Best Buy

Best Buy offering up to $100 towards Xbox Ones for your old PS3 and Xbox 360s

Best Buy is offering $50 gift card, and a $50 coupon towards the purchase of an Xbox One if you trade in your working PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 within the next week.

Best Buy attempts to lure Windows XP refugees with a $100 trade-in credit

Starting this Sunday, Best Buy will offer a $100 credit to customers trading in a PC that's running Windows XP for a new Windows 8 computer, a Chromebook or a Mac. Learn more here.

Galaxy Gear hits Best Buy as Samsung exec says watch ‘lacks something special’

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch hits Best Buy for pre-order Friday, with the retail giant the only store to offer it in all six available colors – Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green.

Retailers slash iPhone 5 price prepping for next iPhone

Likely an attempt to clear out existing inventory prior to the launch of the new iPhone, both Best Buy and Walmart are offering sizable iPhone 5 discounts during Labor Day weekend.

Rumor: Google Glass coming to Best Buy stores in 2014 (Updated)

If you're waiting for Google Glass to be released, but a little concerned about ordering it through Google Play, you may not have to worry, as a new rumor suggests Google is going to sell the specs in Best Buy next year.

Street artist punks Best Buy by stocking its shelves with recreated crap

A street artist by the name of Plastic Jesus managed to prank Best Buy into selling a "useless" black plastic box valued at $100. A truthful social commentary and hilarity at its finest.

Chromecast is sold out in all Best Buy stores across the USA, and everywhere online

Google's Chromecast appears to be a legitimate hit. Initial shipments of the device have sold out in Best Buy stores across the country, and in every online store it's available in.
Android Army

New Nexus 7 hits Best Buy for pre-order ahead of official unveiling

Google's head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, is expected to unveil the next iteration of the company's Nexus 7 tablet at a special event in San Francisco this morning. Trouble is, Best Buy appears to have beaten him to it.
Cool Tech

Pebble smartwatch launches at Best Buy, online store already sold out

Best Buy has become the first brick-and-mortar store to sell the app-enabled, programmable Pebble smartwatch in a move by the company behind the device to take it mainstream and boost sales.

Pebble smartwatch reportedly coming to Best Buy this weekend

Want to get your hands on a Pebble smartwatch sooner rather than later? A report Monday suggests it could be coming to Best Buy this weekend, a rollout that would mark its first appearance at a brick-and-mortar store.

Best Buy recalls thousands of MacBook Pro batteries due to fire, burn hazards

Electronics retail giant Best Buy is recalling thousands of MacBook Pro replacement batteries following a number of incidents where the battery had caught fire, including one which resulted in “a serious burn to a consumer’s leg.”

Microsoft opening hundreds of Windows stores within Best Buy stores

Microsoft struck a deal with mega-chain Best Buy to open hundreds of "mini-stores" within already established Best Buy locations all across the United States and Canada.