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Dark days for Patch as investors grow weary and editor-in-chief resigns

The hyper-local platform draws more criticism thanks to its unproven track record. Is it next on the chopping block at Aol?

AOL sells off $1 billion in patents to Microsoft

AOL has sold a large chunk of its patent portfolio to Microsoft for more than $1 billion in cash.

AOL isn’t killing AIM… just most of its dev team

Don't get too caught up in middle school nostalgia just yet: AIM isn't being killed off. AOL is, however, sucking its focus out of the product with recent layoffs.

And the bidding for Yahoo begins

Reports have Silver Lake partners partnering with Microsoft and Andreessen Horowitz to buy a minority stake in Yahoo for as much as $3 billion. But can Yahoo be saved?

Mozilla asks users to join ‘Stop SOPA & PIPA’ campaign

Following in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, Tumblr and other tech companies, Mozilla is taking steps to help block the passage of SOPA and PIPA, legislation that have the potential to fundamentally change the Internet.

Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Internet giants have taken to the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Washington Times, to fight back against SOPA, the Internet censorship bill.

AOL posts loss in Q3 despite ad sales jump

AOL posted its smallest loss in revenue in five years thanks to continued ad sales growth.

Yahoo sale rumors swirl again: Who might buy, and why?

Five weeks after jettisoning its CEO, rumors are swirling that Yahoo is putting itself up for sale. Who might bid - and why would they want to?
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AOL building a social network around MapQuest

Will a location-centric social network revitalize MapQuest?
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Study: Average person spends nearly eight hours a month on Facebook

With more people spending time on the popular social network each month, Facebook seems to have the public's attention and continues to dominate other Web properties in regards to time spent on the site.

AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo join forces to take on Google’s ad business

Facing ever-increasing competition from Google's ad business, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to share advertising dollars in an attempt to increase revenue.

Bartz bails on Yahoo board and AOL merger rumors refuse to die

Former CEO Carol Bartz is officially gone and for some reason, it all keeps coming back to a Yahoo-AOL merger or acquisition - and it never stops sounding like both companies are grasping at loose straws.