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Apple highlights freemium gaming alternatives with the App Store’s ‘Pay Once & Play’

Apple has added a new "Pay Once & Play" section to the iOS App Store, highlighting games like XCOM, Minecraft, and BioShock that do not include any in-app purchases.

iOS apps to get bigger – and hopefully better – after Apple doubles max size to 4GB

For the first time since the App Store's launch in 2008, Apple has raised the size limit for iOS apps from 2GB to 4GB, giving developers the opportunity to create even more complex software for the company's mobile platform.

Apple issues warning to abusers of its App Store refund policy in Europe

Apple recently made it possible for App Store users in Europe to get no-questions-asked refunds for purchases. That's led to some users abusing the system to boost their app libraries, though it appears Apple is now taking steps to curb…

Apple adds age subcategories for kids to help parents pick apps

Excellent for parents that are interested in using an iPhone or iPad to either distract or educate their kids, new age categories for apps bring greater focus to the best applications for children.

Apple grants Europeans 14-day refund window for iTunes and App Store purchases

Apple will refund customers on iTunes and App Store purchases made within 14 days. The refunds only apply in select European countries, so U.S. customers are stuck dealing with iTunes Support.

More school shooting threats bring down After School from the App Store

Anonymous posting app After School has been taken down from the App Store yet again after another gun threat was made by a Detroit high school student. It's unknown what solutions the app's developers will have in place after this incident.

Blackphone’s new app store only houses apps that won’t spy on you

The super secure Blackphone will soon have its own app store filled with privacy-focused apps. The app store will feature a small collection of apps that have been vetted by security experts.

Camera+ co-founder Lisa Bettany launches first mobile game

Lisa Bettany, co-founder of popular photo app Camera+, has taken a creative left turn and released her first solo project: a mobile game. The game, called "poppets," features plush characters that navigate obstacles with floating balloons.

Apple spells out to developers why it rejects their apps

Although Apple already offers app developers plenty of resources via its iOS Dev Center, reviewers still have to wade through lots of submissions that clearly aren't ready. A newly published page explaining why it sometimes reject apps…

Scanner Pro, Writer Pro, and more productivity apps go on sale for iOS

Several productivity apps have just gone on sale in the iOS App Store, including Scanner Pro, Fantastical 2 for iPhone, and Writer Pro. Unfortunately, it's unknown how long these deals will last.

Windows Phone store growing steadily, hits 300,000 apps

It may still be some way behind Apple's iOS store and Google's Play store for Android, but the Windows Phone store is growing steadily, with Microsoft revealing this week it now offers users of the platform more than 300,000 apps…
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Amazon rejects FTC demands over in-app purchases, willing to take matter to court

Having dealt with Apple earlier this year on the matter of in-app purchases, the FTC is now demanding Amazon make changes to its practices regarding such purchases. However, the e-commerce giant insists everything's fine as it is…