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Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE make top five smartphone manufacturers list in late 2012

Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE made it onto the Canalys list of the top five smartphone manufacturers in Q4 2012, largely thanks to the dominance of the Chinese cell phone market, pushing top dog Sony out of its spot o the list.

BlackBerry: No plans to release new BB10 phones in Japan

BlackBerry has said it has "no plans" to release its new BlackBerry 10 devices in Japan because, with only a 0.3 percent market share in the nation, it's "not a major market" for the company.

Worldwide smartphone usage will reach 1.4 billion this year

Growing exponentially in popularity, studies indicate that smartphones will be in use by some 1.4 billion users by the end of 2013. The bulk of those users? Leading the pack, Android users, followed up by iOS fans.

Review: BlackBerry 10 still wears a suit, but finds time for happy hour

We review BlackBerry 10, the brand new, and completely redesigned, rebuilt mobile operating system from the company formerly known as RIM. Does BB10 have what it takes to compete against Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone? Is it worth your…

BlackBerry CEO says Z10 off to roaring start, though his claims it sold out in UK are questioned

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has said that the release of the Z10 handset in Canada on Tuesday "was the best day ever for the first day of a launch of a new BlackBerry smartphone," although claims made by Heins earlier in the week that…

The long wait: BlackBerry’s new Q10 handset might not arrive in US until May

BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins has admitted its new Q10 handset might not go on sale in the US until May, around a month after it becomes available in other markets. The delay is being put down to the strict testing requirements of US-based…

New BlackBerry Z10 ad shows a little of what it ‘can’ do

With BlackBerry’s new Z10 smartphone set to launch in Canada on Tuesday, the Ontario-based mobile company has released its second ad for the handset, this time showing us a few things that it CAN do.

‘It can’t do this, this or this’ – BlackBerry airs Z10 Super Bowl ad

The company formerly known as RIM aired its first BlackBerry 10 ad during the Super Bowl Sunday night. Did you catch it?

BlackBerry’s new killer feature? Battery freedom

By shirking the trend toward built-in batteries and adding a few of its own innovations, BlackBerry addresses one very real problem for those who rely on their phones day in and day out.
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Blackberry and Samsung tease us with previews of Superbowl Ads

Samsung and BlackBerry have released only short teasers of their upcoming Superbowl ads, hoping to garner interest and curiosity among viewers.

Does BlackBerry 10 have the apps it needs to take on Android and iPhone?

Apps are the driving force behind the smartphone revolution. Can BlackBerry 10 offer potential customers the apps and games they really want?

iPhone users have highest phone bills, majority pay over $100 a month

Racking up the most expensive monthly service bills, U.S. consumers that own an iPhone are spending slightly more each month than Android smartphone owners.