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Lynx6-A is a drone-based vital sign detector for first responders and law enforcement

California-based IntelliNet Sensors is looking to shake up search and rescue with a new drone add-on that can detect both the heartbeat and breathing pattern of survivors in a heap of rubble following a disaster.

Peekaboo! Woman finds hidden camera in Airbnb rental, sues Airbnb

Your worst Airbnb nightmare just came true in Irvine, California. The company is being sued by a German couple who reportedly found a hidden camera during their stay in the property two years ago.
Cool Tech

Japanese security drone detects intruders, then follows them around with a camera

This newest drone from Japanese company Secom is a criminal's worst nightmare -- not only is it designed to autonomously detect intruders, it also will follow them and photograph them as they try to escape.
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Camera lets researchers track an object around a corner in real time 2:46

Using cutting edge camera technology, a team of researchers from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland does the impossible -- they can peer around a corner and track an object in real time.
Cool Tech

Ulo is an adorable owl that monitors your home

The Ulo is a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign for a small home monitoring owl that communicates through its eye expressions and is compatible with IFTTT recipes. It's also incredibly cute.

DxO One camera app adds new shooting modes, Apple Watch support

The DxO One is an add-on camera for iPhone that shoots high-quality images. It may be the best one yet – it sports a high-quality 1-inch sensor, and DxO claims full-frame DSLR-like image quality – but it won't come cheap.

Fisherman catches a lost camera in Lake Michigan and tracks down owners

A fisherman catches a digital camera out of Lake Michigan. After checking out the memory card, he was able to track down the owners, who had lost the camera on a boat trip two years before.

Drone maker DJI buys a stake in high-end camera maker Hasselblad

Drone maker DJI has bought a stake in Hasselblad, a firm famed for its high-end camera gear. The pair are offering little in the way of details regarding future plans, speaking only of "sharing technical expertise and paving the way for…
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Meet VIPIR, a robotic pair of eyes for satellite repairs

NASA is developing VIPIR, a remote-controlled, camera-laden robotic repair system that will service satellites and other spacecraft in distant orbits. Controlled by technicians on the ground, this robot crew will perform most…
Cool Tech

New app lets drone pilots customize flight path and camera movement before takeoff 4:26

To help bridge the gap between novice and expert drone operators, a team of computer graphics PhD students at Stanford University have developed an algorithm that lets novices capture cinema-quality drone video footage.

Snap! Pro turns the amateur iPhone photographer into a pro

Despite the ubiquity and relative convenience of using your iPhone as a camera, “using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot still doesn't feel natural,” so get a Snap! Pro.
Cool Tech

Finally, a camera that won’t let you be an annoying tourist

Enter German designer Philipp Schmitt’s Camera Restricta, the camera that actually prevents the over-zealous tourist from taking too many pictures (or any at all) in crowded, clichéd locations.