Mexico Unlimited offers MetroPCS customers a cheaper way to text, call, and Websurf in Mexico

MetroPCS, T-Mobile's prepaid brand, unveiled an inexpensive data, calling, and texting plan for Simple Choice subscribers. It's available starting today for existing and new customers.


The Global Beer Fridge speaks 40 languages and opens on command

A partnership between Google and Canadian beer company Molson has resulted in quite the lovechild -- the Global Beer Fridge, which is simultaneously a terrible tease and a phenomenal innovation.

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Microsoft is opening new data centers in Canada to keep control of your privacy

Microsoft's latest data center moves see it locating two new data centers in Canada to address issues surrounding data residency, privacy, and security in the wake of US surveillance concerns.


Apple Watch preorders are selling on eBay for as much as $13,499

Apple’s new smartwatch is turning out to be a good source of dough for shady eBay scalpers. If you missed out on the pre-orders and are looking to waste some currency, the Internet would be more than willing to oblige.

Amazon Prime Air drone tests buzz U.S. border to spite FAA

In an apparent effort to highlight what it sees as the FAA's overly cautious approach to drone testing in the U.S., Amazon has revealed it's conducting Prime Air test flights in Canada, just feet from the U.S. border.

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Man gets detained at Canadian border for not coughing up his BlackBerry password

Quebec man Alain Philippon was detained at a Canadian airport for refusing to unlock his BlackBerry smartphone. Philippon did not provide authorities with the password because he considers the information as "personal."


‘Microsoft Tech Support’ scammer threatens Canadian man on the phone

When Jakob Dulisse received an unexpected call from "Microsoft Tech Support" he knew it was a scam, but what happened when he revealed he was on to the ruse was unexpected.


Why so shady, Apple? Canada investigates carrier deals for wrongdoing

The Federal Court of Canada, at the request of the Canadian Competition Bureau, approved the demand that Apple hand over documents related to the company's contracts with local carriers. The Bureau believes Apple made shady deals to stifle competition.


BBM will soon become a tool to find missing children in Canada

The Missing Children Society of Canada announced it has partnered with BlackBerry to create a BBM Channel that would push info about missing children to followers.


Amazon’s same-day delivery service launches in Canada

Amazon has been offering its same-day delivery service in a number of US cities for some time, and now it's launching it in Canada. Starting off for addresses in Toronto and Vancouver, it's expected to expand to more Canadian cities over time.


GoPro footage shows camera mauled by grizzly bear, GoPro survives (sort of)

A British filmmaker in Canada recently looked on as a grizzly bear gave his GoPro camera a good going over. Fortunately the animal didn't disappear into the woods with the device, leaving the filmmaker with some unique footage.


Netflix now comprises up to 40 percent of Canadian downstream traffic at peak hours

A new report from Sandvine, shows that Netflix accounts for a huge percentage of Canadian downstream traffic and, as a result, is currently the leading web service in Canada for data consumption.

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Canadian official racks up $20,000 in data charges while in another country

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk racked up a $20,000 data roaming bill while vacationing in Poland. According to Lukaszuk, the data usage stems from work he was assigned while on vacation.


Shomi the movies: New Canadian service looks to challenge Netflix in the Great White North

Two major Canadian cable broadcasters have unveiled a new over-the-top streaming service dubbed Shomi, that aims to challenge Netflix in the country. The service becomes available to Rogers and Shaw subscribers starting in November.

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Netflix Canada pens deal for exclusive first-run streaming rights to new Disney movies

Disney and Netflix announced yesterday that the two companies have penned a new multi-year licensing agreement that will effectively make Netflix the exclusive Canadian subscription TV service with first-run Disney feature films, of both the live-action and…

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