Lock down your email with SafeGmail’s military-grade encryption

Sending sensitive personal information over email is a dangerous security misstep that could make you increasingly vulnerable to hackers. But SafeGmail plugin for Chrome takes the risk out of the whole process by encrypting your messages…

Google adds support for ‘Do Not Track’ within Chrome

Potentially useful for anyone protective of their privacy while online, Google started testing the 'Do Not Track' feature in Chrome.

Is it time to say goodbye to Java?

A new raft of Java vulnerabilities raise the question: Should everyday computer users to ditch Java?

15 Chrome extensions for a better browsing experience

A roundup of 15 Chrome extensions that will make surfing the net safer, easier, and more comfortable.

Hands on with Chrome for iPhone: It syncs, it’s sleek, it scores

Chrome is now available for iOS, and we go hands-on with Google's browser to see how it takes on Safari.

It’s official: Chrome and Google Drive coming to iPhone and iPad

Google's Chrome browser will hit iOS later today, and Google Drive is also making its way to the iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s iPads to get two competitor web browsers to Safari

If you've been feeling as if your iPad needed another Internet browser that wasn't called "Safari," then have patience: Not one but two competitors are rumored to be coming to your rescue very soon.

Who counts the counters? Is Chrome really more popular than IE?

StatCounter raised eyebrows by proclaiming Google Chrome briefly surpassed Internet Explorer as the Web's leading browser. But where do these numbers come from, and does anybody know what's really happening?

Google starts testing device syncing for Chrome

In order to unify the Chrome experience across all devices that use the Chrome browser, the development team at Google is testing a new way to sync tab information between devices.

Battle of the browsers — Google Chrome edges ahead of IE, but only for a day

Google Chrome continues to grow in popularity, and on Sunday became the most used browser in the world for the first time. On Monday, however, IE took the lead again, though the trend suggests IE's time at the top will soon be a thing of…
Android Army

Is Google still worth our love, or has it become another selfish corporation?

Google has built its entire business on gaining the trust of its users and arguing that it is a 'good' company, different from others. Its actions in the last year and a half are clashing up against its own philosophy. Is Google still…

Google Chrome gets pwned (twice!) at Pwn2Own

The previously invulnerable Google Chrome was among the first to fall at this year's Pwn2Own contest, although only one attack is collecting the $60,000 bounty.