Apple’s Black Friday surprise is a gift card worth up to $150

Apple has joined in with the Black Friday fun, and is offering a gift card with a value up to $150 when you buy certain iPhones, iPads, Macs, an Apple TV, or an Apple Watch. Just don't expect the latest models to be included.

The best deals on accessories for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Your iDevices are nothing without the proper accessories, but shopping for add-ons via the Apple Store can quickly get expensive. To help offset the cost, we've gathered a handful of accessory deals to compliment your iPhone, iPad, and…

Hermes is releasing a limited edition Apple Watch band on Thanksgiving

Hermes will be launching a new Apple Watch band on Thursday, according to a report from Vogue. The new band is based on the Hermes Simple Tour band, but features jungle imagery and a jaguar.

Make the most of your iPhone with these awesome accessories

If you’re looking for convenient iPhone accessories and ways to make the most of your newfangled Apple device, then check out 15 of our current favorites. Asking for the right gift has never been easier.

Apple Music will crank up the tunes for users of Ola's ridesharing service in India

Apple and Ola have partnered up to bring Apple Music to the Ola ridesharing service. Under the new partnership, customers will be able to control the in-car music using a tablet or their smartphone.

A foldable iPhone? Patent shows Apple is at least exploring the idea

Apple has been awarded yet another patent, this time for a device that has a foldable display -- and an OLED display at that. Of course, none of this means that we'll actually see a foldable iPhone anytime soon.

Samsung may follow Apple’s lead and release a glossy black Galaxy S7

It looks like Samsung may be following Apple's lead -- reports have surfaced indicating that the company will launch a glossy black version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in an attempt to reinvigorate interest in the device.

Apple's diversity numbers stagnate, with top jobs filled primarily by white men

According to the latest numbers, Apple's executives have largely remained white and male over the past year. Still, the company does seem to be moving, albeit slowly, in the right direction.

Don’t throw away your old Macs, use them to create biological art instead

Short of donating them to a museum or tossing them in a landfill, what exactly should you do with a really old PC? That is a question that Christophe Guinet, aka Monsieur Plant, is answering, at least for your old Macs.

Close to the Metal Ep. 22: Apple MacBook Pro live review 44:26

Apple's MacBook Pro has finally received an update, but it's expensive. Is it worth the upgrade? We go in-depth on this week's Close to the Metal podcast.

A malformed video file is causing iPhones to crash left and right

A malformed MP4 video file is crashing iPhone models running iOS 5 and newer. The issue appears to be related to a memory leak in the Safari browser, but luckily it can be prevented.

Apple edges toward command of 50 percent of the Australian phone market

Although there might be stiffer competition from more affordable handsets from China, Apple continues to dominate in Australia. In the latest quarterly report, it has increased its share of the market to nearly 50 percent.