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Today only, Best Buy is offering $100 off the iPad Pro

If the iPad Pro's high price tag kept you at a distance, Best Buy currently takes $100 off all iPad Pro Wi-Fi models. An excellent laptop replacement for light laptop users, this is a can't miss deal that likely won't surface again till the…

A 12.9-inch iPad is still on its way, but later than expected

With sales of Apple's iPad continuing to fall, the company may want to get its as-yet unannounced iPad Pro onto the market sooner rather than later. A report Wednesday, however, suggests problems in its supply chain mean we may not see it…

iPad Mini with Retina vs. iPad Mini: Spec Showdown

How big of an upgrade is the new iPad Mini compared to the original model? We put the two small Apple tablets side-by-side and examine the specs to see if the second generation is worth upgrading to you.

Not ready to ditch that iPad 4? Here’s how it compares to the iPad Air

Is the fifth-generation of the iPad worth getting? We compare the newest Apple tablet to last year's model of the device to see how big of a difference this refresh of the device truly is.

iPad Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Battle of the 8-inch tablets

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 is a well-rounded tablet that's just as good at content creation as consumption, but can it truly compete with Apple's iPad Mini? Both tablets are about the same size - compare them side by side and some aspects…

Weekly mobile news recap: Winners and losers of Super Bowl week

The Ravens and 49ers meet in the Super Bowl this weekend to determine who is the best team in the league, which means there has to be a winner and a loser. In this week's mobile news recap, we'll take a look at some of the winners and…

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Spec Showdown

Making a far quieter entrance into the market than its Mini counterpart, the iPad 4 has arrived. It's the fourth refresh the iPad has had in two years. Check out its specs alongside its predecessor and see if the iPad 4 is worth it for you.

Rumors spread about an iPad Mini announcement as soon as October 10

Could the iPad Mini be making an appearance this holiday season? Not only will it, according to one source, but we'll also know about it by October 10.

Axiotron morphs MacBooks into tablets with the ModBook Pro

Axiotron's ModBook Pro uses the guts of a MacBook Pro reconfigured into tablet form, giving artists and designers a mobile workstation that works with a stylus.

Apple iPad: Savior of the Tablet PC?

Although tablets from Lenovo, HP, and Archos will compete with Apple’s new iPad, they also stand to benefit from its halo effect.

Flash Forward: How the iPad’s Lack of Flash Could Spell Disaster

Of all the high-end capabilities Apple’s iPad will deliver, its inability to play simple Web-based Flash movies and games could be the stumbling block that sends users diving for another device.