Augmented Reality

Magic Leap’s latest video continues to wow, but questions remain

Oh what we would do to get an inside look at what Magic Leap is up to right now. In its latest video, the developer has shown off practical, consumer, and relaxation possibilities of the mixed reality technology.

We tried on an augmented reality dinosaur t-shirt, and it was awesome

Dinosaurs are cool, and although VR is getting all the attention, AR (augmented reality) can be cool too. Put the two together and you get this amazing AR-enhanced dinosaur t-shirt that you'll want to wear right now, regardless of your age.
Virtual Reality

Your next construction contractor may walk in wearing a Microsoft HoloLens

Imagine construction workers using an augmented reality headset to collaborate with engineers and architects, or just to check their measurements. Is it farfetched nonsense, or the future?
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VR, 360 cameras, and Chatbots, oh my! Here’s everything you missed from Facebook’s F8

Did you miss the keynote for Facebook's F8 developers conference? Luckily for you, we've put together a round up of every big announcement at the conference -- from 360-degree cameras to chatbots, it's all here!
Virtual Reality

Zuckerberg’s vision for the future of VR is ordinary glasses with extraordinary powers

Facebook's 10-year roadmap includes a huge push into virtual reality -- but also a move into augmented reality. CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave us a peek at a normal-looking pair of glasses, that will soon offer a new way to communicate with each…

Samsung’s next wearable could be a smart contact lens called Gear Blink

Forget Google Glass. Samsung's next big thing could be a smart contact lens. According to a new patent, It has a tiny display and a camera that you can control by blinking your eye.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft HoloLens used to provide virtual tour of Seattle’s 2+U high-rise project

Studio 216 has teamed up with Skanska USA and Microsoft to create the very first Holographic Real Estate Sales Center. Based on the HoloLens AR headset, sales people and clients can together tour the 2+U high-rise project for downtown…
Virtual Reality

Collaborating with holograms: Could ‘mixed reality’ be the future of telecommuting?

A HoloLens app could allow workers to collaborate in 'mixed reality,' attending meetings using Microsoft's augmented reality headset. Users become avatars, who can look around at real-life objects in the room.

If you ordered a HoloLens dev kit, it starts shipping today 1:40

Excited to develop for Microsoft's augmented reality headset? The $3,000 HoloLens' developer kit will be shipping to developers today, and included is the headset, a case, and a Clicker to help navigate the user interface.

Updated: Microsoft’s HoloLens isn’t shipping just yet, but will on March 30

Developers are reporting that the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition kit is now shipping. This kit costs a crazy $3,000, and features a custom Holographic Processing Unit supplied by the Redmond company. The kit will be offered in waves…

You’ll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using Microsoft’s HoloLens at Lowe’s

You'll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using the Microsoft HoloLens at certain Lowe's stores. The headset will allow users to start with a completely bare kitchen, then add the components that they want.
Cool Tech

Hyperloop CEO wants to use ‘augmented windows….to make traveling suck less’

One of the companies tasked with building the Hyperloop system between LA and San Francisco says it wants to "make traveling suck less." To that end, it's exploring the idea of adding AR windows to Hyperloop's passenger pods for a more…