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Why Kobo's little-known Aura One is a better ebook reader than the Kindle

If you're a bookworm, an ebook reader can be an important part of your life, one that allows you to read your books whenever and wherever you'd like. But which should you get? Here are five of our favorite models, whether you prefer…

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A is now a Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A has gotten the Nook treatment. Now you can access all of Barnes & Nobles ecosystem on the Android 5.1 tablet. The device costs $140, but if you have bought a Nook in the past, you can get it for $100.

Kindle Oasis vs. Nook Glowlight Plus: Let them fight

The Amazon Kindle Oasis and the Nook Glowlight Plus are both capable ebook readers, but which is for you? Check out our comparison for a closer look at the hardware and software powering both models.

Nook no more: B&N will shutdown U.K. digital content store on March 15

Barnes & Noble has announced it's to close the U.K. branch of its Nook digital content store, but has signed a deal with Sainsbury's Entertainment on Demand so owners can still read their books. Well, most of their books.

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook GlowLight Plus is waterproof and made of metal

Barnes & Noble really outdid itself with the new Nook GlowLight Plus. The ebook reader is water and dust proof, features an aluminum casing, and costs just $130. The question remains: Can it beat Amazon?

The new $250 Nook E tablet is a 9.6-inch Samsung slate in disguise

Barnes & Noble has announced another Nook tablet. This time it's the Nook E, and it's based on a little seen Samsung tablet released earlier this year. It's priced at $250 and available right now.

Barnes & Noble introduce Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook

Barnes & Noble has announced the third iteration of the Samsung Nook, the Galaxy Tab S2. The 8-inch tablet comes with a HD display for books, movies, TV shows and games, with enough battery life for 14 hours use.

Barnes & Noble nears the end of an era: International Nook Store closes in August

After closing its Luxembourg office and buying out Microsoft's investment in Nook Media, Barnes & Noble is taking the next step in shutting down its ebook operations. The international Nook store will close on August 7, 2015.

B&N makes a play for your ears, launches its own Nook audiobook app

Barnes & Noble added a new Nook Audiobooks app to its Android app selection. The app is free and comes with two free audiobook downloads. B&N says an iOS version will arrive in spring 2015.

Buy a book from Barnes & Noble and get the Nook ebook version for $5

If you buy a book at Barnes & Noble, you can get the Nook ebook version for just $5. The promotion is part of the new B&N Sync Up service and is geared toward holiday shoppers.

Barnes & Noble offers aspiring authors print-on-demand option with Nook Press Print

Barnes & Noble already offers an ebook service for authors to get their work on mobile devices, and from this week it's also giving publishers the chance to put their work on paper with a new print-on-demand option.

Barnes & Nobles’ 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook boasts that bigger is better

Barnes & Noble has announced a larger version of its Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet, this time coming equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. Still based on a Samsung tablet, it comes with $200 worth of free B&N digital content.