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Apple offered millions for a WWII German bunker but city officials said no

Apple reportedly had retail designs on a World War II-era bunker in Stuttgart, Germany, but city officials rejected the company's offer. It's not the first time the company has encountered resistance to a new Apple Store.

Time to grab a bargain? Refurbished Apple Watch models start at only $230

The first refurbished Apple Watch models have started to appear in Apple's special online store, and both Series 1 and Series 2 versions are available. Prices start at $230, so it may be the right time to grab a bargain.

Apple extends special pricing on new LG UltraFine 5K display till March 2017

LG’s latest megadisplay, the UltraFine 5K, went on sale recently, and it’s already backordered into late January -- because the new UltraFine not only features stellar image quality but also a deep discount.

Apple is now showing third-party repair stores on its online support website

Apple updated its online support site to now show third-party repair shops -- something that should help customers get repairs without having to wait weeks on end to book an appointment at the Apple Store.

Apple closing in on 500 stores worldwide with new location near Shanghai

Apple has been busy this year -- the Cupertino, California company will open a new retail store in the suburbs of Shanghai this weekend -- the company's 489th store in China. The store is at Vanke Mall in Qibao.

Apple reportedly in talks to build a $50 million flagship store in Australia

Apple wants to build a flagship store in Melbourne, Australia, that could cost a whopping $50 million. The store would be located in Melbourne's Federation Square, but the project could prove controversial given the emphasis on architecture…

The man who went into ‘a state of monstrous anger’ in an Apple Store has his day in court

A few weeks ago a man walked into an Apple Store in Dijon, France, and began systematically smashing the screens of all of the iPhones using a steel ball. This week he turned up in court to see what the French justice system had…

Apple has set its iPhones free inside its stores

Apple is removing the security tethers from iPhones on display inside its stores. Several locations have removed the device so customers can handle the phones more naturally. You're even welcome to try it in your pocket (so long as you take…

Apple will no longer secure its iPhones with cables in some retail stores

Apple has removed the security cables that secure iPhones in some of its stores outside the U.S. Its reason? Customers will be able to interact with the devices more freely. It also makes it easy to walk out with an iPhone, but Apple's not…

Apple says it’s found ‘no evidence’ of store staff sharing secret photos of female shoppers

Contrary to reports, Apple has said it's so far found "no evidence" of store staff in Brisbane sharing secret photos of female shoppers. However, it confirmed "several" staff members had been fired, suggesting some underhanded activities…

Apple may open a retail store on Samsung's turf in South Korea

South Korea doesn't have an Apple store, but the iPhone maker is trying to change that. While Samsung already is dealing with the recall of its Galaxy Note 7, it now has to worry about a possible physical retail presence from its rival.

Apple to introduce "For You" tab with personal recommendations in Apple Store app

Apple will be updating its Apple Store app with personal recommendations for devices and other products that are available for purchase in the app. It's not clear what data the company will pull for the recommendations.