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Nissan’s Leaf Piloted Drive Concept 1.0 previews the brand’s autonomous vehicle future

Nissan has revealed its semiautonomous Piloted Drive 1.0 Concept based on the Leaf EV. The concept previews a planned fully autonomous production car due in 2020, assuming regulations allow it.

Audi’s self-driving RS 7 gets ready for a Hockenheim hot lap

Self-driving cars are supposed to improve safety and efficiency, but what about performance? Audi will let a self-driving RS 7 prototype loose on Germany's Hockenheimring this weekend to find out.

Would you toss your car keys to a computer for lower insurance? 1 in 5 drivers would

A new study suggests that a surprisingly large number of drivers are ready to have a car that drives itself. Even more drivers would consider giving up their keys if it meant a significant reduction in their insurance premiums.

The rise of the machines: Nissan’s driverless cars to be showroom ready by 2020

Nissan announced today that it has obtained permission to test a driverless car for the first time in Japan. This is a major step in the Japanese automaker’s nefarious plot to dominate the world with autonomous cars by 2020; and is the…

Beyond the tech, autonomous driving is an issue of trust – and parking

We assume it's a lack of technology that keeps us from enjoying all the cool stuff we see in the movies, but when it comes to autonomous vehicles, it's a lack of trust and infrastructure keeping us at bay.

Big wireless slot cars? ‘AnkiDrive’ game hints at how autonomous driving could become a reality

It was tantalizing to imagine the action on a much larger scale, say that of a city, the cars full of people chatting on phones and otherwise riding along without a care because the car was being controlled by a wireless network and a…

Consumer confidence in autonomous cars will drive technology says SAE panel

With states like California, Nevada and Florida now having laws in place that allow for driverless cars, more carmakers are implementing elements of the technology. But are consumers ready to trust autonomous vehicles?

Toyota and Lexus announce plans to announce vehicle autonomy technology

So proud of autonomous vehicle technology, Toyota and Lexus announce an announcement.

The traffic intersection of the future – busy, computer controlled and very nerve-wracking

The prospect of owning an autonomous car is an exciting one, but what would the roads on which these vehicles drive look like, and how would they work?
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New road platooning tech lets you read the paper while you cruise along the highway

Volvo has successfully tested a new technology that lets you join a train-like platoon of cars on the highway and let your car auto-follow the group.