Cool Tech

Intel to debut new 360-degree replay tech at MLB All-Star Week

Intel has announced that its new freeD replay technology will first be shown off live at this week's MLB All-Star Week festivities. Using 28 strategically-laced cameras, viewers will be able to watch replays in full 360 degrees.

Insta360 Nano camera lets you live-stream VR video from your iPhone

The Insta360 Nano is a new 360 virtual reality camera that uses an integrated Lightning cable to let you easily share and live-stream content on Facebook or WeChat with your iPhone.

Sony announces delays for flagship zoom lens and half a dozen cameras

Following a statement announcing the delay of six camera bodies, Sony has shared that its flagship 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS telephoto zoom lens will be delayed by four months, pushing its release back to Q4 of 2016.

Samsung’s Smartcam HD Plus is a serious Nest Cam contender 3:18

Since it doesn't push your videos to the cloud, Samsung's Smartcam HD Plus doesn't carry a monthly fee, but unlike the Nest Cam, it's not tamperproof, either.

German engineers 3D-printed a camera that’s smaller than a grain of salt

This 3D-printed camera may be about the size of a grain of salt, but it has three lenses and an LED light. Small enough to be injected, this camera concept could be used in medicine, robotics, drones, and more.

Invidyo’s AI camera shows you the best (and worst) parts of your child’s day

While you may not be there for every moment of your child's life, you can at least capture some of them with Invidyo, which looks to offer parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their tots while they're out and about.

Shooting smooth, sexy video footage is easier than ever with DJI’s handheld Osmo camera 3:13

Using the same technology found on DJI's iconic line of quadcopters, the Osmo is essentially a Zenmuse X3 camera incorporated onto a powered (and detachable) stabilizer handle.

The next Apple Watch may have a built-in camera

If the documentation of a recent patent is to be believed, Apple's second-generation smartwatch could very well have one or more cameras inside of it.

Turn your baby’s crib into a sleep laboratory with the Nanit baby monitor

This is not the baby monitor your parents used on you. Even infants are now reaping the benefits of technology, as a number of big names in the industry join forces to create Nanit, the first camera that measures sleep behavior and patterns

For a mere $45K, you can own this ultra-rare, unopened Leica KE-7A camera

Up for sale on eBay is one of only 460 Leica KE-7A cameras purchased specifically for the U.S. Army back in the early 1970s. This particular model is said to be still in the box and in pristine condition, making for a very interesting sale…

The unique lens design on this camera kit promises better photos from your iPhone

This isn’t the first lens kit for the iPhone’s camera we’ve seen, but it does promise something others don’t — considerably better image quality thanks to a free form lens design, a first for this type of product.

What not to do when you are testing a rig with a $70,000-plus camera on it

A camera operator attending CineGear this past weekend learned the hard way what not to do when testing out a camera stabilizer with a $70,000+ camera on it. This video shows the actions that likely resulted in substantial…