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Forget Android, Samsung’s new developer conference is Boxee’s chance to shine

Samsung’s recently announced developer conference could signal that the world’s largest technology company is ready to take Boxee to the next level with a push for new apps.
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Bring it! Samsung’s Boxee buy is a preemptive strike on Apple and other rivals

Spending $30 million cash to acquire Boxee is an investment for Samsung, and perhaps an aggressive move to improve what it can offer consumers in the living room by taking on Apple TV and Roku.
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Boxee Cloud DVR is dead, but Samsung televisions could get Boxee interface

Definitely bad news for anyone that was invested in the Boxee Cloud DVR service, the Samsung acquisition of Boxee means all video content stored in the cloud will disappear in less than a week.
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Boxee TV is dead, rebranded as Boxee Cloud DVR

Just five months after coming to market with the Boxee TV, Boxee has retreated from its “cutting the cord” rhetoric, rebranding it as the Boxee Cloud DVR with a renewed focus on DVR functionality and unlimited streaming capabilities to…
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Boxee TV set-top streamer to hit Walmart shelves at $98 this holiday season

The Boxee brand got a big boost today as we learned that Walmart will be stocking and promoting the set-top streamer with Live TV and DVR features for $98.
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Report: Boxee adds over-the-air TV, DVR to new set-top box

Possibly ideal for anyone looking to cut the cord and stop paying an expensive cable bill, Boxee's new hardware may pack quite a punch.

Boxee enters the social video race with new app Cloudee

And we have a surprise contender: Boxee jumps into the social video fray with its new app Cloudee, which will eventually integrate with its Boxee Box service.
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Cable companies lobbying FCC to force customers into using set-top boxes

While some consumers have cut the cord from cable and satellite companies over the past couple years, cable companies are looking for a way to earn additional revenue from basic cable subscribers.

Why Microsoft will beat Apple’s iTV in the living room

The Apple iTV talk just won't die, but we know one thing that could ultimately kill it: Microsoft, the Xbox, and the rest of its connected TV ecosystem.
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How Boxee may accelerate cord cutting with the social Live TV tuner

While many Americans continue to pay high content costs for access to cable or satellite programming, Boxee is rolling out a Live TV solution for current and future Boxee Box owners.
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SlingPlayer comes to the Boxee Box

While Boxee recently announced plans to launch a USB stick solution for picking up over-the-air HD stations, Sling Media is jumping on the Boxee bandwagon to provide SlingPlayer access to Boxee Box owners.
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Cut the cord: Boxee Box Live TV dongle due in January for $49

Boxee Box Live TV dongle gives users the ability to watch live network TV without paying a cable bill.