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Boombotix’s Rex outdoor speaker gets bigger battery, improved ergonomics

Less than a year since the first edition of the device began shipping, San Francisco-based audio company Boombotix has revamped its Rex line with more convenient and accessible in/out connection ports, a significantly longer battery life…
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The Coolest cooler offers a speaker, LEDs and even a blender [Update: $6.9 million raised]

This feature-packed cooler is built to do just about everything but start the campfire, including supplying a rechargeable power station, a Bluetooth speaker, cutlery, and even a blender.
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With heart monitoring and no cords, FreeWavz might be the ultimate fitness ‘phones

Just because Apple's forthcoming heart rate monitoring ear buds were a hoax, doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea. A new Kickstarter project, FreeWavz, offer a host of biofeedback features, fully wireless connection, environmental…
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Panasonic is adding aptX-enabled Bluetooth for CD-quality wireless streaming from its TVs

Hoping to grab more customers looking to cut the audio cord, Panasonic adds the aptX codec for a large slice of its Viera TV lineup, allowing for CD-quality wireless streaming.
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Nocs reveals new edition of NS2 speakers with Bluetooth and Spotify connect

Nocs announced today that its next run of its NS2 powered speakers - set to drop in early August this year - has been revamped to include Bluetooth compatibility and Spotify Connect support, adding much-needed versatility to the device's…

Are these the world’s first truly wireless in-ear headphones?

Nearing the end of its Kickstarter journey, these clever buds eliminate the final link in the chain, creating a pair of truly autonomous earbuds that disappear in your ear, and link to your smartphone for a totally wireless sound solution.
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Marshall’s Stanmore Brown Bluetooth speaker is Ricardo Montalbán-approved

Marshall harkens back to its old-school rock-and-roll days with the upcoming Stanmore Brown stereo speaker that will provide some serious nostalgia. The 80-watt Bluetooth-enabled device comes stocked with a 5.25-inch midwoofer and two…

Control all your Bluetooth smart home gizmos from one app with Oort

Tired of firing up a separate app to control each of the Bluetooth devices in your house? Check out Oort -- an upcoming access hub that unifies them all and lets you control them from anywhere in the world
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Polk’s Hampden powered speakers with Bluetooth aim to jazz up your desktop

The Baltimore-based audio maker announced yesterday that it has engineered a new pair of powered speakers with Bluetooth compatibility dubbed the "Hampden." The versatile 2.0 system, with a potent 80 watts and tasteful teak veneer, is right…

Room for two? Braven’s new Mira speaker wants to hop in the shower with you

Braven introduces another addition to its portable speaker progeny. The latest toy offers water resistance, and a cool hook/arm that can let it hang, or prop it up for convenient portable listening, from the shower to the kitchen.
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Logitech expands its Bluetooth speaker line with the super-affordable X300

The Swiss audio and computing company announced this morning that it has expanded its line of Bluetooth speakers with the addition of the X300 speaker. The portable $70 Bluetooth speaker isn't immensely powerful, but does have Logitech's…