Best Buy

Best Buy’s “Insignia Flex” Android tablet will be priced around $250

Hitting Best Buy store shelves during early November, the Insignia Flex could be a solid mid-range competitor for the tablet market.

Android Army

Target plans to price match Amazon, online retailers during holidays

Ideal for consumers looking for the absolute best price, Target is joining Best Buy on price matching products sold by


Can Best Buy beat Amazon at its own game with price matching?

Best Buy will reportedly match Amazon's prices this holiday season to convince buyers to purchase in stores rather than online. Can it work?


Can Hubert Joly rescue Best Buy?

Best Buy is bringing in French turnaround expert Hubert Jolie to revive its ailing business. Can Best Buy avoid being the next Circuit City?


Best Buy founder proposes $10 billion plan to save company

Best Buy founder Richard Schulze has dreamed up a $10 billion proposal to cut costs and start competing with online retailers.


NPD Group: 1 in 3 players choose digital downloads over physical games purchased at retail

A new survey finds that video game players today still prefer physical media over digital. When will the balance dip towards digital downloads?


Best Buy founder and chairman Richard Schulze calls it quits early

Best Buy founder and chairman Richard Schulze has resigned early following a scandal involving now-former CEO Brian Dunn.


MacBook Pro gets $100+ price cut as Apple prepares to ship new models

Best Buy has put Apple's MacBook Pro on sale, prompting increased speculation that an update to the popular laptop may soon be upon us.


Leaked Assassin’s Creed III art shows off Mayan pyramids for GameStop’s preorder bonus DLC

New assassin Connor Kenway will cover more than just the thirteen colonies during his adventure in Assassin's Creed III.


Best Buy names the 50 stores to close — includes 19 in 3 states

Electronics retail giant Best Buy has named the 50 stores it plans to close as it struggles in the face of tough competition from e-commerce giants such as Amazon.


Best Buy CEO resigns: Struggling retailer begins searching for a savior

Best Buy has announced that its CEO Brian Dunn has resigned. Now, as it hunts for someone new, we wonder just what it might take to turn the electronics retailer around in the age of Amazon.


Best Buy to close 50 stores, open 100 mobile-only stores

Best Buy has announced some steep losses and now plans to shut down 50 of its full-size stores in the US and open 100 smaller mobile-only locations.


Best Buy’s US iPhone sales almost rival Apple’s own

Apple's deal with Best Buy is proving quite lucrative as the retail chain's iPhone sales are rivaling the company's own sales of the device.


Mini Apple Stores may be headed to Sam’s Club

Apple and Sam's Club are reportedly working out a deal to open mini Apple Stores in Sam's Club locations.


How next-generation consoles may eliminate the used gaming market

While internal teams at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all hard at work designing and revising new console hardware, at least one next-generation console manufacturer may implement a way to kill used game sales faster than digital downloads.