Baidu announces new virtual assistant to compete with Google Now on Android

Chinese search giant Baidu has announced its own virtual assistant, a competitor to Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. It will be available on Baidu's search app on Android, and the company plans to add it to other apps and even a robot in the…

Microsoft to help moderate China-US tech firm meeting

Obama may be looking to give stern words to Chinese President Xi Jingping over hacking claims, but before that happens the Eastern leader will meet with Bill Gates and other tech executives to discuss increased digital cooperation.
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Not so mysterious anymore: China may soon explore the dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon may not be so mysterious if China has its way. According to a recent interview, Zou Yongliao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences claims that the nation's hope is to have a spacecraft land on the "other side" by…

Google ready to return to China with a stripped-down Play Store

When there are millions of users to sign up to your services, the effort of working around censorship restrictions seems a lot more worthwhile — and it sounds like Google is finally doing just that.

U.S. said to be considering sanctions against China over cyberthefts

The Obama administration is reportedly considering economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals that it believes have benefitted from cyberthefts. The unprecedented action could be announced in the coming weeks, the…

Embattled Uber faces new scandal in China following disturbing allegations

On Wednesday, a number of Chinese media outlets reported that a female passenger was robbed and sexually assaulted by her driver in the early hours of the morning in the Chengdu province.

Lenovo plans to hand the reigns of its phone business over to Motorola

Lenovo might be planning to merge its own mobile division into Motorola, allowing the executives of its subsidiary, which it acquired in January 2014, to call the shots in the mobile market.

DDoS attack hits GitHub after Chinese police force developer to remove code

Code repository GitHub was targeted by a DDoS attack this week that allegedly occurred due to the site hosting code that allowed Chinese users to bypass censorship in their country.
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Cheap doesn’t have to mean dull, just look at this colorful smartphone from China

This cute, colorful smartphone comes from China and is surprisingly cheap at the equivalent of $140, proving low-cost doesn't have to mean dull and boring, plus it still has a strong specification.

Report: China is now a saturated smartphone market, sales fall for first time

The worldwide market for smartphones is inching closer to saturation, and in China smartphones sales declined for the first time in the second quarter of 2015, according to a report from Gartner.

Rumored GTX 990M revealed during Chinese computing conference

Nvidia can't be pleased that the cat is out of the bag for its in-the-works GTX 990M GPU, as we now know, thanks to one excitable Chinese company head, that the new mobile graphics chip will be showing up in laptops sometime in Q4 this…

China orders Samsung to ditch the bloatware from its devices

As the result of losing a lawsuit in China, Samsung is giving users the option to uninstall preloaded apps from its phones — lets hope the practice extends to other OEMs and countries too.