Samsung reveals new ATIV laptop, AIO at CES 2014

Samsung is using CES 2014 as a springboard to reveal new gear, having just announced a new notebook as well as a brand new all in one desktop PC. Read on to learn more about Samsung's latest reveals here.

Withings Aura will wake you up with science

Withings has just pulled the curtain back on a new addition to it's line of smart health gadgets - a wake-up light that reacts to your sleeping patterns and eases you out of bed with scientifically-calibrated lights.

Belkin sheds light on it’s upcoming WeMo smart bulbs

Belkin has just pulled the curtain back on the latest addition to its WeMo line of connected home products: a set of smart LED bulbs and a network hub. Hit the jump to get details on specs and pricing.

Samsung Smart Home connects all your household devices through one app

Samsung has taken the wraps off a new Smart Home platform which enables you to control household devices remotely, monitor equipment in your home and get all of your gadgets and appliances talking to each other.
Cool Tech

3L Labs puts a fitness tracker in your shoe

Not a fan of fitness tracking wristbands or clip-on devices? A new gadget set to be unveiled at CES 2014 fits inside your shoe and could provide a wealth of data about your exercise routine and health.

What will CES look like in 10 years?

Though CES is a massively important show to both tech journalists and tech developers, it's size and scope has decreased in recent years. There are reasons to believe that this trend will continue as well.
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Audio Technica unveils CES spoils, including its first ever gaming headphones

Audio Technica gives us an inside look at all the gear it will be unveiling next month at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, including noise canceling headphones, wireless microphones, and the company’s first ever expedition into the world of gaming…

ST-Ericsson introduces NovaThor L8580 chip, with eQuad technology (Update: it’s not quad-core)

ST-Ericsson has announced the NovaThor L8580, a quad-core processor which uses a new method of conserving energy, which the company has named eQuad.
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CES names DISH’s Hopper co-winner, as ‘Best of Show’ scandal continues for CNET

CES has overruled CNET and has re-awarded DISH's Hopper "Best of Show" honors. Has CNET's journalistic integrity been permanently damaged?

Microsoft wants out of the PC game, and its no-show at CES 2013 proves it

Windows 8 was a “Dear John” letter to manufacturers like Acer and Dell, and CES 2013 was the official breakup. Now what?
CES 2016

Forget CES 2013, here’s what’s coming at CES 2014

Even bigger phones, higher-resolution TVs and one show-stopping surprise are all in the cards for next year’s CES.

Don’t forget about the little guys! Our favorite smartphone underdogs of early 2013

As the excitement accompanying CES dies down, we outline seven smartphones the debuted there and find what makes them unique. It's a dog-eat-dog world for Android devices and manufacturers need all the help they can get.