China still has the fastest supercomputer, and now has more than 100 in service

The Top 500 rankings are a fun way to gauge which countries boast the most powerful rigs in the world. While the U.S. still has the most supercomputers in service, China's TIanhe-2 remains the fastest in the world.
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Chinese scientists develop tunable stealth material that can hide ships from radar

This new material is designed to defeat microwave radar at the UHF band level. With its thin profile, this type of material is applicable to fighter jets, defeating a practical limitation found in previous materials.

Lenovo plans to enter U.S. mobile market next year, reports poor sales in China

Lenovo has reported its first quarterly loss in six years, but investors aren't worried, with revenue higher than expected and a strong future outlook. The company plans to enter the European and U.S. mobile market in 2016.

What is Singles’ Day and how did Xiaomi make a whopping $188 million in sales on it?

On Singles' Day, a day of celebration for those without partners, Xiaomi announced it made a whopping $188 million in sales. This comes as little surprise, however, given how entrenched Xiaomi is in the Chinese mobile landscape and its…

Le 1s News: LeTv’s flagship racks up more than 11 million pre-orders, goes on sale in China

Chinese brand LeTv has announced another new phone. The Le 1s is an all-metal device with a surprisingly high specification, but it'll be sold at a low price. The company still intends to launch in the U.S., but is keeping quiet on when…
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China has plans to build a particle collider that’s over triple the size of CERN’s LHC

China is preparing to build a super-sized particle collider to study Higgs boson particles that'll dwarf the existing Large Hadron Collider at Cern.

Huawei surpasses Xiaomi to become largest mobile vendor in China

Huawei has reportedly surpassed Xiaomi to become the number one mobile vendor in China. In the third quarter this year, the networking giant achieved an 81 percent rise in year-on-year sales.

Apple goes green in China with new solar-powered factories

Apple has announced two new energy programs in China aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in the region by 20 million metric tons, the equivalent of taking four million cars off the road.
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Check out this stunning drone footage of the world’s largest radio telescope

With a little less than one year left before its intended completion, China just published stunning drone footage showing off the construction of the world's largest radio telescope. It intends to use it to search for alien life.

CrowdStrike still detecting Chinese hacks, despite landmark U.S.-China deal

Even though the meeting between President Obama and President Xi of China seemed to go quite well, it hasn't stopped the commercial hacking of American interests by state-sponsored hackers.

China is getting an Opel Astra-based Buick Verano, will the U.S. get it too?

An Opel Astra-based Buick Verano hatchback will debut soon in China, but it could also make sense in Buick's U.S. lineup as a possible replacement for the current-generation Vernao.

Apple purges hundreds of apps that collected personal data from the App Store

Earlier this week, Apple has purged the App Store of 256 apps that were using a faulty API to steal personal data from users. The total number of downloads for the apps reached 1 million, with most originating from China.