Movies & TV

China box office grew nearly 50 percent in 2015

The Chinese box office is closing in on North America's. China's movie theater market reached a record $6.78 billion in revenue. It's not helping Hollywood, though: Chinese films claimed nearly two-thirds of the country's box office. 
Social Media

Social networking examined in tracking infectious disease outbreaks in China

Social media platforms such as Weibo have become increasingly important tools to researchers in China for monitoring and managing bird flu outbreaks, allowing real-time data not available with traditional methods.

Chinese legislation directs telecom firms and ISPs to provide decryption

A Chinese anti-terrorism legislation, based on device decryption help from telecoms and Internet providers, is instigating an uproar in western territories -- but are who are we to judge?

China passes its controversial antiterrorism law

"1984" has come to the 21st century. On Sunday, China passed a controversial new antiterrorism law that has drawn the ire of human rights groups, businesses, and politicians the world over.

Meizu reaches 20 million smartphone sales in 2015

Meizu has been in the smartphone market for ages, but this year marked a turning point for the company with a 350-percent sales jump from last year. It sold 20 million smartphones in the year, becoming one of the top five brands in China.

iPad Pro misses 50,000 mark on first month in China, much lower than the iPad Air 2 sales

China seems to love everything Apple is selling at the moment, apart from the iPad Pro, which noticed rather low sales in the opening month. The 12.9-inch behemoth apparently missed the 50,000 mark, a lot lower than the iPad Air 2.

Oppo wants some Western success, may merge with OnePlus to make it happen

OnePlus and Oppo might be in talks to merge, according to a new rumor, though OnePlus is once again denying the allegations, as it attempts to change the public perception that it is owned by another Chinese manufacturer.
Cool Tech

Check out the drone-based delights served up by DJI’s first ever flagship store

Drone giant DJI has opened its first ever flagship store in a futuristic-looking space in its home city in southern China. The store offers visitors the chance to see up close its full range of aerial machines, and includes a flight arena…
Cool Tech

How’s this for dystopian? A Canadian startup is selling bottled fresh air in China

In case you missed it, some cities in China are suffering real bad with pollution just now. The situation has become so dire in Beijing and other places that some people are now buying fresh air from Canada to get a whiff of how things used…

Apple Pay coming to China in early 2016, company announces

Apple Pay will launch in China in "early 2106," the tech giant said Thursday. The news comes after Apple struck a deal with payment processor UnionPay, allowing the Cupertino company to finally take its payment service to one of its most…

Xiaomi isn’t worried about missing its self-appointed 2015 smartphone sales mark

Even though Xiaomi chairman Lei Jun predicted the company would sell at least 80 million smartphones in 2015, it doesn't look like Xiaomi will hit that target. However, Jun isn't too concerned about that and remains optimistic.