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Apple reportedly prepping support app to ease pressure on Genius Bar

Apple looks to be prepping the launch of a support app offering users a more efficient way of troubleshooting and solving issues with the company's devices. For Apple, such an offering should also help to ease the pressure on its in-store…

A man with a sword terrorized Apple’s flagship New York store

There was a serious incident inside Apple's famous "glass cube" store in Manhattan Friday afternoon when a man entered wielding a samurai sword. Described by cops as "emotionally disturbed," the individual was apprehended and no injuries…

Apple and its CEO apologize for incident in an Australian Apple Store

Apple and CEO Tim Cook apologized for an incident in a Melbourne, Australia, Apple Store that involved six black teenagers denied entry into the store. Commenters have since pointed to racism as the cause of the incident.

Judge throws out Apple Store employees’ ‘bag check’ class-action lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit brought by Apple store employees seeking payment for the time spent having their bags checked every time they clock out has been dismissed by a California judge, who suggested they could avoid the checks by leaving…

Apple’s retail efforts expand to Arab world with new store in Dubai

Apple started its retail business in 2001 and now runs more than 450 sites in 18 countries. However, it's taken until now for the tech firm to open its first stores in the Arab world, with launches on Thursday in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Customers can now simply walk into an Apple Store and try on an Apple Watch

Until now, any customer who wanted to try on an Apple Watch would need to make an appointment at their local Apple Store -- even if they were already standing inside said store. Now Apple is removing that requirement.

Ever the perfectionist, Apple plans to redesign third-party accessory packaging at its stores

Apple is reportedly about to unveil changes to the look and feel of third-party products sold in its stores with the introduction of co-designed packaging resembling boxes for its own range of gear.
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Too hot to handle: Apple recalls Beats Pill XL after speakers cause burns

Apple's issuing a voluntary recall of the Beats Pill XL after some units were found to overheat. One unit caused burns, and another damage to a desk. The company's offering refunds to those who mail in the defective speaker.

Get that Lightning cable lightning fast: Apple prepping limited same-day delivery

Same-day delivery is exploding in terms of the number of companies offering it. Now Apple is joining the party by teaming up with Postmates to offer same-day delivery in select areas from its Apple Store app.

Apple launching in-store ‘Apple Watch Basics’ workshops to show new owners how to use it

Apple is launching special in-store workshops next week for owners of its debut smartwatch. The lessons are designed to explain to participants how to get the most out of the new device, which'll start snapping onto wrists next Friday.

Sorry, Apple fans! The Apple Watch will be sold exclusively online at launch

The Apple Watch will be available for previews and preorders tomorrow. However, purchasing the device requires a more roundabout process, one that is more complex than a simple exchange of currency and goods.

Apple doesn’t want customers buying the Macbook or Apple Watch in its retail stores

Due to limited in-store availability of the new MacBook and Apple Watch, Apple's Angela Ahrendts has sent a memo to Apple Store employees instructing them to encourage buyers to place their orders online.