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China just opened the world's longest glass bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Don't you dare look down. Unless you have a stomach of steel, which might make your internal organ seem like a stronger structure than the brand new glass bridge that just opened in China.

Apple to build research, development facility in China by end of 2016

Apple has committed to building a research and development center in China this year. Construction could wrap up as soon as "the end of this year," according to Reuters.

Tesla joins Volvo and Mercedes in walking back ‘self-driving’ terminology

Language that describes driver assist modes takes another turn when Tesla removes 'Autopilot' and 'self-driving' from Chinese website following crash. This change in terminology follows walk-backs by Mercedes-Benz and Volvo in the past few…
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China is developing a hypersonic space plane that makes the Space Shuttle look primitive

China is developing a space plane that'll go from runway to orbit and back down again at hypersonic speeds. The Asian hybrid spacecraft will rival the British Skylon, which also will blast into orbit using hypersonic engine technology.

Porsche offers less powerful, less expensive versions of its 718 Boxster and Cayman in China

Porsche plans to release 250-horsepower versions of the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman in China, beneath the 300-hp base models sold elsewhere. It hopes to sell the new models for a lower price.
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Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained

For the last few years, China has been building artificial islands in the South China Sea, a highly contested region. These islands are a symbol of China's mighty infrastructure, and a potential threat to the environment and political…

The Huawei Honor 5 Play gives you sticker shock, but in the best way possible

Alongside its announcement of the Honor Note 8, Huawei also announced the Honor 5 Play, the company's latest budget phone that looks to shame other affordable phones when it lands in China on August 2.

Huawei unveils Honor Note 8, a gargantuan phablet with a 6.6-inch screen

Huawei has unveiled its Xiaomi Mi Max competitor, and it's big. The 6.6-inch smartphone boasts a quad HD screen, 4GB of RAM, and a 4,500mAh battery. It's available for purchase in China on August 9.

Uber gives up the fight in China and merges with archrival Didi Chuxing, report says

In June, Uber China's head of strategy insisted the company would move ahead of rival Didi Chuxing within a year. A report from Bloomberg on Sunday suggests, however, that there's been a major rethink behind the scenes.

Uber and Didi look to continue their ride-sharing war legally, thanks to new Chinese regulations

Even though Uber and Didi have been butting heads in China, the two ride-sharing services look to do so in a legal manner, if reported new rules are to be believed. The rules will reportedly go in effect in November.

Zika be damned: The Zuk Z2 Rio Edition is here to compete

Wanting to commemorate the upcoming Summer Olympics, Lenovo sub-brand Zuk announced the Z2 Rio Edition. The phone will be available in China on August 2 for around $225 unlocked.

New rumors, leaks suggest Meizu might unveil a smartwatch on August 10

More rumors have finally surfaced about the mysterious Meizu smartwatch. A new leak shows purported images of the watch, and rumors point to a potential unveiling on August 10. Here's everything you need to know.