Augmented Reality

CastAR wants you to reach out and touch your games

Technical Illusions, a virtual reality company founded by two ex-Valve engineers, has released a new video for castAR, its augmented reality glasses which were Kickstarted in 2013.


Prynt’s instant photo and augmented reality wonder now on Kickstarter

A startup called Prynt wants to inject a little more shareable fun into things with a smartphone case that prints photos in about 30 seconds. It also has the ability to instantly turn physical photos into videos.

Cool Tech

Could Microsoft’s HoloLens tech change the way cars are designed?

The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality system could have useful applications in car design, as demonstrated in Microsoft's own demo video. Will virtual models replace real ones in automotive design studios?


I just traveled to Mars with Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it was mind bending

Our own Jeremy Kaplan tries Microsoft’s HoloLens Dev kit for the first time, and is blown away when an office transforms into Mars.


Google leads major investment in Magic Leap, creator of ‘jaw-dropping’ AR tech

Google is leading a $542 million funding round in Miami-based startup Magic Leap. The secretive firm is thought to be developing highly advanced AR headgear that offers a "jaw-dropping" 3D experience, according to one investor who's tried it out.

Cool Tech

Augmate wants to make working in a warehouse like playing Terminator with boxes

Is it time for wearable technology to augment the workplace? Augmate is using off-the-shelf smart eyewear and creating apps to link it up with enterprise systems and databases. Is this a hands-free route to greater efficiency?


Turn subway billboards into art with ad-blocking augmented reality app

The New York City Subway system is filled with billboard advertising. An app called No Ad uses augmented reality to turn advertisements into art, allowing riders to discover artists during their commutes.


This modified Oculus Rift can make the floor transform in front of your eyes (without LSD!)

Using a top-mounted video camera and some custom-built software, this modified Oculus Rift headset can overlay new textures onto any flat surface

Cool Tech

Lowe’s new Holoroom lets you try out home improvements virtually before you buy

Ever wanted to see what a new fixture would look like before you actually install it in your house? With Lowe's new virutal reality room, you finally can


Metaio’s ‘Thermal Touch’ technology turns everything into a touchscreen

Wish your iPhone's touchscreen never ended? Your dreams may soon be coming true. German augmented-reality company Metaio revealed its latest technology, Thermal Touch, which turns just about everything into a touchscreen.

Cool Tech

Sony shows off experiments in augmented reality for PlayStation 4

Sony posts two videos on the Japanese PlayStation website that demonstrate the PlayStation 4's potential for providing augmented reality experiences.


Get past the gimmicks and gaze upon the future of augmented reality apps

Some new academic research has offered up potential solutions to the barriers currently holding augmented reality back from the mobile mainstream. Could truly useful and compelling AR apps be on the horizon? We decided to take a closer look.


Best mobile product of 2013: Google Glass

Our favorite mobile product of 2013 is Google Glass. The epic eyewear began to trickle out to developers in 2013, and we just couldn't stop talking about it all year. From controversy to excitement, Glass stories have been all over the map.