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NBC’s iPad and iPhone apps now support Apple TV

NBC's update to its app makes the notion of dumping one’s cable company in favor of Apple TV more appealing, particularly because it is allowing unfettered access to full episodes without a cable subscription.

Amazon’s Fire TV is a win for everyone, even if its flame dwindles quickly

With the Fire TV, Amazon came out with guns blazing. The company picked apart its competition and made sure its box delivered where others did not. For now, the Fire TV has the horsepower and search chops to charge past its competition; but how long will that…

Amazon’s $99 Fire TV puts Apple, Roku on notice with voice search, open ecosystem

Amazon today unveiled the FireTV, a set-top box that takes direct aim at Roku and Apple TV. To differentiate itself, Amazon said it created the FireTV to address three glaring issues it sees as the primary barriers between users and Internet-delivered TV.

What an Apple-Comcast deal could mean for the future of TV

If Apple and Comcast hook up, will they be able to revolutionize television? Or will the whole thing fall apart over net neutrality and money?

Amazon’s set-top Apple TV competitor looks primed for an April 2 launch

The media giant today issued invitations to media outlets for its April 2 "Update On Our Video Business" in New York. Amazon's set-top box is positioned as a direct competitor of Apple TV, Roku and Google (specifically its Chromecast).

Apple’s loyalty program just got better for schools and businesses

Apple values their education and business customers more than ever, as they've recently made sweeping improvements to the loyalty program for those groups.

Apple TV no longer a ‘hobby’, brings in $1 billion in revenue last year

In the wake of bad news in other segments, Apple reveals a successful year for the Apple TV, which brought in $1 billion dollars in revenue. Apple also announced a deal for a $25 iTunes gift card with purchase of a new Apple TV. Click to find out more.

After pulling in $1 billion in 2013, is a new Apple TV on the way?

Apple sold twice as many Apple TVs in 2013 as it did in 2012, and a new iTunes gift voucher promotion for boxes purchased this weekend suggests the product is about to get a long-awaited refresh.

Report: New Apple TV set-top box is expected for first half of 2014

Definitely good news for anyone that's waiting for a hardware upgrade to the nearly two-year old Apple TV, Apple is expected to upgrade the streaming set-top box within the next six months.

Apple adds ABC, Bloomberg and Crackle apps to Apple TV

Potentially useful to anyone that owns or is interested in the Apple TV set-top box, a handful of new applications for entertainment and news were added to the streaming video platform earlier today.

Apple just bought the company that invented Microsoft’s Kinect

A report Sunday claims Apple has acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli company behind Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor technology. The Cupertino company may be planning to build the system into a number of its products, including the much-rumored iTV.

The Apple iTV rumor mill reverses itself (again); no launch expected in 2014

A report by the Analyst Blog suggests that recent optimism over a launch of Apple's 4K TV in 2014 were exaggerated, as the necessary content deals prove difficult to strike.

Best TV streaming devices

If the price of cable is bringing you down, there are plenty of ways to still get the TV shows and movies you love straight to your TV for a fraction of the price with the help of one of these streaming devices.

Could Apple stun us all and bring Ultra HD/4K TV to the masses on its first swing?

While the new iPad Air and retina iPad mini had yet to raise their heads from Apple headquarters yesterday, rumors emerged that the company could dive headfirst into the 4K TV world, releasing affordable 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TV models by the end of next…

Apple rolls out Apple TV automatic setup when paired with iOS 7 device

Definitely ideal for avoiding the same setup process over and over with new devices, the Apple TV can now be automatically setup by simply touching an iOS 7 mobile device to the Apple TV hardware.

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