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Like a geeky Illuminati, the UHD Alliance is deciding the future of TV today

We explain what the UHD Alliance is and how it is changing what UHD means. Hint: It's not just about 4K resolution anymore.

Oco Camera announces upcoming January launch at CES

Oco announced the upcoming launch of the Oco Camera at CES 2015. The connected camera, coming January 14, has 720p video playback and an affordable cloud-based recording plan.

MSI takes a titanic step forward with a massive gaming laptop and a graphics card dock

MSI has announced their new line of gaming-centric PCs and all-in-one solutions headlined by the dual-GPU Titan notebook.
CES 2016

BodyGuardz aims to make screezns indestructible with Crown screen protection

BodyGuardz, the maker of screen protection products, unveiled its newest defense against cracks and breaks. Crown, a new layer of screen protection, was announced today at CES 2015.

Add AT&T 4G LTE access to your WiFi iPad with the Modio smartcase

AT&T announced the first "smartcase" available in the United States, the AT&T Modio. This case lets your Wi-Fi iPad connect to the carrier's network, though no exact information on pricing and plans were revealed.

Asus gives gamers the best of everything with new 4K, IPS, G-Sync monitor

These two new ASUS Republic of Gamers gaming monitors will give all hardcore PC gamers something to look forward to in 2015.
CES 2016

DT’s Top Tech of CES 2015

The best gear and gadgets, the coolest smartphones, the hottest electronics. The Digital Trends Awards always highlight the best of the best -- and in Las Vegas, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, the Top Tech of CES 2015 awards…

Here’s what you missed over 14 years of The Last Gadget Standing contest

People can sniff a winner. And each year at The Last Gadget Standing contest, that's what happens, as online readers and the real-world crowds at CES are presented with dozens of new products launched at the show, collectively hunting the…

Enter DT’s Top Tech of CES 2015 Awards

OEMs, manufacturers, publishers, developers, and distributors, please submit your products for consideration in the Digital Trends Top Tech of CES awards.
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Is 3D printing finally ready for your living room? Not quite yet

In recent years, 3D printers have made huge strides toward mainstream adoption, but a number of lingering barriers will have to be addressed before it gets there.