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Losing your memory? Average size of iOS game apps increases by whopping 42% in last 6 months

iOS and Android apps are taking up more memory on mobile devices, with the average size of game apps for iOS devices increasing by a hefty 42 percent in the last six months.

How much will iOS 6 change App Store rank?

As if optimizing for the App Store couldn't be more of a puzzle, the iOS 6 makeover adds a new level of confusion.

This new startup wants to inject some Ooomf into the App Store

Ooomf launches its app discovery and creation platform, a place to participate and curate app products and collections. Take that, App Store.

How a Russian hacker cracked Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing

A Russian hacker has figured out how to bypass Apple's in-app purchasing, but think very carefully before you decide to stock up on app content, game levels, and virtual currency.

How the freemium app model will pave the way to profits

Do you pay for apps and games or do you expect to be able to download them for free? For developers the freemium model is fast emerging as the most profitable way to go.

Worthless, dull, and downright dumb: The apps that make up the app market underbelly

Mobile apps have become an increasingly important part of everyday life, but the app store is full of useless ideas that do little beyond put a brand name in your hands.

Issue with corrupt iOS and Mac app updates fixed, says Apple

Apple claims to have sorted out a server bug issue which caused recently updated apps to crash upon launch.

Corrupt updates? Issue with iOS and Mac app stores causing apps to crash

It appears Apple may have been issuing a number of corrupt app updates via its iOS and Mac app stores. Instapaper developer Marco Arment tested an update to his app without any problems before submitting it to Apple, but when it was issued…

Court case on Tetris IP infringement has wide-reaching implications for App Store clones

A New Jersey court's decision that a Tetris clone was guilty of copyright infringement means that game cloners operating on the App Store could see their business change dramatically.

Gaming the system: How reliable are app store ratings?

While burgeoning mobile app stores rely on user reviews to separate the gems from the duds, the system is ripe for exploitation.

Goodbye SEO, hello ASO: The time for app store optimization is now

As apps continue to takeover our digital activity, it's high time to turn our attention to ASO for the good of outside developers as well as app discovery.

Apple opens nominations for best apps in 2012 Apple Design Awards contest

Come across a really cool app for your Apple mobile device or computer recently? If so, be sure to nominate it in Apple's design contest, the winners of which will be announced in May at the Cupertino company's Worldwide Developers…