New BlackBerry Z10 ad shows a little of what it ‘can’ do

With BlackBerry’s new Z10 smartphone set to launch in Canada on Tuesday, the Ontario-based mobile company has released its second ad for the handset, this time showing us a few things that it CAN do.

‘It can’t do this, this or this’ – BlackBerry airs Z10 Super Bowl ad

The company formerly known as RIM aired its first BlackBerry 10 ad during the Super Bowl Sunday night. Did you catch it?

BlackBerry’s new killer feature? Battery freedom

By shirking the trend toward built-in batteries and adding a few of its own innovations, BlackBerry addresses one very real problem for those who rely on their phones day in and day out.
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Blackberry and Samsung tease us with previews of Superbowl Ads

Samsung and BlackBerry have released only short teasers of their upcoming Superbowl ads, hoping to garner interest and curiosity among viewers.

Does BlackBerry 10 have the apps it needs to take on Android and iPhone?

Apps are the driving force behind the smartphone revolution. Can BlackBerry 10 offer potential customers the apps and games they really want?

iPhone users have highest phone bills, majority pay over $100 a month

Racking up the most expensive monthly service bills, U.S. consumers that own an iPhone are spending slightly more each month than Android smartphone owners.

Hands on: BlackBerry’s Z10 is solid, but is it a savior?

Our initial impressions of the BlackBerry Z10 are positive thanks to the smoothness of BlackBerry 10 and great design. Savior of the brand? Maybe. A solid contender in a crowded smartphone market? Definitely.

BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Bold vs. BlackBerry Curve: Spec Showdown

Research in Motion came out in full force with the launch of BlackBerry 10, even rebranding the company as BlackBerry. Not everything is changing, though. The new Q10, available in April, maintains the QWERTY keyboard and BlackBerry look…

BlackBerry 10 app roundup, new platform launches with more than 70,000 apps

The BlackBerry 10 platform launches with over 70,000 apps and the intention is to add thousands more each week. Today, BlackBerry revealed some top apps available at launch.

RIM changes company name to ‘BlackBerry,’ one unified worldwide brand

The BlackBerry 10 launch has kicked off with the news that the RIM name will be dropped. Research In Motion will now be known simply as BlackBerry.