Need to manage your iTunes authorizations? It's easier than you think

Want to access to your apps, movies, music, audiobooks, and other digital content on more than one computer? If so, here's our guide to authorizing your Mac or PC using iTunes.

iPhone not expected to last longer than 3 years

Apple rates the environmental impact of its devices on five factors, including expected lifespan. iPhones and Apple watches are rated at three years, and OS X and tvOS units at four years. Your mileage may vary, but don't count on it…

The best smartphones you can buy

It can be a minefield going out to buy a smartphone right now, thanks to the bewildering choice and high quality products available. To help out, here are our six favorite smartphones for sale right now, or very soon.

Rumors suggest entire MacBook line will go ultra-thin, switch to USB Type-C

The latest MacBook rumor has US-based Amphenol supplying Apple with a special metal injection molding-made hinge to help create a super-thin form factor. The new MacBooks are expected to be released sometime in the second half of 2016.

Is Apple finally changing the name of OS X?

A hastily edited reference to "MacOS" on the Apple website prompts more speculation that the company is planning a rebrand that will bring its flagship OS in line with the likes of iOS and watchOS.

Apple ‘secret team’ prepping major App Store changes, report claims

Apple's App Store, which now offers more than 1.5 million apps, looks set to be overhauled in a bid to make it more efficient for both users and developers. And one of the reported changes could prove particularly beneficial for…

Want to save the planet? Download some of Apple's 'Apps for Earth'

Want to help save the world? Go download these apps! Apple partnered with app developers for 'Apps For Earth,' an initiative running from April 14 to 24, during which time all proceeds from the apps will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

FBI hasn’t found anything useful on San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone yet

The FBI is still analyzing the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, but nothing of value has come up yet. The bureau also may not be able to disclose the method it used to unlock the phone, as the technique is owned by the third-party hackers…

Automotive and industrial designers imagine what Apple’s rumored car could look like

Automotive and industrial designers have worked with car magazine Motor Trend to imagine what the rumored Apple car could look like. The iCar will use design to provide a unique experience for the driver and for the passengers.

GoPro lures key Apple designer from Jony Ive’s close-knit team

GoPro has nabbed a core member of Apple's famously close-knit design team as the company seeks to boost its business following slowing sales of its action cameras. Danny Coster spent more than 20 years at Apple and was seen as a key figure…

California bill forcing companies to unlock devices has been abandoned

A California bill that would have imposed $2,500 fines on companies that refused to allow law enforcement access into encrypted devices and services has been defeated. A similar bill is being drafted by two members of the U.S. Senate.