This is how Bluetooth works, and no, it’s not by magic

Now you can impress everyone at the party by explaining how your phone can send dance music to the speakers wirelessly, just don't pause the jams!

Want to know if your phone pairs with your car? This handy list should do the trick

Some phones just don't pair well with vehicles. Depending on the phone and car combination, your Bluetooth experience may not offer the robust set of features advertised in the specific car. Fortunately, automakers provide a guide to…
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Peachtree’s deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker on Indiegogo offers 440 reasons to buy in

Peachtree's second effort to create the ultimate Bluetooth speaker is already funded on Indiegogo after its first day. But you can still save some serious cash on this goliath, which packs a ridiculous 440 watts of power, and a bevy of…

The new OD-11 Cloud Speaker is a blast from the past with a very modern twist

Teenage Engineering has revived the famous OD-11 speaker designed by Stig Carlsson in the '70s, offering a whole new modern take. New additions include wireless connection, cloud streaming, and even a robotic voice that will read your…
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NudeAudio launches new ‘beach-ready’ Super-M miniature Bluetooth speaker on Kickstarter

NudeAudio has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming sand-proof and waterproof addition to its "Move" line: the Super-M portable speaker. The miniature speaker is designed to provide high-quality audio you can take anywhere.
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Boombotix’s Rex outdoor speaker gets bigger battery, improved ergonomics

Less than a year since the first edition of the device began shipping, San Francisco-based audio company Boombotix has revamped its Rex line with more convenient and accessible in/out connection ports, a significantly longer battery life…
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The Coolest cooler offers a speaker, LEDs and even a blender [Update: $6.9 million raised]

This feature-packed cooler is built to do just about everything but start the campfire, including supplying a rechargeable power station, a Bluetooth speaker, cutlery, and even a blender.
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With heart monitoring and no cords, FreeWavz might be the ultimate fitness ‘phones

Just because Apple's forthcoming heart rate monitoring ear buds were a hoax, doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea. A new Kickstarter project, FreeWavz, offer a host of biofeedback features, fully wireless connection, environmental…
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Panasonic is adding aptX-enabled Bluetooth for CD-quality wireless streaming from its TVs

Hoping to grab more customers looking to cut the audio cord, Panasonic adds the aptX codec for a large slice of its Viera TV lineup, allowing for CD-quality wireless streaming.
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Nocs reveals new edition of NS2 speakers with Bluetooth and Spotify connect

Nocs announced today that its next run of its NS2 powered speakers - set to drop in early August this year - has been revamped to include Bluetooth compatibility and Spotify Connect support, adding much-needed versatility to the device's…

Are these the world’s first truly wireless in-ear headphones?

Nearing the end of its Kickstarter journey, these clever buds eliminate the final link in the chain, creating a pair of truly autonomous earbuds that disappear in your ear, and link to your smartphone for a totally wireless sound solution.