Chrome Web Store

Google confirms: Chrome OS is getting Android apps and the Play Store

The Google Play Store -- and almost all its Android apps -- is coming to Chrome OS, Google's confirmed. It'll speak on the integration at a 2016 I/O development session later this week.

Chrome Web app search listings put malicious apps first

Most of us would trust Google with search results, but the company is receiving criticism for the way listings from its Chrome Web Store can be abused by the creators of bogus software.

Microsoft releases Office Online Apps on Google’s Chrome Web Store

Microsoft released its Office Online Apps to the Google Chrome Web Store as well. Learn more here.

Hands-on with Raven, an app-centric Web browser for OS X

This Apple-friendly browser will make you enjoy the process of moving from Web to desktop -- or depending on your personal use, convince you to turn things over the Internet.

Move Facebook photos to Google+ with this application

Your friends list is still off limits, but your photos aren't with this new Chrome extension that will port Facebook images over to Google+.

Angry Birds now playable for free on the Web

Angry Birds has made a giant leap in accessibility. The game, which is already available on almost every mobile platform, is now playable for free on the Web thanks to a partnership with Google.

Google Chrome browser gains speech, speed, more revenue for developers

Google showed off Chrome's speed, speech, and store in today's Google I/O keynote, including a deal that will give app developers 95 percent of the revenue from their creations.

Downloads On-Tap wants to wipe out inconvenient installation

Downloads On-Tap lets you pack up your apps and let this new site do the dirty work for you.

Google focuses on simplicity with Chrome 10 update

Chrome 10 brings a simplified settings UI and a notable speed boost from Google's "V8" engine.

Google Chrome 9 update adds more speed, Chrome Web Store, WebGL functionality

Google Chrome 9 update leaves beta with speed improvements, WebGL support, Chrome Instant and the Chrome Web Store.
Android Army

Google introduces Honeycomb, Android Market updates, in-app purchases

Google's Wednesday press conference brought the official launch of the tablet-friendly Honeycomb, a version of the Android Market built for the Web, and in-app purchases for Android developers.

Microsoft mulls Office on Mac App Store, despite Apple’s cut of cash

Microsoft Office insists it will expand to other platforms and that the Mac App Store isn't out of the picture, but a few hurdles remain.