BlackBerry chief John Chen hints at potential midrange smartphone next year

BlackBerry's chief executive John Chen hinted at more high-end and midrange smartphones coming in the near future, but a lot of the future mobile plans depends on the success of the Priv -- the company's first Android smartphone.
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BlackBerry CEO: Priv sales have been ‘quite positive’ so far

BlackBerry is alive and kicking, as the Canadian mobile technology business reported a nearly 12 percent bump in revenue in its latest quarter. As for BlackBerry Priv sales, the company’s CEO said the results are good so far.

5 annoying BlackBerry Priv problems, and what to do about them

If you’re facing BlackBerry Priv problems and you’re not sure what to do about them, you’re in the right place. We have some possible solutions and workarounds to deal with common Priv issues.

BlackBerry CEO criticizes Apple for refusal to decrypt data for law enforcement

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to writing a blog post to emphasize that BlackBerry offers a middle ground in the encryption debate, saying that criminals do not deserve privacy and that encryption is not going anywhere.

BlackBerry’s still got it: The Priv may have sold out at Walmart

BlackBerry's first Android smartphone, the eponymous BlackBerry Priv, is apparently performing pretty well. It appeared to sell out at retailer Walmart in its first day of availability.

Got questions about the Priv? BlackBerry tells all in a Reddit AMA tomorrow

If you're on the fence about BlackBerry's first Android device, you'll get a chance to ask a few BlackBerry executives questions about the Priv. The AMA will be in the r/Android subreddit and will go live at 2 p.m. ET on 12/3.

BlackBerry’s Priv gets its first monthly security update and some key camera fixes

BlackBerry rolled out the first of its promised monthly security updates, with some tweaks to improve the camera and the Priv’s software performance. The company will also soon update its Android apps, including BlackBerry Hub.

BlackBerry refuses to back down, leaves Pakistan instead of handing over private data

BlackBerry will remove its enterprise and consumer services from Pakistan, following demands from the government for it to provide access to encrypted communications used by its business customers. Service is expected to close at the end of…

Still rockin’ a BlackBerry? You might want to check out its Black Friday deals

BlackBerry unveiled its deals for Black Friday, and if you're a fan of BlackBerry OS 10, these deals are for you. If you are interested in any of the discounted smartphones, however, you have until December 1 to take advantage of the…

BlackBerry falls to fifth place as Samsung's Tizen grows in Southeast Asia

BlackBerry is now officially on life support, as new reports have been released showing Samsung's Tizen OS has surpassed it to become the fourth-largest mobile platform. The news comes just before the BlackBerry Priv arrives in the U.S.

The pressure’s on Priv: BlackBerry may quit handsets if new phone doesn’t sell

The pressure's on Priv, BlackBerry's new and first ever Android-powered smartphone. Speaking at an event on Thursday, CEO John Chen said if the company's handset business fails to turn a profit in the next year, it could exit the mobile…