Razer's new keyboard for the iPad Pro packs mechanical switches built for PC gamers

Razer has introduced a new mechanical keyboard for the Apple iPad Pro that uses the company's new Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches for a precise feel. The switches are based on Razer's "Green" model, which is built for twitchy PC…

Ilumi’s Smartstrip can light up the night with LEDs controlled via smartphone

Ilumi's Smartstrip, the "industry's first" multicolor LED lighting strip certified for outdoor use, can achieve an impressive range of hues and tones. It launches on Kickstarter first, with broader availability to come in December .

This add-on device for DSLRs can be used as a shutter release and for theft prevention

Want to get an alert every time your camera gets too far away from you? That's just one of the features inside Pinout, a fully funded Indiegogo project that starts shipping next week.

We don't have teleporters yet, but this working Star Trek communicator is legit

Forget flip phones, how about using the device that inspired them to talk to Siri, or answer a call? Whether you're a Star Trek devotee or not, you'll love this amazing screen-accurate Communicator, that links to your phone using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth’s dream of controlling the smart world edges closer with newest version

Bluetooth 5 has been launched, and it's coming to devices at the end of this year, or early in 2017. It's no longer just about connecting gadgets with your phone, the new features make Bluetooth's IoT dreams a reality.

Prone to losing your keys or wallet? Nut Find 3 will help you keep track of them

We found that Nut Find 3's range notifications worked better than most other Bluetooth trackers, and we also weren't plagued with false separation alerts as we moved around our building
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Thanks to a clever trick, this item finder can track things far outside of Bluetooth range

To be quite honest, devices like this are a dime a dozen these days, but as the newest kid on the Bluetooth item finder block, TrackR Bravo boasts a slew of cool features that you won't find anywhere else.

Could Nvidia’s upcoming Shield Tablet refresh feature its unannounced ‘Parker’ chip?

Documents pointing to a new tablet from Nvidia can be read on the FCC's website. The specs are unavailable, but do show its size, and support for Wireless AC, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE. The tablet could feature Nvidia's upcoming "Parker"…

Voyomotive’s new device brings old cars up to speed with connected apps

Voyomotive has developed a plug and play device to give any vehicle from 1996 or later a complete suite of connected car apps and functionality, while also providing streaming data for business applications.

5 great Bluetooth keyboards for your tablet or laptop

Want to do more with your tablet than surf the web and watch videos? If so, you need a Bluetooth keyboard. Many have shoved themselves on to stores shelves, but only a handful are worth your money.

This cute, retro Bluetooth speaker looks and sounds like it's from a different age

Fans of retro design for modern equipment will love the Emie Radio, a compact little Bluetooth speaker that looks and even sounds like a transistor radio. That's a good thing, too.