Raspberry Pi takes a trip to space, snaps photos of Earth, comes back again

It may have been one relatively small step for Brit Dave Akerman, but it was definitely one giant leap for his Raspberry Pi computer.
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This thesis project makes real-life animated GIFs! Wait … what?

Indulge your GIF obsession in real-life with a point and shoot camera, printer combo, developed by college student Jiho Jang, called GIFTY.

Car making a weird noise? New portable ‘sound camera’ can help spot the cause

The SeeSV-S205 sound camera allows users to "see" sounds, making car troubleshooting much easier.

Rumor: Samsung working on a new Galaxy S4 model with fancier camera

Samsung is reportedly working on a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which may be made available this summer. The new model is going to have a better camera and optical zoom capabilities.

Nokia may introduce Lytro-like camera on its Lumia phones

After purchasing Pelican Imaging, it seems that Nokia may be working toward introducing a Lytro-esque camera into its smartphones in the future. The technology would allow users to choose the focal point of images after taking the picture.

Galaxy S4 Camera Impressions: Thanks to the Galaxy Cam, Samsung finally nails photos

After lagging behind HTC and the iPhone for so long, Samsung finally steps up their camera game with the Galaxy S4. Not only is the camera great, but it's backed up by a ton of photo-enhancing features and settings. We go in deep and test…
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CoSync lets other people use your phone’s camera without ever touching your phone

Imagine a world where someone else could take photographs using your phone's camera, even though the phone never left your hands. With a new technology called CoSync, such mobile-feature sharing will be commonplace.

Report suggests iPhone 5S to include 12-megapixel camera and improved night shooting

A Vietnamese site that's done pretty well in the past getting its hands on iPhones before release has reported the next Apple handset, expected to be called the 5S, will come with a 12-megapixel camera and an improved low-light mode.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera adds tons of functionality, megapixels

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced tonight at a show that was quite a spectacle. One of the stars of it was the S4's new 13 megapixel camera and it's accompanying features, including 12 capture modes, an eraser tool, and duel capture…

Raspberry Pi Foundation to release $25 camera module for the tiny computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation previewed a tiny camera to go with its tiny computer. It will take a month or so before it becomes available, but when it does hit the market, you can get it for $25.

Is Facebook still flunking on phones? Our mobile report card

Facebook has proclaimed mobile its priority - so how is that plan panning out?
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When it comes to Facebook’s product plans, originality is overrated

The failure of Facebook's Poke app has revealed the social giant's nature as a doppleganger. And it won't stop until nothing in the tech world is left.