Android Army

Verizon to make Android 4G announcement at CES

Verizon has tweeted that it will make a CES announcement involving LTE and Android. Could it be Motorola's new tablet?

Motorola teases new tablet, calls iPad a “giant iPhone”

Motorola has released a teaser video for its upcoming tablet unveiling at CES calling the iPad an iPhone and taking us through a history of tablets.

Google tries to delay debut of TVs

With CES on the horizon, Google has unexpectedly begun asking major television manufacturers to halt plans to debut new Google TV systems in January.

Possible Microsoft tablet fails to impress critics

A look at what Microsoft will possibly premiere at CES has many hoping it's just a rumor.

Analyst warns Microsoft needs tablet to compete with iPad, or else

After failing to create much buzz in the tablet space this year, one analyst warns that Microsoft may be in for a dismal 2011 unless it can concoct an iPad challenger.

Shoot retro with refurbished Polaroid cameras from The Impossible Project

It's hard to imagine a Polaroid model decades older than the first digital camera selling out, but The Impossible Project's refurbished cameras are a hot commodity.

Polaroid to make its instant camera return at CES?

Polaroid has sent out a teaser image for a product it plans to reveal at CES. It appears to be a next generation instant printing camera.

Verizon will launch 4G LTE network on December 5

Verizon will officially debut its 4G LTE network this Sunday, with plans to massively expand its coverage over the next few years. The carrier also is working on introducing handheld devices that carry the service.