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BlackBerry partners with Samsung for stronger Android security

BlackBerry announced on Thursday it's done a deal with Samsung to bring its mobile security system to a number of the Korean company's smartphones. The move highlights BlackBerry CEO John Chen's long-term plan to focus more on software and…

BlackBerry eyes industry partnerships, and not Kim Kardashian, to help spur growth

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been meeting the CEOs of Xiaomi, Lenovo, and HTC in China, potentially with a view to striking up a partnership in the future, one which would be preferable to a celebrity endorsement.

Forget the masses: BlackBerry CEO’s biggest task is converting his wife from Android

Even though BlackBerry CEO John Chen is tasked with the difficult task of turning the company's fortunes around, there's another task he's having difficulty with: converting his wife from Android.

BBM now offers message retraction and Snapchat-like timed messages

BlackBerry's cross-platform messaging app now offers message retraction and Snapchat-like timed messages that vanish after several seconds. The new features are free to try out, but you'll have to pay to use them from February.

BlackBerry’s boss really wants you to love its new Classic phone, hypes it in blog post

BlackBerry boss John Chen took to the company's official blog on Wednesday to tout the upcoming Classic handset, a device with traditional BlackBerry styling that he hopes will appeal to current and former users of the once popular…

BlackBerry CEO is determined to turn things around, and he’s starting to make progress

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to LinkedIn on Monday to write a post about how to conduct a turnaround--specifically, what he's doing to help save BlackBerry and bring it back from the brink.

Rumor has it Lenovo wants BlackBerry, but security concerns make a deal unlikely

A new rumor has linked Lenovo with BlackBerry, suggesting the Chinese firm may make a generous offer sometime next week. However, while Lenovo has expressed an interest in the past, regulatory concerns still make a deal unlikely.

Gold version of BlackBerry’s Passport could be on the way

Photos released Monday show BlackBerry may be launching a gold edition of its new Passport handset, giving business professionals something eye-catching to flash about during important meetings.

BlackBerry plans to launch a weird smartphone design at least once every year

If you found the BlackBerry Passport's design to be unorthodox, then expect similarly weird design at least once a year. BlackBerry also confirmed that there will be a Passport sequel.

BlackBerry’s secret weapon isn’t the Passport, it’s a new CEO who can laugh

Boring old BlackBerry tried to be very serious at the launch of the equally serious Passport smartphone. The problem is, CEO John Chen has a personality, and he's not afraid to let it show. We think that's a very good thing.

BlackBerry’s back — Kinda? Says it has sold 200,000 Passport phones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company has already sold 200,000 Passport smartphones, just 48 hours after it went up for pre-order. The Passport also became the best-selling unlocked phone on

Hands on: Blackberry Passport

We go hands on with BlackBerry’s newest, and oddest, new phone, the Passport. Can it keep BlackBerry afloat?