Report: Apple to up iPhone shipments in 2011, readying CDMA version

According to a new report, Apple has increased its iPhone shipment goals and also plans to ready 5 to 6 million CDMA iPhones for launch during the first quarter of 2011.

Report: iPad 2 may ship by the end of February 2011

A report indicates that Apple is ramping up production on the second generation iPad. Will holiday shoppers skip the current model because of it?

CDMA iPhone spotted? Pictures inside

A blogger named Richy Rich has published supposed pictures of the CDMA Verizon iPhone, long rumored to be in development at Apple.
Android Army

Windows Phone 7 will be GSM only; CDMA in 2011

AT&T is mobile device central, with the iPhone, iPad, and three forthcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Verizon iPhone Rumors Resurface with New Details

Reports of a massive order for CDMA chips from Apple and language about the end of exclusivity agreements in an AT&T SEC filing have Verizon iPhone hopefuls perkier than ever.

Nokia Siemens Buys Motorola’s Wireless Networking Biz

Nokia Siemens is buying Motorola's cell phone network gear business for $1.2 billion, giving Nokia Siemens an entry to U.S. mobile infrastructure.

Rumors (Again) Have iPhone Headed to Verizon

Industry rumors once again have Apple's iPhone headed to Verizon - assuming AT&T loses its hold on iPhone exclusivity in the United States.

Nokia to Stop Making CMDA Handsets

The world's largest mobile phone maker, Nokia, has announced it will stop making CDMA handsets, seeing it as a shrinking market.

Qualcomm Sues Nokia over GSM Technology

Chip-maker Qualcomm has filed suit against Finland's Nokia for selling GSM technology in the U.S., which Qualcomm says infringes on its CDMA patents.

Kyocera CDMA2000 1xEVDO PC Card

The Kyocera Passport, a CDMA2000 1x Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) PC card that will be available this fall to CDMA carriers around the world.

Nokia Launches Two Phones For Asian Market

Nokia launched on Wednesday two phones aimed at the booming Asia-Pacific markets and said it would set up a research and development facility in India.

i-Mate Smartphone 2002 review

Today we've got the i-Mate, the first device in the form-factor of an ordinary cell phone that works under the Windows Pocket PC OS.