Shooting San Francisco with Sony's RX10 III, a compact pros can be proud of

Sony’s new enthusiast bridge camera has something that we wanted in its predecessors: a quality, high-zoom lens that delivers great performance.

Zeiss wants your iPhone photos to look nicer, launches new mobile lenses

Zeiss is well known for its optics and camera lenses. It's now taking its expertise and applying it to a new series of mobile lenses. Zeiss is partnering with ExoLens, using an existing interchangeable lens bracket system.

Drone maker DJI buys a stake in high-end camera maker Hasselblad

Drone maker DJI has bought a stake in Hasselblad, a firm famed for its high-end camera gear. The pair are offering little in the way of details regarding future plans, speaking only of "sharing technical expertise and paving the way for…

Benedict Cumberbatch pleads with fans to stop filming him on stage

Benedict Cumberbatch is pleading with fans to stop using their gadgets to film him during his latest stage outing, telling them there's "nothing less supportive" than seeing a "big red light" from the stage.
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To deter poachers, South Africa is filling rhino horns with cameras and GPS

Protect has developed a new anti-poaching system called RAPID (Real-time Anti Poaching Intelligence Device) that aims to solve the problem by embedding video cameras directly into the horns of the remaining rhino population, thereby making…

Swann introduces two new DIY home security systems for different budgets

Swann Security has just released two new Wi-Fi enabled security cameras that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets via app, one for $180, the other for $130.
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Hidden cactus cameras alarm Arizona

Fake cactuses housing surveillance cameras are being installed along the streets of a small town in Arizona. Officials insist the high-tech 'plants' are being used to keep the streets looking pretty and are not part of any undercover…

A cluster of lenses is better than one: Startup to bring super cameras to smartphones in 2016

Smartphone photography has come a long way, but photos you can snap with your phone still fall short of photos you can snap with a DSLR camera. A startup called Light has a way to bridge that gap: a cluster of small lenses each coupled with…

Apple’s $20 million tech company buy hints at even better iPhone cameras in the future

Not exactly going unnoticed, Apple bought Israeli camera technology company LinX for around $20 million. With this purchase, Apple might be looking to improve its cameras for future products.

For cameras, 2015 means faster connections, larger sensors, and 4K galore

Pocket camera is dead. Long live cameras with large sensors, longer zooms, and 4K video recording. DT’s David Elrich talks to analysts and experts on what to expect in cameras for 2015.

Re-watch your commute from the comfort of your couch with the 6 best dash cams

Dashboard cameras assist drivers in car accident disputes, speeding ticket arguments, and even catch glimpses of incoming meteors among a bevy of other convenient functions. Check out our top picks for the best dash cams currently available…