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Jam out to the sweet sounds of Barack Obama’s summer playlists

The White House has dropped two summer playlists penned by Barack Obama himself. They're heavy on the classics, but also feature contemporary artists like Beyonce, Coldplay, and Florence and the Machine.
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Obama to wish Jon Stewart a fond farewell this Tuesday

President Obama is scheduled for one last appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on July 21 at 11/10 c. Even the POTUS wants to bid Stewart farewell before he retires from his hosting gig.
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Supreme Court’s gay marriage legalization sets Twitter on fire

The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide and Twitter was flooded with thousands of reactions from citizens, politicians, celebrities and more.

What the prez?: 15 most revealing quotes from President Obama’s chat with Marc Maron

President Barack Obama appeared on WTF with Marc Maron for an hour conversation on his love of self-deprecating humor, gun laws, parenting, and more.
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Obama and Clinton joke on Twitter about Hillary

President Obama has his own Twitter handle now, and he's already getting in on the fun of the platform by talking with former president Bill Clinton about who gets the @POTUS handle after Obama's second term ends.
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President Obama now has his own personal Twitter account

President Barack Obama finally has his own, personal Twitter account. His first tweet read “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account,”

Russian hackers got a peek at some of Obama’s emails last year

The hackers that gave the White House and State Department such a hard time last year managed to get access to some of President Obama's correspondence along the way, a new report says.

Obama forms council to bring faster broadband Internet to more people

The president signed a memorandum that formally creates the Broadband Opportunity Council, an interagency program that will focus on increasing broadband adoption and stimulating competition between broadband providers.

Obama as you’ve never seen him before: Selfie stick in hand, and shooting imaginary hoops

Yes, this is President Obama using a selfie stick. It's part of a hilarious new video which sees Obama have fun in front of the camera, all in the name of promoting the latest healthcare drive.

Obama goes against the FCC on net neutrality

President Barack Obama spoke out in favor of net neutrality, condemning the practice of paid prioritization. His statements go against the current FCC proposal on the issue.

After pledging to fight for net neutrality, Obama needs to show the FCC who’s boss

What’s most surprising about the new FCC rules is not the government’s desire to give ISPs more revenue streams, it is that the proposal is on the table in spite of Pres. Obama’s statements for net neutrality.

The White House is upset with Samsung about this Obama selfie

Why President Barack Obama poses for selfies as often as a teenage girl, we may never know. However, what’s clear is he objects to corporate sponsorship for his up-close and off-kilter snapshots.