Could SB Nation possibly be looking to buy

SB Nation’s financial ties to gdgt could loop Josh Topolsky’s new Engadget spinoff into an alliance, or send them all packing back to AOL in the end.

Former Engadget team joins SB Nation

Some of's former top editors, including Nilay Patel and Joshua Topolsky, are preparing to launch a new site at the SB Nation blog network.

Newspapers finally eclipsed by online news and ad revenue

Online news readership - and ad revenue - has finally eclipsed traditional newspapers in the United States.

Facebook to test ‘Groupon-inspired’ daily deals service

Facebook has announced plans to join the growing gaggle of group-coupon services.

Twitter’s Biz Stone joins AOL as philanthropy advisor

After announcing layoffs, AOL is bringing in some big guns - including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone as "Strategic Advisor for Social Impact."

Engadget top editors Topolsky and Patel resign from AOL

As 'the AOL way' begins to sink its teeth in, one of the company's top publications, Engadget, has lost two of its most senior editors.

AOL lays off 200 U.S staffers, more overseas

AOL is laying off 200 staffers in the United States and some 700 workers in India in the wake of its acquisition of The Huffington Post.

Study: Gmail users younger, better-educated than AOL, Yahoo! users

Do you judge people by what email address they use? If so, a study by may be able to back up your stereotyping with actual statistics.

Groupon gripes: Are daily deals headed for disaster?

Companies continue to pile into the daily deals space in pursuit of Groupon, but the pioneer’s formula still has a lot of kinks to work out.

AOL layoffs rumored for Friday

There's naturally been some overlap as a result of its Huffington Post acquisition, and AOL is rumored to be cutting the fat come Friday.
Movies & TV

YouTube takes another step toward premium content with Next New Networks

YouTube has acquired Web video company Next New Networks in yet another step to begin offering professional programming.

AOL buys ‘hyper-local’ news site Outside.In for less than $10M

AOL's Patch has purchased hyper-local news aggregation website Outside.In for less than the company has received from investors. Can Patch revive the floundering hyper-local news sector?