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Apple iOS app sales up 61 percent, says analyst

Apple customers are buying a lot more apps, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. And the price of the average app is up, too. But a large majority of apps are still free.


GetJar responds to ‘App Store’ Cease & Desist from Apple: “We’re not going to take it!”

Apple has served GetJar, a third party Android app store, with a Cease and Desist letter demanding it stop using the term "App Store" because it is owned by Apple. In response, GetJar has compared itself to Twisted Sister.

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Judge won’t stop Amazon from using ‘Appstore’

Apple has lost its initial bid to prevent Amazon from calling its own app portal "Appstore."


Apple’s App Store: 15 bln downloads, $2.5 bln paid to developers

Apple launched its App Store in 2008; today, they announced customers have downloaded more than 15 billion apps and developers have been paid over $2.5 billion.


iPad reaches 100,000 app milestone, no parties or press releases to celebrate

The number of apps available in the App Store for Apple's iPad officially soars past 100,000.


Israel asks Apple to remove ThirdIntifada app [UPDATE: Apple pulls app]

Israel is pushing Apple to pull an app advocating and supporting a Palestinian revolt.


Finding a photo-sharing platform for you

Your photo-sharing app options are nearly endless. Here's our brief guide to help you find the one that fits your phone's needs.

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Gameloft reaches 200 million App Store downloads milestone

Gameloft announces that its iOS App Store downloads have surpassed the 200 million mark, with more than 20 additional titles planned for launch before the end of the year.


Facebook app coming soon to iPad?

Unofficial: Facebook app will finally be coming to the iPad soon, in a matter of weeks.


Yahoo’s AppSpot and App Search help you zero in on Android and iOS

Yahoo!'s AppSpot and App Search tools aim to ease the process of discovering new apps as e-tail frontends become increasingly crowded.

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Facebook’s ‘Project Spartan': A covert, web-based rival to Apple’s App Store

Watch your back, Apple. Facebook is said to be preparing an HTML5-based web app store capable of bypassing the App Store on iOS.


Study: App downloads to reach 48 billion by 2015

Consumer preference for touchscreen devices is one factor expected to contribute to a steady increase in app consumption over the next few years.

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Kno textbook app released for iPad

Kno may have ditched its tablet plans, but the digital textbook dealer has a new iPad app that offers huge discounts for students.

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Apple’s App Store is now home to an estimated 500,000 downloads

Apple's App Store is host to an estimated 500,000 apps, 37 percent of which are free to download, according to a collaborative research project.


Apple defends developers; full letter to Lodsys

Lodsys tried to go after the little guys, but Apple's having none of it: The company has its developers' backs in a legal letter denying patent infringement.