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Libratone’s new Zipps make setup a cinch, but can’t match Sonos sound 3:04

After two years of relative silence, Scandinavian speaker maker Libratone, has now returned to the market with two new wireless speakers that are the pinnacle of flexibility and convenience.

SteamOS is finally getting Bluetooth and Xbox One Elite controller support

If you were hoping for wireless Xbox One controller support for SteamOS, don't hold your breath. What we are getting, however, are a couple of bare-bones features that should have been in place to begin with.

New Nikon cameras to use Bluetooth for ‘always on’ pairing, photo transfer

Most new Nikon cameras, starting with the D500, will offer SnapBridge, which uses Bluetooth and Bluetooth low-energy for transferring photos and maintaining an "always on" connection.

Never lose your stuff again with the ANKR smart tag 2:09

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep tabs on all the “stuff” in your life more easily? Low energy Bluetooth devices like the ANKR smart tag aim to solve just that problem.
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Think $50 can’t buy great sound from a Bluetooth speaker? Think again. 2:12

Think $50 Can’t Buy Great Sound from a Bluetooth Speaker? Think Again. Inateck's block shaped Marsbox speaker sports bargain basement price tag that has audio quality that’s actually pretty good.

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini – Video Review 2:32

Tracking the temp of what's in your oven in realtime, on your smartphone, and from your couch no less, is easy as cake with this Bluetooth kitchen thermometer.

Report: Apple will kill the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7

A Japanese blog cites a source who says Apple intends to do away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and require users to hook up their cans via a Lightning connector or Bluetooth.
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In 2016, a better Bluetooth steps up to the IoT challenge

Among the features we can expect to see is a stream of data twice as fast with a range that is four times what today's Bluetooth provides. The range for this enhanced connectivity will be called Bluetooth Smart.
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This ain’t your grandma’s teddy bear — this is Oliba

A godsend for those moms and dads who don't always have the time to read their precious tykes a bedtime story, Oliba is a Bluetooth-connected teddy bear tracker that also doubles as a storytelling machine.

The new, $200 Polar A360 fitness band may provide best-in-class heart rate monitoring

Polar's A360 is a high-end fitness tracker that doesn't compromise on hardware, but delivers on price. It features a color display, GPS, a best-in-class heart-rate monitor, and more. It's $200, and on sale now.