How to use Pro mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to take amazing photos

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sport the exact same camera components and software. You might overlook the Pro mode as being too complicated, but if you want to take your photos to another level, it’s worth getting acclimated to it.

3Digify wants to provide cheap and high-quality 3D scans

Two cameras and one projector. This might make for one of the best value-versus-performance 3D scans on the market, though whether 3Digify lives up to its promises or not remains to be seen.

The iPhone 6S is responsible for the photos in the March issue of Bon Appétit

The folks at Apple have been telling us for years that our iPhones can replace all the fancy cameras in the world, and now thanks to Bon Appétit magazine, they're finally able to say, "Told you so."
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Wasp research may lead to smarter, more efficient drones

Knowledge gleaned from decades of wasp research may have application in the field of autonomous drones, helping roboticists develop smarter unmanned aerial vehicles and self-flying robots.
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The US Army’s new high-precision air drop system can deliver cargo without GPS

The US Army is exploring the use of new vision-based navigational software for its U.S. Army’s Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) that delivers necessary supplies to troops in the field.

Polaroid Cube Plus – Video Review

Dusting off its instant film photography roots, Polaroid is improving its line of go-anywhere Cube action cameras. Its latest, the Cube+, offers solid performance and versatility thanks to its magnetic case.

This smartphone's wacky 360-degree camera may change the way you take photos

Smartphone company Yezz has come up with the Sfera, a wacky smartphone that has a camera capable of taking 360-degree photos and video, which can be viewed on the phone or with Google Cardboard.
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Lynx6-A is a drone-based vital sign detector for first responders and law enforcement

California-based IntelliNet Sensors is looking to shake up search and rescue with a new drone add-on that can detect both the heartbeat and breathing pattern of survivors in a heap of rubble following a disaster.

Peekaboo! Woman finds hidden camera in Airbnb rental, sues Airbnb

Your worst Airbnb nightmare just came true in Irvine, California. The company is being sued by a German couple who reportedly found a hidden camera during their stay in the property two years ago.
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Japanese security drone detects intruders, then follows them around with a camera

This newest drone from Japanese company Secom is a criminal's worst nightmare -- not only is it designed to autonomously detect intruders, it also will follow them and photograph them as they try to escape.
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Camera lets researchers track an object around a corner in real time 2:46

Using cutting edge camera technology, a team of researchers from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland does the impossible -- they can peer around a corner and track an object in real time.