New York airports are installing virtual avatars to help visitors

Designed to catch the attention of passing airport visitors, the Port Authority is investing in virtual assistants that are very similar to holograms.

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The future holds only Avatar sequels and documentaries for James Cameron

Speaking to the New York Times, Titanic director James Cameron claims that from here on out he'll only be working on documentaries and films set in the Avatar universe.

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James Cameron might not take you swimming with Avatar 2 until 2015

The anticipated sequel to 2009's Avatar was originally planned for 2014, but producer Jon Landau claims 2015 is more likely.

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Tumblr to add private messaging with “Fan Mail”

With many casual bloggers abandoning Wordpress for a more visual style of blogging on Tumblr, officials at the company are rolling out a method for readers to communicate with the blog owner.


Fast Five, Hangover II make the top ten list of most pirated movies in 2011

With fewer online sources to obtain illegal copies of recent Hollywood blockbusters, the amount of movies downloaded this year seems to follow a similar downward trend as illegal television show downloads.

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Disney World partners with James Cameron for Avatar theme park

Avatar complex will bring Pandora to Disney World's Animal Kingdom with help from James Cameron.

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TechCrunch Disrupt winner Shaker: What exactly is this disrupting?

The winner of the conference that finds new and innovative digital ideas is Shaker, a Facebook app that turns your social experience into a night on the (virtual) town. Yes, really.


James Cameron says games will drive 3D adoption, wants to do 3D Avatar MMORPG

James Cameron expresses his belief that the video game industry will be a driving force in the adoption of in-home 3D displays and hints at a future Avatar MMORPG in 3D.


James Cameron buys 50 Red Epic-M cameras, probably for Avatar sequels

James Cameron buys 50 Red Epic-M cameras, presumably to boost the second and third Avatar movies to a 5K resolution.

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3D porn film tops ‘Avatar’ opening-day box office record (in Hong Kong)

In Hong Kong, the world's first 3D erotic film, "Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" has earned the highest grossing opening day of any film, even beating out Hollywood heavyweight "Avatar."

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Director Peter Jackson: ‘The Hobbit’ is shot at twice the normal frame rate

Director of upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel "The Hobbit" says he's shooting the film at 48-frames-per-second, rather than 24 fps, because it looks far superior.

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Opening the Red Curtain: Chinese box office to surpass the U.S. within 10 years

Relaxed restrictions on bringing foreign films to the once-cloistered country have Chinese audiences seeing blockbusters, and American film producers seeing dollar signs.

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Avatar blu-ray released on 3D as a Panasonic exclusive

Panasonic has secured an exclusive deal with 20th Century Fox to package Avatar 3D with new 3D TV sets. Copies can be found on eBay for those willing to open the bidding at $199.

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Avatar 2 coming December 2014, with Avatar 3 in 2015

James Cameron has agreed to a deal with Fox that will make the Avatar sequels his next movies.

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Deleted scene shows alternate Avatar intro

Avatar protagonist Jake Sully wheels his way into trouble on Earth in an alternate introduction, which will debut on the collector's edition, but has hit the Web now.

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