BlackBerry CEO not looking to expand into China

In an interview with Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed his company has no plans of expanding into China. For the time being, at least, BlackBerry will focus its efforts into emerging markets where it has a strong presence.

Apple Pay could invade China soon after UnionPay deal is struck

Apple has struck a deal with Chinese credit card provider UnionPay to allow direct app purchases. Tap-to-pay is still unavailable in China, but it looks like it could arrive in the country soon.

Xiaomi sells more than 1.1 million phones during a single, record breaking day

November 11 is the world's largest online shopping day, and in China, smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi did very well indeed. It managed to sell more than 1.1 million devices in the space of 24 hours.

Man proposes marriage standing in a heart made of iPhones, still gets turned down

You'd think making a gesture as grand as buying 99 iPhones, arranging them in the shape of a heart, and then proposing to your girlfriend standing in the center would be a sure-fire winner, right? Sadly, you're wrong, and this man found out…

Putin presents Chinese leader Xi Jinping with YotaPhone, Xi cracks a smile

Russian president Vladimir Putin presented his Chinese counterpart with a YotaPhone at this week's APEC summit in Beijing, a highly publicized gesture that must have had executives at Moscow-based Yota Devices high-fiving one another in…

Apple CEO Tim Cook chats with China about security and his plans for Apple Pay

Apple CEO Tim Cook says talks with Chinese officials about security and user privacy were "very open." He described China as a "key market," and also hinted at the introduction of Apple Pay there in the future.

Zuckerberg is mastering Mandarin, and joins the Tsinghua University advisory board

With Facebook looking to learn more about China's tech market, how long until the ban on the social network is lifted from the country?

To help quell privacy fears, Xiaomi shifts its international data storage out of China

In the wake of stories accusing it of collecting private data without permission, Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has started shifting its international users' data to servers located in the U.S. and Singapore.

Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe

Apple acknowledges iCloud hacking in China, but says its servers are safe. The man-in-the-middle attack aims to compromise the credentials of iCloud users.
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Lenovo to launch new smartphone brand to take on Xiaomi

Spooked by the rapid success of Xiaomi in the Chinese smartphone market, Lenovo is gearing up to emulate its business model with a new brand focused on Internet-only sales and closer customer engagement, the company has announced.

Apple Watch graces the cover of Vogue China, as iPhone 6 preorders top 1 million in 6 hours

The Apple Watch will appear on model Liu Wen's wrist on the cover of China Vogue this November. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 preorders in China topped 1 million in just 6 hours.