Worthington and Saldana inked for Avatar sequels, and they’ll bring CGI kids with them

James Cameron has begun work on Avatar 3, 4, and 5, and the studio has confirmed that stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are also set to return, and the sequels will feature their kids.

Cameron heads to New Zealand to film all three Avatar films at once

The recently confirmed trio of Avatar films will be filmed back-to-back-to-back in New Zealand, and explore more of Pandora and the Na’vi culture, including new life forms.

Skype achieves video calls with 3D holographic avatars, but don’t hold your breath

How about attending a business meeting at your company where everyone around the table except you is a 3D holographic avatar? If Skype and Microsoft choose to push ahead with their technology, it could become a reality.
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Get rid of your boring profile picture with the help of these apps

Been staring at that profile picture for awhile? Worse yet, is your account just showing off that anonymous Twitter egg or the blank-faced Facebook placeholder? Upgrade your avatar with the help of these apps.
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Opinion: 3D is as bad for cinema now as it was 60 years ago

Though critics and consumers have been plenty vocal about their distaste for 3D, both Hollywood and the TV manufacturing industry continue to force it upon us. Why? We take a look at 3D's recent rise in prevalence and why the powers that be…
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James Cameron: Avatar 4 will be a prequel

According to director James Cameron, Avatar 4 will be a prequel that sets up the second arc of the franchise's story line.
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That hypothetical fourth Avatar movie is now in doubt

Despite previous reports, it seems that James Cameron won't be filming Avatar 4 any time soon.
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James Cameron to shoot three Avatar sequels at once

It seems like we'll be seeing Avatar 2, 3 and 4 a whole lot sooner than previously anticipated.
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New York airports are installing virtual avatars to help visitors

Designed to catch the attention of passing airport visitors, the Port Authority is investing in virtual assistants that are very similar to holograms.
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The future holds only Avatar sequels and documentaries for James Cameron

Speaking to the New York Times, Titanic director James Cameron claims that from here on out he'll only be working on documentaries and films set in the Avatar universe.
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James Cameron might not take you swimming with Avatar 2 until 2015

The anticipated sequel to 2009's Avatar was originally planned for 2014, but producer Jon Landau claims 2015 is more likely.

Tumblr to add private messaging with “Fan Mail”

With many casual bloggers abandoning Wordpress for a more visual style of blogging on Tumblr, officials at the company are rolling out a method for readers to communicate with the blog owner.