Sharing photos with everyone at an event just got much easier, thanks to the Slide app

Want everyone in the room to see the picture you just took? Slide lets you share images with strangers via Bluetooth. There are no contacts in the app. You can just push photos to anyone you want who is within 200 feet of you.

Microsoft’s Bluetooth keyboard brings laptop functionality to tablets

Tablets might be great for many things, but typing isn't one of them. Instead of just suggesting people buy one of its Surface devices, Microsoft is looking to market a new, universal Bluetooth keyboard that's under $100.

This alarm clock automatically plays your favorite tunes to wake you up

The HomTime C1pro looks a lot like an alarm clock; it displays time, indoor temperature, has a USB charging station, and can sync up with your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

To sync the microwave and range, GE’s Chef Connect adds a dash of Bluetooth

GE's Chef Connect Bluetooth feature will be included in a new Profile range line and over-the-range microwave that can sync to eliminate common kitchen hassles in lighting, vents, and clocks.

In 3 years, all your smart-home gadgets may speak Bluetooth

Bluetooth may be best known for connecting wireless speakers and smartwatches to your phone, but it's working hard to become the connection of choice for the smart home, and intends to make it more open and simpler for everyone.
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High school students made this BT headphone adapter, but is it too simple to sell?

This crowdfunded Bluetooth headphone adapter is the brain-child of a group of brilliant high-school entrepreneurs, but will its oversimplified functionality be its undoing?
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Strap on DTS’ wireless virtual surround sound courtesy of Samsung’s new 4K TVs

Select Samsung TVs will now stream DTS: Headphone X wireless virtual surround sound to any Bluetooth headphones, enabling a surround sound adventure for one.
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The best name in Bluetooth ‘buds outdoes itself with the Phiaton BT 100 NC 2:48

Phiaton's latest headphone is perhaps one of its best offerings yet. The BT 100 NC sport Bluetooth for wireless listening, active noise cancelling, and IPX4-rated sweat and water resistance, making them a super choice for those…

Where's the nostalgia key? This game-packed keyboard lets you relive the '80s

A fun, funky, cool piece of retro art, the Recreated ZX Spectrum lets you play 8-bit games like they were designed to be played, across almost any platform. The things we enjoyed as children often lose their sheen over time, particularly…
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These sunglasses train your brain by dimming when you daydream

Narbis is a wearable that can train your brain to focus more quickly and learn on demand. We tried out the prototype to see what it's like to train your brain with a wearable.
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PS Audio’s Sprout digital amp is a jack of all trades, master of, well, all of them

This compact integrated amp was made for today's music listener, appealing to both digital and analog music fans alike, while keeping it simple enough for anyone to enjoy.