British spies cyberattacked Anonymous hackers, Snowden docs reveal

The UK’s spy agency waged cyberattacks against the online chat rooms of Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal. And they used computerized “weapons” similar to those used by the hacktivists…

Anonymous hackers plead guilty to 2010 PayPal hack

WikiLeaks releases documents, PayPal suspends their account and Anonymous in turn attacks PayPal in a retaliatory move. The next part of the story? Those hackers just plead guilty to the attacks. Read more here.

LulzSec, Anonymous hacker gets a decade in the slammer

Jeremy Hammond is about to serve a 10 year prison sentence after getting caught hacking into computers owned and operated by Strategic Forecasting, which is a global intelligence firm.

Anonymous using Adobe ColdFusion exploit to attack U.S. government

First the federal sign-up page for Obamacare falters. Now, it turns out that mysterious hacktivist group Anonymous has been penetrating U.S. government computers and networks for almost a year now.

So, did Anonymous cause any mischief on November 5th?

Anonymous has a history of commemorating November 5, regarded by the group as Guy Fawkes Day, raising heck with protests and hacks. So what did they end up doing? Read on to find out.

Will Anonymous do something big today? After all, it’s November 5th…

Today is November 5, a date significant to Anonymous, the mysterious hacker-activist group. Will they pull off something big today? Maybe so, if their official Twitter account tells us anything.

Can you be arrested for sharing a link? Maybe

Journalist and Anonymous sympathizer Barrett Brown is facing 105 years in prison, in part because he shared a link. (He also threatened an FBI agent on YouTube.) Could the same thing happen to you?

Internet free speech: We’re doing it wrong

Cases like the Steubenville rape and the Boston Marathon bombing show that pattern of abuse has developed in the way we exercise our right to free speech on the Web. And if we don't put a stop to it, we might not like the outcome.

Anonymous steps into Kaitlyn Hunt story

Internet collective Anonymous has, again, gotten involved in attempting to right a social wrong with the release of a statement about the ongoing prosecution by Indian River County authorities of a Florida teen for having a younger…

How to stay anonymous online

You don't have to be a secret agent or a notorious hacktivist to care about anonymity. Consult this guide to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for staying anonymous and keeping your online activity private

Anonymous raises $50,000+ for a ‘citizen journalism’ news platform

Anonymous' campaign for social justice is taking a somewhat unexpected step, as the faceless organization raises more than $50,000 to fund a new website dedicated to breaking news and journalism as an alternative to the mainstream media.
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Hacker group Anonymous sets its sights on North Korea, vandalizes Twitter and Flickr accounts

Hacker group Anonymous appears to have targeted North Korea this week, plastering offensive images at various North Korean websites and overtaking others. The group also indicates its next attack would be coming later this month.