AT&T Project AirGig to provide multi-gigabit wireless internet using power lines

Testing won't start till 2017, but AT&T sees Project AirGig technology as a way to bring ultra-fast wireless connectivity to any device. AirGig employs millimeter wave signals regenerated along power lines.

The best iPhone 7 deals for every carrier

iPhone trade-in season is here, but before you replace your old iPhone, you'll want to check out the latest promos offered by the four major carriers. Each of them is offering a free iPhone 7 with the trade-in of an older model, with some…

Google Fiber is one step closer to reality in Nashville, despite AT&T’s objections

Despite objections from the likes of Comcast and AT&T, Nashville's Metro Council has advance its proposal to bring Google Fiber to the city, moving it one step closer to a reality after a long, drawn-out legal situation.
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AT&T and Qualcomm want to connect commercial drones to cell networks

AT&T and Qualcomm are looking into allowing drones to connect to cell towers to enable long-distance, beyond-line-of-sight flight. The technology would allow remote operation and human intervention over autonomous commercial drones.

Google Fiber and AT&T await Nashville utility pole vote scheduled for Tuesday

Google Fiber wants to move all wires on Nashville utility poles, no matter who owns them. AT&T says it will sue if the city approves. Vote on Tuesday. Google Fiber wants to make progress with fiber optic internet access, AT&T says…

AT&T executive calls out Google Fiber — ‘Pardon our dust’

In a mocking, pointed, and detailed blog post, an AT&T executive traces its version of Google Fiber's entry into the broadband internet market. According to the post, AT&T keeps on deploying fiber optic cable while Google Fiber complains.

AT&T says slow pole access due to Google Fiber providing bad drawings

Blaming bad engineering drawings and unacceptable contractor assignments for moving and installing cables, AT&T explains slow pole access for Google Fiber. Google Fiber has had slow going in Nashville and has placed the blame on…

Who has the best family plan? Shake-ups from T-Mobile and Sprint tilt the balance

Picking the best family plan for your needs can be extremely difficult. We've gone through all the plans from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon to help you decide which one is best for you.

¡Bienvenidos! AT&T will soon offer roaming service in Cuba

Following in the footsteps of competitors T-Mobile and Verizon, AT&T has officially inked an agreement with Cuba that allows for roaming and direct interconnection with Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba (ETECSA).

AT&T bumps up subscription rates, data caps with Mobile Share Advantage plans

AT&T has introduced what it calls Mobile Share Advantage, a new series of plans that replace its old crop. They're generally pricier, include more data, and lack overage fees.

Family is where the heart/discounts are, thanks to new AT&T prepaid family plans

Starting on August 19, AT&T customers using its GoPhone prepaid service will be able to add lines to their current plans. Doing so nets the main account a multi-line discount, depending on how many lines are added.

Third-party scheme that inflated phone bills results in $7.75M fine for AT&T

AT&T has been fined a hefty $7.75 million after a money-laundering scheme set up by suspected drug traffickers caused AT&T customers to be charged an extra $9 per month. The scheme was first uncovered by the Drug Enforcement Agency.