Huawei surpasses Xiaomi to become largest mobile vendor in China

Huawei has reportedly surpassed Xiaomi to become the number one mobile vendor in China. In the third quarter this year, the networking giant achieved an 81 percent rise in year-on-year sales.

Apple goes green in China with new solar-powered factories

Apple has announced two new energy programs in China aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in the region by 20 million metric tons, the equivalent of taking four million cars off the road.
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Check out this stunning drone footage of the world’s largest radio telescope

With a little less than one year left before its intended completion, China just published stunning drone footage showing off the construction of the world's largest radio telescope. It intends to use it to search for alien life.

CrowdStrike still detecting Chinese hacks, despite landmark U.S.-China deal

Even though the meeting between President Obama and President Xi of China seemed to go quite well, it hasn't stopped the commercial hacking of American interests by state-sponsored hackers.

China is getting an Opel Astra-based Buick Verano, will the U.S. get it too?

An Opel Astra-based Buick Verano hatchback will debut soon in China, but it could also make sense in Buick's U.S. lineup as a possible replacement for the current-generation Vernao.

Apple purges hundreds of apps that collected personal data from the App Store

Earlier this week, Apple has purged the App Store of 256 apps that were using a faulty API to steal personal data from users. The total number of downloads for the apps reached 1 million, with most originating from China.

Mysterious Meizu smartwatch surfaces with possible October 21 launch date

The mysterious Meizu smartwatch surfaced early in the year, but has remained hidden since. A new leak shows what could be the final product, coming later this month without Android Wear.

Apple deactivates its News app in China to appease censorship requirements

Apple has deactivated its News app in China, the company’s second largest source of revenue. While Apple has not officially commented on the matter, it appears to be another instance of kowtowing to the country’s censorship policies.

Think your commute is bad? This 50-lane traffic jam in Beijing might change your mind

In China, Oct. 1-7 is known as National Day, a weeklong holiday to commemorate the foundation of People’s Republic of China. Unfortunately for the country’s vacationers, it also results in some truly horrific traffic…

Xiaomi’s claim that its phones are ‘the best’ ends in an investigation

Xiaomi finds itself in trouble with the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce over the company's use of the term "the best" on its website. Using the term could be in violation of China's new ad law, which penalizes such superlatives in…
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Forget driverless cars, China just put a massive self-driving bus on the road

As tech firms and automakers around the world continue development work on self-driving cars, a team in China has been tinkering away on a driverless bus. Earlier this month it successfully completed a 20-mile test drive, complete…

Windows 10 now installed on 100 million systems

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10 is doing very well indeed, with more than 100 million activated copies around the world already. That represents more than 25 million registrations in the past month alone.