Report: Apple will kill the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7

A Japanese blog cites a source who says Apple intends to do away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and require users to hook up their cans via a Lightning connector or Bluetooth.
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In 2016, a better Bluetooth steps up to the IoT challenge

Among the features we can expect to see is a stream of data twice as fast with a range that is four times what today's Bluetooth provides. The range for this enhanced connectivity will be called Bluetooth Smart.
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This ain’t your grandma’s teddy bear — this is Oliba

A godsend for those moms and dads who don't always have the time to read their precious tykes a bedtime story, Oliba is a Bluetooth-connected teddy bear tracker that also doubles as a storytelling machine.

The new, $200 Polar A360 fitness band may provide best-in-class heart rate monitoring

Polar's A360 is a high-end fitness tracker that doesn't compromise on hardware, but delivers on price. It features a color display, GPS, a best-in-class heart-rate monitor, and more. It's $200, and on sale now.
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The NFL could switch to precise tech tracking with Wilson's sensor-studded football of the future

Wilson the NFL's official football manufacturer, and they are well on their way to developing a high-tech chip connected and totally trackable football. It will be released at Super Bowl 50 events, and could be in official NFL gameplay by…
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Watch: Philips’ new Izzy BM5 Bluetooth speaker does multiroom audio differently 1:47

We go hands on with Philips' new shot at multiroom audio, the Izzy BM5 wireless speaker. Trading Wi-Fi for extended-range Bluetooth, the Izzy BM5 is a whole new take on the burgeoning genre.

Logitech’s new Bluetooth keyboard can quickly switch between up to three devices

Logitech is aiming to help creatives work anywhere with the introduction of the new K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and M535 Bluetooth Mouse. The keyboard will work with multiple devices for ease of access.
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Any source, any room: Philips introduces Izzy multiroom Bluetooth speaker

Philips has unveiled a new kind of multi-room sound solution at IFA 2015 in Berlin. Called Izzy, the system uses Bluetooth to connect multiple speakers together and source music from any music service on your phone or tablet.
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New Bluetooth alternative sends its signal using your body’s magnetic field

Ultra-low power wearable technology is about to get very interesting thanks to a new wireless transmission system that uses your body's natural magnetic waves to carry a data signal across devices. The technology is being developed by a…

Fed up with chintzy tablet keyboards? LG’s Rolly fits fours rows in your pocket

With a four-hinge folding system, LG's Rolly is a truly mobile tablet keyboard that doesn't compromise on the typing experience, and it fits in your pocket. It will be available in September for an undisclosed price.