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Ford says good-bye to Best Buy and pegs AeroVironment as new plug-in EV charger dealer

Geek Squad steps down and Ford signs an agreement with a proven charging station installer, AeroVironment, a company that has so far installed more than 11,000 units across the country.

New legislation would do away with tax-free online shopping

Online shoppers have been spoiled by tax-free shopping for the longest time, but this will change should the Marketplace Fairness Act pass on May 6.

Best Buy is selling the iPad 3 for $314 – Is it making room for a new model?

Electronics retailer Best Buy announced that it is now offering 30 percent on all models of its third generation iPad inventory. The sale could be an indication that the company is making room for a new generation of the tablet.

Samsung to open its own stores – inside 1400 Best Buys

Samsung announced Tuesday it's to open 1400 'Samsung Experience Shops' inside Best Buy stores across the US. The store-within-a-store initiative, which kicks off this month, should result in more foot traffic for Best Buy and more sales for…

Ouya console shipping to Kickstarter backers with 104 games, available in stores June 4

The era the of $99 gaming system has begun. Ouya's Kickstarter backers will be getting their hands on the console first, as the company already started shipping to backers on March 28 with 104 games.

Best Buy preparing for Galaxy S4 launch with built-in Samsung Stores

Joining the Apple-only section of Best Buy stores will be a Samsung-centric area for fans and potential converts of the brand. The expansion begins next month, right around the time the Galaxy S4 will launch in the U.S.

Store fights showrooming by charging $5 “just looking” fee

Looking for a way to dissuade customers from checking out products in the store before buying online, an Australian store is making sure all customers pay up for simply looking around.

Blackberry Z10 lands in America with AT&T – Verizon and T-Mobile not far behind

Blackberry Z10 is finally arriving in America with AT&T, starting the final judgement call on Blackberry's success or failure with BB10. You can pick one up now at an AT&T store, RadioShack, or Best Buy.

Google rolls out Chromebooks in 6 more countries, doubles U.S. Best Buy sellers

In an effort to widen Chromebooks' market availability, Google is releasing three models in six different countries, while stocking up more than 1,000 Best Buys with their Chrome OS laptops stateside.

For those returning to cubicle captivity, we salute you (and recommend the following)

Thousands of Best Buy and Yahoo! employees are about to return to the workplace for the first time in a while. Here are 11 rules to live by now that you’re amongst other people all day long.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop spotted in Best Buy for $1,200

We got some hands-on time with the Samsung Series 7 Chronos at CES and liked what we saw. It looks like the thin and powerful laptop has been spotted at Best Buy, taking the wraps off its price and specs available statesside.

Best Buy makes price matching Internet retailers a permanent policy

In order to become more competitive against major online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy is rolling out a new change to the price matching policy that's designed to combat showrooming.