Apple flies 25 billionth app winner to Beijing to collect $10,000 prize

When Fu Chunli was called by an Apple representative and told that she'd won a $10,000 gift card for downloading the 25 billionth app from the iOS App Store, she didn't believe them. In fact, she didn't even know there was a competition…

Microsoft says Windows Phone will surpass Apple in China (yes, really)

Microsoft claims that Windows Phone will become the top smartphone operating system in China, but it has an uphill battle against Apple and Android, which hold a majority of the market.

Proview vs. Apple: The iPad trademark battle explained

Taiwan's Proview has amended its complaint against Apple in the US: it now wants to take back worldwide rights to the iPad trademark it sold in 2009.

China attempted to sell iPhone-branded stoves before police foils plans

Police officials found fake "iphone" gas stoves in a warehouse in China, leaving us wondering who would purchase such a thing?

Court rejects Apple iPad injunction in Shanghai

Apple can keep selling the iPad in Shanghai for now, as a Shanghai court steps back from the dispute while an appeal proceeds in Guangdong.

Foxconn raises salaries for factory workers following quiet meeting with Apple CEO

After a week of protests, Foxconn — the world's largest manufacturer of Apple products — has raised salaries for its Chinese factory workers.

Trouble in iParadise: Protesters target Apple, hackers target Foxconn

Protesters organized on four continents to call for more ethical manufacturing practices at Apple, as hackers leaked the internal communications of Apple's largest Chinese manufacturer, Foxconn.
Social Media

China: Beijing microbloggers must use real names by March 16

The Chinese government says all microbloggers in Beijing must post under their real names by March 16...or they'll be banned.

Apple trademark battle threatens to halt iPad sales in China

A little-known Chinese manufacturer with a claim to the trademark for "iPad" is seeking an injunction to prevent Apple from selling iPads in China.
Cool Tech

Mitsubishi develops world’s fastest elevator, but will stomachs be able to handle it?

Mitsubishi has announced details of what it claims to be the world's fastest elevator, set for installation in China's Shanghai Tower. The elevator will travel at more than 16 meters per second.

Real life X-Man? Chinese boy allegedly has cat-like night vision

It appears that a young Chinese boy may exhibit some super-human abilities with his advanced cat-like night vision.

Apple’s Tim Cook responds to reports of supply chain worker mistreatment

Apple's Tim Cook responds to reports of supply chain worker mistreatment: "We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain."