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Apple’s App Store hits 40 billion app downloads

Apple announced Monday that the company's App Store has had more than 40 billion apps downloaded throughout its four year-plus history, with almost half of that number happening in 2012 alone.
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DT Deals: iOS App Design Course makes all your app developing dreams come true

Need help making your apps not only function well but look good? Today's DT Deals brings you the design crash course to get you ready for the App Store.

Halo 4 is not $5 on iOS, despite two App Store listings to the contrary

A portable version of Halo 4 that you can play on your iPhone seems to good to be true, and if you attempt to download the game via the iOS App Store, you'll quickly learn that this is, in fact, the case.

Apple App Store vs. Google Play Store: Which made more money in 2012?

A new study has drawn comparisons between the revenue made by Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

Pint-sized Raspberry Pi PC launches its own app store

Raspberry Pi's new app store could help encourage programmers, young and old, to keep learning and experimenting.

And the winner is … Apple selects best iPhone/iPad apps of 2012

Apple has chosen its favorite apps and games of the year, with Paper and Action Movie FX among them.
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Losing your memory? Average size of iOS game apps increases by whopping 42% in last 6 months

iOS and Android apps are taking up more memory on mobile devices, with the average size of game apps for iOS devices increasing by a hefty 42 percent in the last six months.

How much will iOS 6 change App Store rank?

As if optimizing for the App Store couldn't be more of a puzzle, the iOS 6 makeover adds a new level of confusion.

This new startup wants to inject some Ooomf into the App Store

Ooomf launches its app discovery and creation platform, a place to participate and curate app products and collections. Take that, App Store.

How a Russian hacker cracked Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing

A Russian hacker has figured out how to bypass Apple's in-app purchasing, but think very carefully before you decide to stock up on app content, game levels, and virtual currency.

How the freemium app model will pave the way to profits

Do you pay for apps and games or do you expect to be able to download them for free? For developers the freemium model is fast emerging as the most profitable way to go.