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Flappy Bird phenomenon: Clones make up a third of new iOS games

If Apple's app store team really was blocking Flappy Bird clones earlier this month, it seems like they may have given up and gone home, with a report claiming that a third of the 300 new games landing in the iOS store Thursday were Flappy…

Are Flappy Birds an endangered species? The perils of indie app developers

The Wild West of app stores is changing, and huge corporations are moving in. Can the little guy still find a way to thrive in the complex, crowded market for apps?
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The Pebble App Store is opening its doors on Monday

Good news if you're a Pebble owner: the official App Store is set to open its doors on Monday, providing a central resource for browsing, installing and managing apps from your smartphone.

Apple will pay $32+ million to parents with app-crazy kids

Apple has agreed to pay back millions to parents of children who went on app-store spending sprees, racking up hundreds and thousands in purchases.

Apple hit $10 billion in App Store sales for 2013, December most successful month ever

Apple's App Store appears to have had a healthy 2013, with the company this week reporting record sales of more than $10 billion. In December alone, iDevice owners downloaded nearly three billion apps with sales totaling $1 billion.

Pebble smartwatch event set for January 6 at CES, team promises something special

The Pebble team has announced a press event for January 6 at CES 2014, where we're expecting to hear more about version 2.0 of the smartwatch's software, plus the new dedicated application store.

Pebble to launch app store for its smartwatch in coming months

Pebble smartwatch owners should soon find it easier to find apps for their device, with the company behind the device on Wednesday announcing it's lining up the launch of a centralized app store early next year.

Skydrive gets a makeover for iOS, complete with automatic picture upload feature

Microsoft has announced a major update to its Skydrive app for iOS. In addition to a new look, bringing it up to date with iOS 7, the app now supports automatic uploading of pictures to Skydrive.

Jolla signs up Russian search giant Yandex to provide Android apps for its smartphone

Jolla has announced a partnership with Yandex, the Russian search giant, where its recently launched Android application store will come installed on Jolla's Sailfish OS smartphone.

Dedicated Google Glass app store coming in 2014

Google's face-based Glass gadget looks set to launch with its own dedicated app store, some time in 2014. There are, understandably, few apps available for the device at the current time, though more and more developers are working on…

‘App store’ fight ends – Apple drops trademark lawsuit against Amazon

Apple boss Tim Cook said last year that he "hates litigation", so it may not come as a surprise to learn that this week the company backed down in a long-running trademark dispute with Amazon over the use of the term "app store".

App-y Birthday! How 5 years of the App Store has changed software forever

Despite not being the first of its kind, the Apple App Store changed the way we buy software (and not only on our phones), introduced us to thousands of almost indispensable apps, and started the smartphone revolution.