Sony Xperia Z2 has the best smartphone camera, report finds

DxOMark tested the Sony Xperia Z2's camera, and found it to perform better than the Nokia 808 PureView and Apple iPhone 5S, which had been the previous leaders in DxOMark's ranking.

Samsung won’t hear a bad word about the Galaxy S5, sues over negative report

Samsung's Galaxy S5 goes on sale this week, and the company only wants you to have positive thoughts about it. To this end, Samsung has sued a Korean publication regarding a negative report concerning the S5's camera.

Apple may include lens mounting system in future iPhone, new patent reveals

While plenty of third-party products already exist for attaching lenses to an iPhone's camera, a patent granted to Apple this week shows the company is continuing to search for its own solution.

LG G Pro 2 to have 13-megapixel camera, OIS Plus, and 4K video recording mode

LG has confirmed the G Pro 2 smartphone, which we're expecting to see during Mobile World Congress, will have a 13-megapixel camera, optical image stabilization, and 4K video recording.
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Helmet cameras will be rolled out for Arena Football League players

Definitely an interesting perspective when watching a football game, the Arena Football League will be experimenting with high definition, POV helmet cameras during the 2014 AFL season.

MeMINI is a wearable camera that captures life’s important moments

Definitely an interesting twist on a wearable lifestyle gadget, the MeMINI camera records video in a constant loop in order to preserve specific moments that are often missed when pulling out a smartphone.

Android bug releases are out, and they should fix your Nexus 5 camera

Google has released its first update to Android KitKat. Version 4.4.1 should be making its way to Nexus 5 smartphones now, and promises to fix some of the problems encountered using the camera.

Mac Pro goes for $977,000 at Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s (RED) charity auction

A Mac Pro sold at auction over the weekend for a staggering $977,000. OK, it wasn't a regular, run-of-the-mill, recently redesigned black Mac Pro computer that comes with a starting price of $3,000. It was a red one.

Nikon ad teases retro-styled full-frame DSLR, possibly called the Nikon DF

Nikon appears to be gearing up to launch its first retro-styled full-frame digital SLR with the introduction this week of a new ad campaign. The shooter, which could be unveiled as early as next month, is thought to be called the Nikon DF.

Samsung develops 13MP phone camera with greater stability and low-light capability

The days of smartphone snaps ruined by camera shake could soon be over – Samsung has developed a new 13-megapixel camera module it claims can handle the shakiest of shooters, with greater low-light capability also a feature.
Cool Tech

Bigshot camera kit launches, aims to get kids interested in tech

A new kit called Bigshot launched in the US this week that shows kids how to assemble their very own digital camera. Created by a Columbia University computer science professor, the new kit is designed to get kids interested in tech-related…

Crappy camera? New Nokia ad claims iPhone’s photo capabilities aren’t up to much

A new ad from Nokia bashes the iPhone's photo capabilities while singing the praises of the camera on its own Lumia 925 handset. Apple may claim that more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera, Nokia says, but the Lumia…