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Study: Average person spends nearly eight hours a month on Facebook

With more people spending time on the popular social network each month, Facebook seems to have the public's attention and continues to dominate other Web properties in regards to time spent on the site.

AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo join forces to take on Google’s ad business

Facing ever-increasing competition from Google's ad business, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to share advertising dollars in an attempt to increase revenue.

Bartz bails on Yahoo board and AOL merger rumors refuse to die

Former CEO Carol Bartz is officially gone and for some reason, it all keeps coming back to a Yahoo-AOL merger or acquisition - and it never stops sounding like both companies are grasping at loose straws.

TechCrunch officially announces Arrington’s departure, names new editor

After a week of turmoil, Arrington is officially out of TechCrunch. While the site's future is up in the air, AOL's direction is also questionable.
Social Media

What will Yahoo do next?

Yahoo has the public's attention, whether it likes it or not. It next steps in the wake of Carol Bartz's departure should be weighed carefully.

Michael Arrington is trying to buy back TechCrunch from AOL

Michael Arrington wants to buy back TechCrunch if AOL will not allow them to keep their editorial independence from other AOL owned blogs.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington leaves to start $20M venture capital fund

TechCrunch founder and well-known blogger Michael Arrington is about to steep himself deeper into the tech world by staring his own venture capital fund, CrunchFund.

AOL sale looming?

AOL is reported to be mulling a sale or spin-off, but is it the end of an era, or merely a ploy to buoy stock values?

AOL website hit by hacker

A minor hack of AOL's Postmaster website has already been fixed, but it adds another negative light on a company that is already on hard times.

AOL posts double-digit display ad growth in Q2

AOL managed to beat Wall Street's expectations after posting a 14 percent jump in display advertising revenue, but still lost money in the second quarter.

ACSI: Facebook’s consumer satisfaction still lowest in social media

The American Consumer Satisfaction E-Business Report is out for 2011 - and Facebook is still holding down the bottom of the social media category.

AOL launches Huffington Post in the UK

AOL has launched the Huffington Post in the United Kingdom, entering its first market outside North America.