Augmented Reality

Apple now owns a company that makes cool augmented reality software

Apple has reportedly acquired Metaio, a company that specialises in augmented reality and computer vision software. The news comes amid heightened interest in AR and VR, particularly following Google's announcements at Google I/O.
Home Theater

InAiR TV brings augmented reality-like experience to TV, and you’re the remote control

SeeSpace's new InAiR TV plug-in device is like Minority Report in your living room, grabbing content from the Internet to augment what you're watching on the big screen, which you can control through gestures.
Cool Tech

Will Microsoft’s holographic headset allow you to read emotions?

Happy or sad? Confused or bored? Angry or surprised? Microsoft may give you the edge on reading people's emotions using the HoloLens headset according to details within a related patent.

Your photos come to life thanks to new emotionsAR service

This new augmented reality service enables you to bring your still photos to life. Using the emotionsAR app you can trigger video, audio, and interactive buttons by scanning an image.
Cool Tech

Thermal imaging doesn’t just illuminate the dark, it now lets you turn dumb objects smart

Metaio has been showing off a series of demos designed to showcase the potential of augmented reality technology. Thermal touch has real potential as a an alternative control scheme for wearables that doesn't rely on direct interactions…

CastAR wants you to reach out and touch your games

Technical Illusions, a virtual reality company founded by two ex-Valve engineers, has released a new video for castAR, its augmented reality glasses which were Kickstarted in 2013.
Cool Tech

Prynt’s instant photo and augmented reality wonder now on Kickstarter

A startup called Prynt wants to inject a little more shareable fun into things with a smartphone case that prints photos in about 30 seconds. It also has the ability to instantly turn physical photos into videos.

Could Microsoft’s HoloLens tech change the way cars are designed?

The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality system could have useful applications in car design, as demonstrated in Microsoft's own demo video. Will virtual models replace real ones in automotive design studios?

I just traveled to Mars with Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it was mind bending

Our own Jeremy Kaplan tries Microsoft’s HoloLens Dev kit for the first time, and is blown away when an office transforms into Mars.
Cool Tech

Google leads major investment in Magic Leap, creator of ‘jaw-dropping’ AR tech

Google is leading a $542 million funding round in Miami-based startup Magic Leap. The secretive firm is thought to be developing highly advanced AR headgear that offers a "jaw-dropping" 3D experience, according to one investor who's tried…