HuffPo beats NYTimes in monthly unique visitors

AOL's freshly acquired news website, the Huffington Post, has successfully beat the NYTimes in monthly unique visitors for the first time ever.
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Internet Week Brings Crowd-Sourcing to NYC

With Groupon’s IPO in Chicago, Apple’s iCloud announcement in San Francisco, and E3 in LA, it’s been a busy week in the digital world.
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AOL rebrands AOL TV, takes Huffington Post to Canada

AOL is relaunching its television site AOL TV with help from i.TV, and the Huffington Post has launched its first international edition - in Canada.
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AOL-HuffPo content refocus continues, plans to expand Patch

The focus shift over at AOL post its HuffPo merger has been full of controversy and confusion, but its intentions are becoming clear with serious investments in Patch.

AOL has no plans to go private

After mulling going private in a bid to merge with Yahoo last year, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong now says the company will be staying public.

AOL AV brings no-download, Flash-based video chat

AOL's AV video chat relies on Adobe Flash, but doesn't require any sign-in or download, can handle up to four people at once - and it's free.

Bing increases search share at Google’s expense

According to Comscore, Bing now has 14.1 percent of the U.S. search market. And most of the gain seems to have come from Google, rather than Yahoo.

AOL’s AV for AIM video chat service leaks

AOL's internal testing round for its new video chat service is now open to all, and it seems promising.

Gmail adding single sign-in to chat with AIM

AOL says AIM users won't need to sign in to both AIM and Google Talk to chat with AIM contacts via Gmail.

AOL: Display ads up, profits and subscriptions down

AOL first quarter results saw display ad revenue up four percent...but revenue still fell 17 percent

AOL going on hiring binge for Patch; more job cuts likely

The remodel continues, and the AOL-HuffPo team have major plans for Patch...including new writers.

Unpaid bloggers sue AOL, Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

A group of Huffington Post bloggers have filed a lawsuit against the publication, its founder Arianna Huffington and parent company AOL for not being paid for their work.