Augmented Reality

Tobii wants to bring its eye-tracking tech to mobile devices like smartphones

Tobii, pioneers of infrared-based eye-tracking, want to adapt their technology to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets. It is seeking a $50 million cash infusion to do so.

Trends with Benefits: The Google Project Tango revolution, Uber gets an upgrade 23:31

This summer Pokemon Go brought augmented reality to the masses, at least for a couple of months. Now Google's Project Tango aims to take AR to the next level, but are we ready for that? Also, Uber wants you yo Snapchat about your…

LifePrint brings photos to life using augmented reality

LifePrint lets you turn printed photographs into augmented reality experiences using a small pocket-sized printer and accompanying smartphone app. The device and app are now available for iOS.

Exclusive: Mountain Dew will use holograms to let people try on its first clothing collection

Using mirrors equipped with hologram-augmented reality Mountain Dew will let attendees at Complex Con try on the soft drink's clothing collaboration with streetwear company VFiles, virtually.
Cool Tech

Paper or digital? The hybrid Slice Planner gives you the best of both worlds

Stop switching back and forth between paper and digital planners with the hybrid Slice Planner, designed for visual thinkers. Events are digitized with Google Cloud Vision OCR, and calendar syncing uses augmented reality tech.
Virtual Reality

Get a grip, bub: Wolverine haptic device lets you grasp objects in VR

Developed by researchers at Stanford University, the Wolverine is a mobile wearable haptic device intended to simulate the effect of grasping rigid objects in virtual or augmented reality.
Virtual Reality

Google takes on eye-tracking virtual reality technology with Eyefluence purchase

Google purchased virtual reality eye-tracking software developer Eyefluence, reigniting recent rumors suggesting the company is developing an unannounced wireless VR and augmented reality headset.

This new beach safety app uses AI to teach swimmers about sea safety

The Australian authorities have teamed up with Samsung to create a nifty augmented-reality app designed to improve beach safety by showing swimmers how to identify rip currents and other hazards in the water.

Osmo's 'Pizza Co.' teaches kids about managing money and running a business

The latest game from augmented reality startup Osmo, 'Pizza Co.', teaches kids about running a business by putting them in the shoes of a pizza shop manager. It is launching in November.
Cool Tech

Surreal projections on the ceiling of this Paris church leave visitors seeing stars

Designed by French digital artist Miguel Chevalier, the Church of Saint-Eustache in Paris is now home to a series of constellation-like digital projections that ebb and flow throughout the chapel's historic Gothic structure.
Virtual Reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests company may prefer augmented reality over VR

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called augmented reality technology "profound," adding that technology should encourage human interaction, not become a barrier. However, he admitted that VR has "interesting applications."

Is a new HoloLens coming in late 2017? Analyst rumors say yes

Tom Sepenzis, an analyst with Northland Capital Markets, is of the opinion that a new HoloLens version will make its way to the market later in 2017 as the augmented reality market continues to fluctuate.