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Google's Tango isn't a project anymore, but it still needs work

Tango ditched "project" from its official name at Lenovo's Tech World 2016. But our experience with the software suggests the move was premature. Lenovo's Tango phone, the Phab Pro 2, had some trouble with the demos.

The 5 coolest things at Augmented World Expo 2016

Augmented World Expo this year was home to a ton of cool new gadgets and technologies. Here are a few of the coolest we saw at the show, from augmented reality glasses to fitness tracking wearables.

Your Snapchat selfies could soon get the full-blown 3D treatment

Snapchat has quietly acquired augmented reality startup Seene, with plans to absorb its 3D imaging technology into its app, and related virtual reality projects. The move could spell the end for Seene's own 3D photography app.

Check your email in augmented reality with the new Outlook Hololens app

Untethering humans from the displays on smartphones, tablets and computers could well be the biggest impact of augmented reality technology like Hololens, and access to Outlook Mail and Calendar apps is one of the first steps in that…
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Google's planning a big expansion of its Project Tango mapping tech

Google's planning a big expansion of its Project Tango mapping tech, according to reports. It'll reportedly announce the details, including related devices and cloud services, at its 2016 I/O conference.

New Yorker’s latest cover leaps off the page, really

As part of promotional efforts for its annual "innovators" issue, this week's New Yorker magazine includes an augmented reality cover that springs to life when viewed with a smartphone or tablet.
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Amazon patent scans hands to stop your kid from deleting your augmented reality work

Kids tend to burst into rooms and wave their hands around, which could mess with augmented reality sets that use gesture-based controls. An Amazon aims to fix this, and also ensure that kids are presented with a kid-friendly UI.
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Get real! How augmented reality toys could make VR feel like a gimmick

VR is exciting, but some of gaming's biggest franchises take place in mixed reality -- that's not going to change any time soon. Anki and Reach Robotics looking to bring old-school toys into the augmented reality future.
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A German designer’s AR pingpong table reacts to every shot

We've come a long way since the 1970s, both in terms of our political relations with China and in terms of technology, and now, one interaction designer has created an augmented reality tool that can take your pingpong game to the…
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You can’t buy a HoloLens yet, but it’s already won a design award

The HoloLens isn't available to consumers yet, but that didn't stop the Red Dot committee from recognizing its design. The augmented reality headset from Microsoft won for Product Design, a huge honor.
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Volkswagen may try to clean up ‘dieselgate’ mess with buy-back plan

Volkswagen is in trouble after admitting to cheating on emissions tests for a huge number of cars, now they may offer to buy them all back. Plus: augmented reality tech t-shirt shows anatomy, cancer treatment research uses…
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As AR blurs with VR, get ready for a mixed-reality renaissance

Virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive are capturing plenty of headlines. However, while augmented reality may have an image problem, thanks to past misuses, it's making a strong comeback. In the near future, it's only going to get more…