Cool Tech

China builds drones to hunt down cheaters during the world’s most stressful exam

Nearly 10 million students in China are gearing up to take what's become known as "the world's toughest exam." The pressure to pass the National College Entrance Exam is so great that some resort to cheating in a bid to pass. But the drones…
Cool Tech

The world’s first ATM with facial recognition technology is unveiled to the public in China

Facial recognition technology for use in ATMs has been tested for a while now, but China seems to have won the race to roll out the first fully functional version to the general public.

Chinese hackers used Microsoft TechNet platform to hide malware distribution

One of the more impressive hacks of last year looks to have taken place in plain sight. According to a new digital security report, Chinese hackers distributed a large body of malware using Microsoft's TechNet platform.

China’s army bans smartwatches and other wearable devices, thanks to a girlfriend’s gift

When a new recruit in China’s army received a smartwatch as a gift from his girlfriend and used it to snap a photo of his comrades, he was unknowingly sparking a ban on all such devices for all 1.6 million People’s Liberation Army…
Movies & TV

Netflix targets China in its bid for global domination

Several reports suggest that Netflix is in talks with providers like Wasu, backed in part by Alibaba's Jack Ma, to offer its content in China. But the service needs to get around new foreign content rules and restrictions.

Walmart teams up with AliPay on mobile payments in China

Walmart is expanding its presence in China, and has now tapped AliPay—the PayPal equivalent to Alibaba's eBay—to be its provider for mobile payments in its Chinese store locations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Weibo and immediately gains 360,000 followers

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made his way past the Great Firewall and onto Chinese social networking website, Weibo. Could his presence on the social network encourage Chinese consumers to buy more Apple products?

Bad timing? Smartphone shipments in China fall, just as a new player announces its arrival

According to the latest research, smartphone shipments in China have fallen for the first time in six years, but this hasn't put a new player off from making its entry into the competitive market.

Apple goes greener in China, announces new environmental initiatives

Apple has announced a China-based partnership with the World Wildlife Fund that it says will serve to reduce the country's ecological footprint through improved management of working forests, many of which provide the materials for Apple's…

Apple converts many Android users to iOS with larger iPhones in Europe and China

New data tells us that in the first quarter of 2015 just around a third of new iPhone sales in the European market came from ex-Android users. This could be painting a positive pattern for iOS overseas.

This is what Tencent’s version of Android Wear looks like on a circular smartwatch

China's Tencent, which owns the WeChat messaging app and the QQ social network, has announced a new mobile operating system called TOS+. Now, early pictures have shown how it'll look running on a circular smartwatch.

Look out, Xiaomi! Apple could soon overtake the Chinese company on its home turf

Apple is now the second bestselling smartphone maker in China, and it may soon surpass Xiaomi, if its growth continues. Huawei came in third place and is also steadily rising in sales.