Is Facebook still flunking on phones? Our mobile report card

Facebook has proclaimed mobile its priority - so how is that plan panning out?
Social Media

When it comes to Facebook’s product plans, originality is overrated

The failure of Facebook's Poke app has revealed the social giant's nature as a doppleganger. And it won't stop until nothing in the tech world is left.
Cool Tech

It’s no dummy: Camera-equipped mannequins being used by stores to help boost sales

If mannequins didn’t already creep you out a bit with their faraway expressions and contorted poses, they probably will now.

Microsoft pits the Lumia 920 camera against the iPhone 5 and HTC myTouch

A new video posted on the official Windows blog tests the cameras of two Windows Phone 8 flagship handsets against Apple's iPhone 5 and an Android device.

Nikon unveils D5200 DSLR, borrows from pricier D7000

It's been a busy year for Nikon's DSLR range, with the Japanese camera company today announcing its fifth model since January. The new D5200 shooter is an improved version of the D5100 and incorporates several features found on Nikon's more…
Android Army

Google announces Photo Sphere panoramic camera

Not even a hurricane can keep Google from announcing its new line of Nexus devices, as well as a ton of new and exciting features. One in particular, Photo Sphere, has us intrigued.

Couple finds camera buried in mud 20 months after quake, wedding photos still on card

We're always told to handle memory cards with great care, but it seems they're made of pretty strong stuff. Just ask Martin Burley.
Cool Tech

PredictGaze automatically pauses the TV when you leave the room

Definitely designed to make technology easier to use, PredictGaze is developing new ways to interact with your electronics.

Sony announces new lifestyle cameras: Action Cam and NEX-5R

From extreme sports photographers to casual users, Sony unveils a new line of camera to suit every spectrum of lifestyle.
Cool Tech

Instagram Socialmatic the concept camera inches closer to reality

If you could have an instant film camera based entirely on Instagram, would you buy one?

Man uses photos on DSLR to track down owner three years after it was lost

New Yorker Michael Comeau will soon be reunited with his camera (and photos), three years after losing it in Vermont. He has John Noerr to thank, who found the DSLR and spent hours tracking down the owner using pictures on the device's…

Turn your compact Nikon cameras retro with these leather decals

You don't need thousands of dollars to customize your camera for the trendy retro look -- just disguise it with these leather stickers.