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Apple’s App Store hits 25 billion downloads, next 25 billion unlikely to take long

Apple announced early Saturday morning that its iOS App Store has reached 25 billion downloads, a figure it couldn't have imagined — certainly not this soon — when it launched the store back in 2008.

25 billion App Store downloads comes closer, Apple offers $10,000 prize

Apple's App Store is fast approaching its 25 billionth download, no mean feat for something which only started out in 2008. To celebrate, the company is offering a $10,000 gift card for its various online stores.

Siri rival Evi looks set to be pulled from App Store

Although cleared by Apple for the App Store last month, personal assistant app Evi looks like it will now be pulled by the Cupertino-based company because it says it's too similar to Siri.

Apple buys iOS App Store search tool Chomp

Apple has acquired iOS App Store search utility Chomp for an undisclosed amount...perhaps with an eye towards easing the app-finding and app-discovery experiences.

How a flashlight app will raise $450,000 in 7 days

Appbackr is a wholesale market for apps, but in the end, who actually profits?
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App economy creates nearly half a million US jobs

Prior to the launch of the iPhone, there was no such thing as the app economy. However, new research has revealed the stunning growth of this young industry, with almost half a million poeple in the US now working in developer-related jobs.

Can Apple keep up against fake copycat app developers?

With unscrupulous game developers looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting iOS users, Apple didn't respond with decisive action against these poor applications until the press brought attention to the problem.
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CyanogenMod Android app store coming soon

The team behind the Android custom ROM known as CyanogenMod has revealed plans for an application store, where apps previously removed from the Android Market, along with those suited to rooted phones, will be made available.

How to buy Starbucks coffee with your iPhone

We give the new Starbucks payment app a go - and show you how to prep your iPhone before you head to the counter.

Angry Birds and Facebook among most downloaded iPhone apps of 2011

Apple has announced the most downloaded iPhone apps of last year, with Facebook and Angry Birds among them. In the paid-apps list, games accounted for nine of the top ten spots.
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BreathalEyes app helps give you some sobering info, lets you know if you’re too drunk to drive

Help your friends, and yourself, make the responsible decision of driving sober by utilizing the power of the iPhone 4 with the BreathalEyes app. A simple app that helps gauge your ability to drive after drinking.

Apple to hold media event at the end of January?

Apple is reportedly preparing for an event at the end of January, which is to be held in New York and will focus on "media-related" content.