Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to ‘learn more about Chinese culture’ on first visit to nation

Twitter's CEO is visiting China this week reportedly to "learn more about Chinese culture and the country's thriving technology sector," though his trip is bound to spark speculation that the micro-blogging service is looking to re-enter the market.

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China’s answer to Twitter planning a U.S. IPO of its own

Sina Weibo is one of several Chinese sites planning a U.S. IPO after successful launches for Facebook and Twitter in the last couple of years. The company is hoping to raise $500m in investment.


Fisker Automotive assets bought by Chinese parts giant Wanxiang for $149.2 million

Chinese auto-parts giant Wanxiang acquired the remains of bankrupt green-car startup Fisker Automotive at public auction, with a winning bid of $149.2 million. Does this mean Fisker production will restart?


Aston Martin recalls 75% of models built since 2008, blames shoddy Chinese parts

Even high-end cars are subject to the occasional recall, but the latest trouble at Aston Martin is staggering. The company will recall 17,950 cars worldwide to fix faulty gas pedal arms.


Tesla Model S priced at $121,000 in China, as Elon Musk anticipates big gains in Asia

Tesla will begin selling the Model S in China later this spring, and there's a chance that a local production facility is even in cards for the brand. And Musk is taking the high road on pricing, too.


Big (Internet) trouble in big China

Internet access in China took a big hit, through the exact cause of the problem still has not been identified. Read on to learn more about the nation's recent Internet access problems.


‘Titanic’ theme park to use simulation technology to recreate ship’s sinking

A theme park featuring a life-size replica of the Titanic is set to be built in China's Sichuan province, with visitors to the 'attraction' able to experience the iceberg collision that took the ship down.


Would you buy a Chinese car? Well, you’ll get your chance, as BYD heads Stateside in 2015

Would you buy a Chinese car? BYD hopes to sell cars in the United States beginning in 2015, but the company's previous attempts to break into the market failed. Will it work this time?


Chinese gaming increases 38-percent, earns $13 billion in 2013

The Chinese gaming industry saw growth of over 38-percent to $13 billion in revenue, mostly from PC gaming. That marks a jump of more than $10 billion in just five years.


Fisker Automotive soap opera continues, as Wanxiang makes last-minute bid

Chinese auto-parts supplier Wanxiang wants to buy Fisker Automotive, but Fisker doesn't want to be bought. The company is requesting that a judge go ahead with plans to accept a bid from Hybrid Technology Holdings.


Apple announces iPhone deal with China Mobile, world’s largest wireless carrier

After years of negotiations, Apple has finally inked an iPhone deal with China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier. The 5S and 5C phones will launch with the carrier on January 17, the two companies announced Sunday.


China really, really doesn’t like ‘Battlefield 4’

The new ‘Battlefield 4’ DLC, ‘China Rising,’ is not going over well in China. In an editorial featured in a recent Chinese military newspaper, the new content was described as part of an “ongoing culture war.”


The Xbox One heads to China

After decades of consoles being prohibited, China is loosening its restrictions, and may allow for the Xbox One to be sold in China – as long as Microsoft is willing to follow certain guidelines.


China bans banks from processing Bitcoin transactions

Likely a first step towards some form of regulation of the popular digital currency known as Bitcoin, China has forbid banks from processing transactions that directly involve Bitcoin.


Apple and China Mobile have finally inked iPhone deal, WSJ reports

Apple appears to have finally struck a deal with China Mobile, the world's biggest wireless carrier with more than 700 million subscribers. It's thought the deal could bring the tech giant an extra 20 million iPhone activations in China in 2014.