Asus’ magical Pegasus 2 Plus includes 3GB of RAM and a 1080p screen for good measure

Asus recently announced the Pegasus 2 Plus, the company's successor to 2014's budget-friendly Pegasus X002. The Pegasus 2 Plus is improved in virtually every way from its predecessor, though pricing and availability weren't disclosed.

Hell hath no fury like China facing bloatware: Chinese agency sues Samsung and Oppo

A Chinese agency is taking Samsung and Oppo to court over the bloatware the companies load on their phones, claiming that the multitude of these apps unreasonably detract from the amount of storage space advertised to consumers.

Texting while walking strikes again, girl gets leg stuck in storm drain

Definitely an embarrassing way to spend an hour of your time, a young Chinese girl slipped into a storm grate while her undivided attention was solely focused on texting her friends instead of walking.
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Alibaba confirms it’s prepping launch of ‘China’s Netflix’

E-commerce giant Alibaba is looking to further diversify its offerings by entering the video streaming market in China. The Chinese Web giant said on Sunday its new service, called Tmall Box Office, would operate along similar lines to…

Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge sells for $91,000, thanks to color and serial number

The demand for the Iron Man limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is getting out of hand. An online auction in China saw one of the Iron Man editions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sell for more than $91,000.

Your medical data is a hacker jackpot, now drawing more interest than credit cards

Rather than aiming for immediate gratification, it appears that hackers are specifically directing their efforts towards medical records and personnel files, which are a treasure trove of valuable personal information.
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Google Play app store returns to China

After leaving altogether in 2010 following a highly publicized censorship battle, Google may be returning to China with the Google Play app store, pitting itself once again in a head-to-head battle with Apple for market dominance.

HTC’s latest Quad HD beast heads China, while the U.S. is stuck with the less powerful

Already with two Quad HD monsters in Asia, HTC saw fit to announce yet another one, the One ME. Dressed like the offspring of the One M9+ and One E9+, the One ME seems to be exclusive to China, though an India release is likely.
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China builds drones to hunt down cheaters during the world’s most stressful exam

Nearly 10 million students in China are gearing up to take what's become known as "the world's toughest exam." The pressure to pass the National College Entrance Exam is so great that some resort to cheating in a bid to pass. But the drones…
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The world’s first ATM with facial recognition technology is unveiled to the public in China

Facial recognition technology for use in ATMs has been tested for a while now, but China seems to have won the race to roll out the first fully functional version to the general public.

Chinese hackers used Microsoft TechNet platform to hide malware distribution

One of the more impressive hacks of last year looks to have taken place in plain sight. According to a new digital security report, Chinese hackers distributed a large body of malware using Microsoft's TechNet platform.

China’s army bans smartwatches and other wearable devices, thanks to a girlfriend’s gift

When a new recruit in China’s army received a smartwatch as a gift from his girlfriend and used it to snap a photo of his comrades, he was unknowingly sparking a ban on all such devices for all 1.6 million People’s Liberation Army…