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Apple to alert affected users about major iOS security breach

Now it's had a chance to better assess the situation regarding malware-infected apps that have landed in its app store, Apple has posted a Q&A page explaining to iOS users what steps it's taking to help those affected and to stop it…

Freemium game developer reveals the dirty truths behind in-app purchases

An anonymous producer of free to play mobile games has pulled back the curtain on the creepy and invasive data mining that publishers use to manipulate players into making as many in-app purchases as possible.

Fable Legends is not coming to Steam, will be Windows 10 exclusive on PC

Microsoft played down its gated Windows 10 app store, suggesting it wouldn't keep titles for itself, but that looks to be happening with Fable Legends. Lionhead's social media coordinator as tweeted the game will be a Store exclusive.

Take a break and download our top 10 best iPhone apps for August

The iPhone App Store is full to bursting with interesting apps, but finding something fun can be challenging. To help out, we've done the hard work for you. Here are 10 apps, some classic and some new, that we're using this month.

Get smart: The 21 best educational apps for iPhone and Android 1:32

"Education" may be a broad term, but there are more than enough quality educational apps on the market for both iOS and Android. Check out our top picks for the best educational apps.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app available now, lets you control PC from Mac

Anyone interested in helming a Windows PC from the comfort of their MacBook can do so starting today, as Microsoft has gone ahead and published a preview edition of its Remote Desktop app for Mac, according to a company blog post.

MyTape for iOS lets you capture and share your favorite moments

MyTape is a new social video app for iOS that lets you shoot awesome videos, follow people, and watch what’s happening around you. It’s pretty similar to Twitter’s live-streaming app, Periscope, so it will be interesting to see if…

iOS apps take a big step toward Windows 10 compatibility with the Windows Bridge

In an effort to bring software and developers into the Windows 10 fold, Microsoft is rolling out Windows Bridge for iOS, an open-source tool to easily convert apps, and it's available now.

This live-streaming app could save your life in a dangerous situation

The new live-streaming app called Witness was designed to alert friends or family if you’re in high-risk situations. The app aims to keep people safe and could even save lives, its creator says.

Sick of Taylor Swift? ‘Discover the undiscovered’ with ReverbNation’s EchoMusic

Sick of hearing the same songs over and over again? ReverbNation's EchoMusic app introduces you to new artists who haven't made it to the big time yet. Its goal is to help you "discover the undiscovered" talent that's out there.

Top 5 best iPhone games you need to play this week

It's always a challenge to find the best iPhone games, given the sheer amount of choice available, so to help you discover the best iPhone games, we've put together a handy list

Fallout Shelter for Android will arrive on August 13th

At its E3 2015 conference, Bethesda announced and released Fallout Shelter, a strategy game for iOS devices. Earlier today at QuakeCon, Todd Howard revealed that Fallout Shelter will be available for free on the Google Play Store starting…