Xiaomi’s Redmi 4 phones make you rethink what’s possible for less than $150

One of the more dominant players in the Android smartphone space, Xiaomi unveiled its trio of affordable Redmi 4 phones: the Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 Standard Edition, and Redmi 4 Pro Edition. All three will launch in November.
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Check out the incredible brickwork completed by robots in Shanghai

The stunning facade of a new art gallery in Shanghai could only be achieved by way of computer software, which was used to program robots that carefully and precisely placed each brick in its rightful position.

HTC Vive arcades to offer consumers in the U.S., China, and Europe a taste of VR

HTC will be launching arcades across the US, China, and Europe, titled Viveport, to introduce virtual reality to the masses. The goal is to make VR a $100 million industry over the next two years.

Volvo set to shift production from Europe, build more cars in China

Volvo will soon build cars spanning its entire lineup at three plants in China, as well as existing European plants and a new U.S. factory. The S90 sedan will be the first model shifted to China.

You’ll have to go international if you want Android with your $103 Meizu M5

Meizu's M5, the latest in the company's M line of phones, looks for the most part like your typical midrange phone. There is one major difference, however: a complete lack of Android.

Primed for growth? Amazon Prime has just launched in China

A country-specific version of Amazon Prime has now launched in China, and Amazon hopes that this enormous marketplace may help it grow its business and compete with homegrown firms like Alibaba Group.

Qualcomm takes its patent battle against Meizu to the U.S., Germany, and France

Mobile processor maker Qualcomm will no longer keep its patent battle with Meizu in China, as the company filed actions in the U.S., France, and Germany over an alleged lack of licensing on Meizu's part.
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Watch a man set a record by back flipping out of the water 29 times in a minute

Quite likely not as easy as it looks, Liu He recently spun his way into the record books by completing an absurd number of back flips in 60 seconds using a water-powered jet board.

With 4GB RAM and a 23MP camera, the ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S offers big value

ZTE unveiled the Nubia Z11 Mini S, the latest addition to the company's Nubia line of smartphones. Keep in mind, however, that the somewhat compact phone will be sold in China, so importing might be a prerequisite.
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A Chinese rocket has just blasted off to begin the nation’s longest manned mission to date

China is getting into space in a big way, spending huge amounts on an array of missions and projects in the coming years. Taking a big step toward the deployment of a permanent space station, the nation on Monday launched its…

We flew to Shenzhen to experience China’s insane electronics bazaar firsthand

We’ve all bought gadgets for too-good-to-be-true prices from Chinese online retailers, but what do these places even look like behind the screen? We flew to Shenzhen to find out.

Apple planning a second research and development center in China

Apple has announced plans for a second research and development facility in China following the groundbreaking of a Beijing-based facility earlier this year. The second facility will be in the city of Shenzhen.