Zotac is getting crazy small with its Zbox line of mini PCs

Zotac is jumping on the PC stick bandwagon with the introduction of its Zbox PI220 and its Zbox PI221. The two are identical save for the way they're cooled: one has an active fan while the other has a passively cooled design. So far, the…

Intel shamelessly enticing OEMs to use upcoming ‘Apollo Lake’ CPUs during IDF 2016

This week during the Intel Developer Forum in China, Intel is pushing OEMs to use the upcoming "Apollo Lake" family of CPUs in Cloudbooks. The company is providing a reference design that includes the suggested chip and a touch-based…

Intel says that ‘Apollo Lake’ processors will ship in the second half of 2016

Intel's Navin Shenoy said during his Intel Developer Forum keynote that "Apollo Lake" processors will arrive in the second half of 2016. These chips will replace current Pentium and Celeron chips, and the Atom X5 series processors.
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Rice University chemists harness light to power fast, single-molecule submarine

Scientists at Rice university created a single-molecule nanoscale submarine that potentially could be used for drug delivery and other medical purposes. The sub is powered by rotors that turn when exposed to ultraviolet light.
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Scientists have developed a new atom-based ID system that’s nearly impossible to cheat

PhD student Jonathan Roberts says the technology works by creating authentication schemes based on atomic-scale imperfections in nano-scale structures, which they call Quantum ID, or Q-ID for short. He says each nanostructure they’ve…
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After 19 years of construction, the world’s largest fusion reactor goes online this month

In Germany, a team of researchers are preparing to switch on the largest nuclear fusion plant in the world. Hosted at the Max Planck Institute, the stellarator, also known as Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), is awaiting regulatory approval…

Intel expects Bay Trail-powered tablets to start at $200

Intel is planning to roll out its new Bay Trail processors in tablets sometime in the future and wants to keep the tablets below a $200 price point. The Bay Trail-powered tablets are expected to run Windows 8.1 and fall between 7- and…

Intel COO Brian Krzanich to replace CEO Paul Otellini

Intel CEO Paul Otellini will step down on May 16, six months after he announced his departure. To take his place is current COO Brian Krzanich who's been with the company for the last 30 years.

Why is Intel’s smartphone strategy focusing overseas?

Intel seems to be aiming its smartphone efforts at emerging markets rather than places Europe and North America? Smart, or running scared?

Can Google rescue the Chromebook by making it more like Surface?

Google's cloud-dependent Chromebooks haven't taken off yet. Is a touchscreen and a more Surface-like experience in order?
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Motorola announces the Razr i, powered by a 2Ghz Intel Atom processor

Motorola has announced the Razr i, a version of the Droid Razr M that's powered by a 2Ghz Intel Atom processor.

Scientists create working transistor from a single atom

Researchers from the University of New South Wales, Purdue University and the University of Melbourne have achieved a breakthrough in computing by creating a working one-atom transistor, beating Moore's Law's prediction by eight years.