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Best Buy will sell you the iPhone 6S for $1 this weekend

Looking to purchase an iPhone 6S before the holidays are over? Best Buy has started a weekend deal where you purchase the 6S for $1 on a two-year contract, but there are some caveats to the deal.

Great deal: Best Buy discounts iPads by $125

If you've been eyeing a new iPad Air 2 or an iPad Mini 4, then it's time to pay Best Buy a visit. The retailer has cut between $100 and $125 from the regular price, and also taken $100 off the cost of a new iPhone with a two-year contract.
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Earin, the first truly wireless earbuds, are finally in stores (if you hustle)

Earin wireless earbuds are the first of their type to hit retail, and they'll be gone fast, so you might want to click our Best Buy link and order them quick. Only 1500 units have been released for retail at this time.

Best Buy will take $100 off the price of a Surface Pro 4 if you trade in an old laptop

Got an old laptop kicking around? As long as it works, isn't cracked and isn't water damaged, Best Buy will take it off your hands. We can't promise it will wipe the data off, but it will give you $100 off a Surface Pro 4 purchase.

Updated: Here’s where you can buy the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Want to be an early adopter of Microsoft's first-ever convertible laptop? We've compiled a list of retailers and ship dates to help you can your hands on a Surface Book first.

Best Buy, Target fight for online shoppers with free shipping promotions

Looking for ways to pull customers away from Amazon this holiday season, two major retailers are ditching all shipping charges in hopes of pushing more online orders through the Web.

Macy’s enters new territory with Best Buy partnership to sell, gasp, electronics

Macy's is leaving its department store identity behind in favor of a new partnership with Best Buy. No longer will you only be able to buy boots and bedding at Macy's -- now, you'll also find consumer electronics in their stores.

Best Buy CEO boasts about Apple Watch sales and the retailer’s plans to sell more

Best Buy's CEO says the Apple Watch is selling very well in stores and online. The retailer plans to expand its Apple Watch sales to more stores before the holidays, and it'll offer Apple Care and perhaps authorized repairs soon.

Best Buy doesn’t always wipe returned devices, so delete those ‘artful nudes’

The protection of your own data is always a good plan, and you'd hope a major retailer like Best Buy would take it seriously. Apparently not, as man who purchased a used Apple TV found it logged in to the previous owner's account.

Apple planning to score more Watch sales with Best Buy launch on August 7

Apple is taking sales of its smartwatch beyond the Apple Store for the first time, with Best Buy set to offer the device from August 7. Initially, 100 Best Buy stores will sell the watch, with an additional 200 stores added in time for the…

Do you have what it takes to be the Nintendo World Champion?

Nintendo has sent out a call for champions! Head to one of eight Best Buy stores around the United States on May 30 for a chance to compete in the Nintendo World Championship at E3 2015.
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Roku has found another TV partner in Sharp

Roku and Sharp have announced two TVs that have Roku built directly into them. You'll be able to stream over 2,000 channels, with shows, movies, live sports and more available. A 43 inch and 50 inch model are available now, exclusively at…