Samsung clarifies its position on BlackBerry buyout rumor

Despite issuing a statement last week denying it was looking to acquire BlackBerry, Samsung co-CEO and mobile chief JK Shin has felt the need to release a further statement clarifying the Korean company's position.

BlackBerry denies Samsung buyout bid

BlackBerry insisted on Wednesday it has "not engaged in discussions" with Samsung over a possible buyout deal. The denial came hours after Reuters reported it'd seen documents suggesting Samsung recently offered to purchase the company for…

Samsung tried to buy BlackBerry to the tune of $7.5 billion, Reuters reports

Samsung reportedly bid on BlackBerry for $7.5 billion last week. It's unclear whether the deal is off the table or still in play. Samsung and BlackBerry previously had a partnership for security software.

Whoops! BlackBerry posts to Twitter with an iPhone

If you work for a mobile maker and are tasked with posting to your company's Twitter feed, it's probably best to make sure you're using one of your firm's phones to send the tweet, right?

Sony pulled out its ancient BlackBerry phones to get work done during hack

Sony broke out its old BlackBerry phones during the huge hack to send secure emails and internal communications. BlackBerry's CEO John Chen touted the company's security.

BlackBerry’s Rio Z20 is all touchscreen in leaked pictures, may launch in 2015

BlackBerry may release yet another full touchscreen device called the Rio Z20 in select markets. The Rio Z20 sports all the specs you'd expect from a budget phone, including a 720p screen.
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BlackBerry confirms it’s working with Boeing to offer ultra-secure ‘spy’ phone

BlackBerry boss John Chen recently confirmed that his company is working with Boeing to bring the aerospace company's ultra-secure 'spy' phone to its BES 12 platform.

BlackBerry’s latest financial results show further signs of recovery

BlackBerry has announced its latest set of incomings and outgoings, and while the company still made a loss in the last quarter, there are indications that the firm is on the way back.

The Classic will make BlackBerry diehards swoon, if those still exist

BlackBerry’s Classic fulfills all the dreams of the company’s die-hard fans with its physical QWERTY keyboard.

Swap your iPhone for a Passport and BlackBerry will give you up to $550

Are there any iPhone users out there who'd swap their handset for a BlackBerry Passport? The Canadian company certainly hopes so, and has just launched a trade-in program in an attempt to nudge them in its direction.

With Blend, Blackberry focuses on core strengths – and it shows

Blend is a free app that lets you interfaces with a Blackberry from your PC and access files on your desktop or tablet from your handheld. Could it help return the company to the center of your digital life?

BlackBerry CEO not looking to expand into China

In an interview with Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed his company has no plans of expanding into China. For the time being, at least, BlackBerry will focus its efforts into emerging markets where it has a strong presence.