Destiny's new 'Damage Referee' will make life tough for players with bad connections

Destiny's latest update hits next week, bringing changes to the Crucible and a new feature called Damage Referee that rewards players for having good connections, putting players with bad connections at a disadvantage.

Bungie appoints Pete Parsons as new CEO, Harold Ryan stepping down

Bungie president Harold Ryan, who has been with the company since 2000, is stepping down. Pete Parsons, who has long served as the company COO, will now be leading the company as CEO.

Blaming Crucible losses on lag? Destiny matchmaking tweaks aim to fix that

If you're sick of lag ruining Crucible matches in Destiny, you may soon have reason to celebrate, as starting this week, the game's matchmaking is being tweaked to focus on good connections.

Report: Destiny sequel delayed from destined release

The upcoming sequel to Destiny has been delayed from its projected release date in September, 2016, according to a report from Kotaku Friday.

Destiny's new microtransactions let you pay your way to the top

The latest batch of DLC for Bungie's spacefaring first-person shooter Destiny allows players to skip the game's lengthy leveling process, instantly boosting character classes and weapons with one-time purchases.

Destiny hover bikes get a slick, speedy Star Wars-like race mode

Destiny’s new racing event finds a great use for the game’s awesome but underplayed vehicles. Ever since planet-hopping shooter Destiny offered players the chance to jump on what are essentially Return of the Jedi’s speeder bikes to…

Destiny: The Taken King abilities are now in the real world

Destiny: The Taken King is just a few days away, and Activision has created real-world versions of several Guardian powers to celebrate, including a Tesla coil suit that fires lightning and a flaming hammer.

With just over a week to go, the cinematic trailer for Destiny: The Taken King arrives 1:48

The release date for Destiny: The Taken King is almost upon us, and Bungie is keeping fans excited with the release of a new cinematic trailer. The game will be released starting on September 15.

Check out Destiny: The Taken King’s opening cinematic 2:18

With only about a month before the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, Activision has released the expansion's opening cinematic. Oryx is angry, and he's taking the fight to the Guardians.

Bungie is hiring a ‘PC-compatibility tester’ for unknown project

Is Bungie looking to port its hit FPS title Destiny over to the PC, or is it merely prepping for the development of Destiny 2? We have no idea, but we do know it's currently hiring for a PC compatibility tester, which suggests it's doing…

Bungie gives Destiny fans a look at the weapons in upcoming expansion, The Taken King

The newest Destiny expansion, titled The Taken King, doesn't come out until September 15, so in the meantime Bungie has decided to show off a few of the many new weapons coming in the expansion.

Think twice before buying that can of Red Bull for a Destiny code: It might not work

Destiny developer Bungie has teamed up with Red Bull for a promotion that gives players access to an exlusive in-game question via codes found on specially marked cans. The only problem? Players are guessing the codes without buying a…