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Best Buy Black Friday madness begins with a $900 4K UHD Samsung TV

Best Buy kicks off the season of shopping madness with a price-busting $900 Samsung 55-inch 4K UHD TV, as well as an incredible deal on a 50-inch Panasonic HD TV for only $200. We'll analyze what these new price points mean, and where you…
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Best Buy shoppers are already in line waiting for Black Friday

Seeking a killer price on new high definition television sets, two women in California will end up spending just over three weeks camped out in front of a Best Buy before Black Friday deals kick off.

Best Buy cuts base model 13-inch MacBook Air by $150 down to $850

Best Buy is offering a big discount on the 13-inch MacBook Air. Learn more here.
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Best Buy to get even louder with SVS subwoofers arriving at its Magnolia stores

Once exclusively an Internet-direct subwoofer and speaker brand, SVS' wares will now be available In Magnolia centers within Best Buy stores across the nation.

Wake up, PC makers: Hitting bottom isn’t a revival, but a sign of lowered expectations

Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, recently said that the PC is seeing a revival while tablet sales are crashing. Such fantastic claims may be comforting for PC builders, but they're really just a form of denial.

Exclusive Electric Blue Galaxy S5 headed to Best Buy, yours for $100 on contract

Best Buy will sell an exclusive Electric Blue version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone later this month, and will cut the on-contract price in half for a limited amount of time.

Best Buy’s CEO says most people don’t upgrade their tablets

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said that the tablet market is "crashing" because consumers don't upgrade too often. He added that the laptop market stands to benefit from tablets' decline.

Google Wallet update allows you to digitally store your gift cards

Ideal for anyone that wants to stop carrying around a stack of gift cards, the latest update to the Google Wallet application provides a place to digitally store all gift card numbers and barcodes.

Pebble Steel heads to Best Buy with a price drop to $229

Pebble Steel will arrive at Best Buy on June 15, for $229. A recent report shows that Pebble is the manufacturer of the second bestselling smartwatch, coming in right after Samsung. Will the price cut give it a boost?

Super Smash Bros E3 demo comes to Best Buy in June

Nintendo has partnered with Best Buy to bring the new Super Smash Bros. to 100 stores around the country for two days in June so that eager fans can try the upcoming Wii U game.
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Best Buy launching ‘Sony Experience’ sections at 350 stores

Sony today announced a deal with Best Buy that will see some of its top-end 4K products and home audio gear showcased in 350 Best Buy locations nationwide, in a new 'shop-in-shop' showcase.