rovio along with Electronic Arts, Atari, and other major mobile game developers to its patent infringement suit.
Android Army

More than 800 Android apps are leaking personal data

Malware is becoming increasingly problematic for smartphone owners using the Android operating system. A security firm released unsettling information on growth of mobile malware.

Roku 2 launches with Angry Birds, subtitles, 1080p Netflix, EpixHD

With casual gaming constantly growing in popularity across all demographics, Roku is getting a jump on bringing casual games into the home theater with help from some frenzied, feathered friends.