China outlines its latest Five Year Plan, called Internet Plus

China has been making Five Year Plans ever since Chairman Mao's regime in the 1950s, but their latest promises to be the most tech-forward yet. On Saturday, Beijing unveiled its 13th such strategy, named Internet Plus.
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Chinese box office outgrosses North America for the first time ever

A not-so-little Mermaid has helped the Chinese box-office outpace North American theater chains for the first month in history. The country also bested U.S.-only box-office totals for just the second month ever.

$1 billion annual losses are slowing Uber down in China

Uber may be one of the biggest, baddest unicorns around, but when you win big, it would seem that you can also lose big. According to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick himself, the transportation giant is losing a stunning $1 billion a year in…
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China displaces thousands in search for ET’s phone call 2:26

China is putting the finishing touches on a new alien-hunting radio telescope that will make the giant Arecibo dish look like an inverted tinfoil hat.
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China is displacing over 9,000 people to build the world’s largest radio telescope

According to new reports, over 9,000 residents of Guizhou’s Pingtang and Luodian counties are being "evacuated" to make way for a giant radio telescope -- the world's largest, in fact -- in hopes of detecting aliens.
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Chinese scientists just achieved a 90 million degree Fahrenheit nuclear fusion test

Scientists at China's Institute of Physical Science in Hefei reportedly ran a successful nuclear fusion test at 90 million degrees Fahrenheit for over a minute and a half in its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak.

Apple’s iPhone is still king in the U.S. and China, despite slowing smartphone demand

Despite sluggish sales growth over 2015, Apple's iPhone has reclaimed the throne in the China, surpassing local rivals Huawei, Xiaomi, and ZTE. The iPhone 6S was the most popular device in the region, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus.
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China’s Sina Weibo beats Twitter past the 140-characters mark

Popular Chinese social network, Sina Weibo, plans to abolish its 140-character limit, just weeks after Twitter was rumored it would be doing the same. Weibo will allow posts of up to 2,000 characters.
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The Deadpool movie gets banned in China

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool movie won't be screened in Chinese theaters due to its raunchy, violent content, according to a new report on the "R"-rated film's impending release next month.

ZTE announces Nubia Prague S with an all-metal design and eye scanner

ZTE has announced the Nubia Prague S earlier today, a slight upgrade on the recently released My Prague model. The new smartphone comes with an eye scanner for security, and clever touch-sensitive device edges.
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China plans to land a probe on the dark side of the moon in 2018

After its Chang'e-3 lander discovered a new type of moon rock this year, China says it now plans to send a probe to land on the moon's dark side in 2018. No other space program has attempted this feat in the past.

Xiaomi misses 2015 sales target, still manages to sell 70 million phones

Chinese mobile giant Xiaomi has missed its sales target for 2015 by 10 million units, but still managed a 14 percent growth in sales. While it is not a bad sign, it is much smaller than the massive surge in popular Xiaomi noticed in 2014.