US gov’t ramps up anti-Anonymous rhetoric, warns of power grid take-down

The National Security Agency reportedly believes hacktivst collective Anonymous could soon wage attacks on key US infrastructure. Anonymous says such accusations are nothing but ridiculous fear mongering.

Anonymous publishes email exchange with Symantec over $50K payoff

While Anonymous continues to go after public governments and corporations, Internet security firm Symantec is the latest company to receive attention from the hacking collective.

Anonymous hacks call between FBI and Scotland Yard about hackers

A recent trans-Atlantic call between the FBI and the UK's Scotland Yard in which operatives from the two law enforcement agencies discussed ongoing cases regarding a number of alleged hackers was intercepted and recorded—by hackers.
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Minority Report is real: FBI wants to use social networks to prevent future crime

The FBI is looking into the creation of a new application that would allow them to not only monitor on-going threats, but also predict potential terrorist attacks and other crimes before they even happen. Here's everything you need to know…

Anonymous shuts down federal and music industry sites as vengeance for MegaUpload; UPDATE: taken down

In response to the government's move against MegaUpload, Anonymous has successfully attacked a handful of federal and industry domains, including the Department of Justice.

Anonymous exposes data from neo-Nazi hunt on new ‘Nazi-Leaks’ site

Anonymous hacktivists continue to wage war on neo-Nazi, creating WikiLeaks based 'Nazi-Leaks' portal to expose data from the hunt.

Anonymous releases credit card, email data stolen from Stratfor

With 2011 coming to a close, Anonymous has been incredibly busy over the past year with continued attacks on both government agencies and private companies.

Digital Trends looks back on 2011

Check out the technology headlines that stuck with our editorial staff this year.

Anonymous says it breached

Members of Anonymous say they gathered thousands of passwords and credit card records from months ago...but only mention it now to celebrate the holidays.

Anonymous claims – and denies – responsibility for Stratfor breach

Attackers nabbed a client list for think tank Strategic Forecasting, and Anonymous has claimed - and denied - responsibility.

Anonymous makes charitable donations using stolen credit card details

Christmas is said to be a time of giving, except that for hacking group Anonymous it appears to involve the use of other people's credit cards. The group, which appears to have recently hacked servers belonging to security think tank…

Anonymous turns its attention to the U.S. Senate over controversial bill

A controversial bill that recently cleared the Senate has enraged many—including the hacktivist group Anonymous.