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Medium is the latest casualty of the Great Firewall of China

Medium, a blogging platform founded by a former Twitter CEO, has been blocked in China. Reports allege that the country's latest Web crackdown comes in the wake of the Panama Papers leak that implicated several Chinese officials.
Social Media

Twitter ignores China ban to target ad dollars with new exec appointment

Twitter has appointed a greater China managing director to pursue more advertising revenue in the country. Despite being banned in China, the role is being described as a key executive position for the social media company.

Intel shamelessly enticing OEMs to use upcoming ‘Apollo Lake’ CPUs during IDF 2016

This week during the Intel Developer Forum in China, Intel is pushing OEMs to use the upcoming "Apollo Lake" family of CPUs in Cloudbooks. The company is providing a reference design that includes the suggested chip and a touch-based…
Cool Tech

Robot waiters get fired after disastrous performance

In an illuminating display of the limitations of technology, a fleet of error-prone robots has caused the downfall of two restaurants in China. The robots proved unable to fulfill the function of waitstaff.
Cool Tech

Forget AlphaGo; China’s Alibaba is using its AI to predict TV talent show winners

China's Alibaba is using its AI to predict the winner of a popular TV talent show. Aside from analyzing data, the program will also assess a singer’s “voice pitch and energy" to guess the contest's outcome.

Volvo's self-driving cars will hit the road in China

Volvo will launch an autonomous car experiment in China, putting self-driving cars in the hands of ordinary Chinese drivers. This coincides with public tests of the technology in Volvo's home country of Sweden.
Cool Tech

Chinese funeral parlor repairs the dead via 3D printing

Some people die in horrible accidents, and that's why The Longhua Funeral Parlor decided to repair damaged bodies. The service can also be used to make you look better dead than alive.

Thinking he bought an iPhone 6S, this man found out he bought a Chinese pancake instead

A Chinese man thought he got away with the deal of the century when he purchased an iPhone 6S for an incredibly cheap price. Unfortunately, once he opened the box, he didn't find what he was expecting.

It hasn’t even been a year, and there’s already an improved Samsung Galaxy A9

Announced for China, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is a slightly updated version of the original Galaxy A9, which was announced last December. As such, the Galaxy A9 Pro carries a slightly higher price tag than the original.

China may soon block access to all domains outside the country

China's iron grip on the Internet is tightening, as its government considers further restrictions to keep "outsiders" on the outside. A draft law would require all websites in China to register their domains.

Google was unblocked in China for more than an hour

For an hour and 45 minutes, Google's search engine was accessible by users in mainland China for the first time since being blocked blocked in late 2012. The unblocking was due to Google introducing new servers into Asian areas.

The Chinese government can soon use Windows 10, but it’s not the same as elsewhere

Microsoft has completed the development of Windows 10 Zhuangongban, or “Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition.” This is a joint venture with the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), and brings extra security controls…