Report: RIM operating surveillance facility in India

Remember when India was threatening to shut down BlackBerry service unless it could tap user's communications? Reports have RIM operating a wiretapping facility in Mumbai to help with that.


RIM delays PlayBook OS 2.0 update until next year

Research In Motion's senior vice president announced on Tuesday that the release of the PlayBook OS 2.0 update has been delayed until February at the earliest.


BlackBerry trade-ins reach all time high

Due to the recent BlackBerry outage and the iPhone 4S announcement BlackBerry owners are trading-in their devices more than ever before.


DT pick: Best apps of the week

Check out our favorite apps for the week, including games, productivity tools, and the ever-popular photo-sharing platforms.

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BlackBerry maker facing possible legal action over BBX name

A trademark claim by another company over the name of BlackBerry’s new operating system, BBX, is probably the least of Research In Motion’s worries after last week’s service outage fiasco. It could, however, signal the onset of another headache it could…


Over 30 percent of BlackBerry users in large companies plan to switch phones

With the recent BlackBerry service outage taking a toll on consumer confidence in the brand, employees at extremely large enterprises are starting to mull other options for business phones.


BlackBerry outage not all bad, helped improve Middle East road safety

At least there was an upside to the BlackBerry service outage - apparently drivers in some parts of the Middle East fond of using their phones while driving were, for three days last week, able to concentrate on the road instead of the content of a phone…


Ford automobiles will read text messages aloud with SYNC upgrade

While the irresponsibility of texting while driving still contributes to many car wrecks despite state laws against the practice, Ford has come up with a way to listen to text messages while on the road.


Can RIM’s new BBX OS keep BlackBerry from going sour?

RIM is betting the future of its smartphone, tablet, and embedded systems on a new operating system: BBX. But there's no word when it'll be available, or what devices it will support.


RIM leaks BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio, Curve Touch 9380 specs

Research In Motion has released new details about the displays of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio and Curve Touch 9380 handsets.


RIM offers free apps and games as consolation for service outages

RIM offers the Sims 3, Shazam Encore, and a number of other apps/games as a gift to users who had to put up with 1-5 days of service outages.


One in five considering ditching BlackBerry after service problems

Following a three-day global service outage of the BlackBerry network, a survey has revealed that almost one in five owners of BlackBerry smartphones may move to another phone manufacturer.


RIM co-CEO apologizes for BlackBerry outages

RIM founder Mike Lazaridis has issued a video apology explaining the recent BlackBerry outages and when service may be restored.


RIM issues BlackBerry update, warns of hoax message

Research In Motion posted a service update on Wednesday afternoon saying that its email, BlackBerry Messenger and Internet browsing services were finally returning to normal following an outage that started on Monday.