New limited-edition 66/6 pinhole camera shoots with Polaroid instant film

If you feel like putting your high-tech camera gear to one side momentarily for a somewhat simpler photo-related experience, then Supersense's limited-edition 66/6 pinhole camera may be of interest....

This camera could help your bathroom mirror know when you’re hungover

Imagine every connected device in your home being equipped with camera, which knew everything from your mood to your age, syncing up with an app on your phone to help make life better. That's what the Omron HVC-C camera could do in the…
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Anura is a pocket-sized flying camera drone you can take with you wherever you go

If you’ve ever wanted to fit a flying camera-equipped drone into your pocket so you can take it with you for the day, we won’t ask why – just know that Anura is a name you’ll want to remember.

Nikon D810 review

Full-frame cameras deliver photo quality that’s short of exceptional, and Nikon’s D810 lives up to that claim. It’s also better at video capture than its predecessors.

Limited edition Leica MP Titanium comes to U.S., yours for $40,000

Leica's limited edition MP Titanium camera has for the last four years been sold exclusively at its Ginza store in Tokyo. However, the Leica store in Miami is now offering one of the 150 units to US-based consumers, though it'll set you…

Fujifilm X30 unveiled with electronic viewfinder, improved battery life, and more

Fujifilm on Tuesday announced the X30 premium compact, the follow-up to the 18-month-old X20 shooter. The new $599 camera now has an electronic viewfinder, a tilting LCD monitor, and much-improved battery life.

Sony unveils the KW1, a camera shaped like a perfume bottle

Sony's new KW1 "selfie camera" is shaped like a perfume bottle – and it allegedly sports the new curved sensor.

This smart pepper spray takes a photo of your assailant and sends it to authorities

Potentially a useful product for anyone that lives in an unsafe area, the Defender will fire off a picture of an attacker to authorities right before blasting the attacker with high grade pepper spray.

Figure skater, photographer, now game developer, Lisa Bettany keeps on creating

After the success of her app Camera+, Lisa Bettany put the brakes on her high-paced urban lifestyle, moved back to Canada, and refocused on what she really loves: creating.

Take super selfies with a new wide-angle panoramic lens for smartphone cameras

Inventors based in Montreal recently announced a new 3.8-millimeter wide-angle panoramic lens designed to be integrated into smartphones and wearable devices. With ImmerVision's lens, taking high-quality selfies has never been easier.

Autographer wearable camera adds new mount adapter

The Autographer is a wearable camera that decides the best moment to take a shot, without any user intervention. The company says the device lets users "see the unseen" in what it describes as "a whole new photographic approach."
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Google considering tiny cameras for contact lenses, patent application shows

If you thought Glass presented privacy issues, wait till you hear about Google's latest patent application. It outlines details of a camera-equipped contact lens that can snap a photo with the blink of an eye, and also offer help to the…