Spyker sues GM over Saab’s death

Spyker, Saab's last owner, is suing General Motors for $3 billion, saying the Swedish company was forced out of business after GM blocked a sale to Chinese investors.

Apple’s new iPad makes quiet, riot-free debut in China

What a refreshing change – Apple launches a new product in China and there are no riots outside its stores on the first day of sales. The new iPad went on sale on Friday, delayed by a trademark dispute over the iPad name. The tablet…

Apple forks out $60m to settle China iPad trademark dispute

Apple has paid out $60 million to Chinese firm Proview to settle a trademark dispute over the use of the ‘iPad’ name in China, it was announced on Monday. The settlement means Apple can now sell its tablet in the company's largest…

Google creates warning for Gmail users hit by ‘state-sponsored’ attacks

Cyberattacks by "state-sponsored attackers" have become so commonplace that Google has created a special warning for targeted Gmail users.

Red Oval? Ford considering new China-only brands

With the Chinese auto market set to undergo continued growth, Ford is reportedly considering new indigenous brands to the Chinese market.

China censors social media, Internet to squelch Tiananmen Square anniversary

Less than a week after Google unveiled a warning system to alert Chinese users of possible Internet censorship comes the news that the Chinese government have blocked all Internet access to search terms relating to today's 23rd anniversary…

Google changes Chinese search to alert for censorship

In a move designed to sidestep government censorship of search results, Google has added a new feature to Search in China: An alert that will tell users if their search terms are likely to trigger watchdog action.

Electric car company tries to bail out Saab

Thanks to a last-minute bid by a mysterious group of investors, the Saab story isn't over yet.
Cool Tech

Researchers unveil eerie clothes-scaling robot

Chinese roboticists have created a robot capable of climbing your pants. It's an intriguing device, if you can get past the thing's creepy appearance.

Volkswagen Hover Car: Is this the future of transportation?

In its People's Car Project, VW crowd-sourced ideas from Chinese customers. They came up with a floating disk powered by electromagnetism.

Ford takes legal action against Chinese company over knockoff F-150

The JAC 4R3 is one of many Chinese cars copied from existing designs, but this time Ford took a stand.
Movies & TV

Hollywood studios under investigation for bribery in China: report

A number of major Hollywood movie studies have come under investigation by the SEC for allegedly making "inappropriate payments" to Chinese government officials, according to Reuters.