WSJ: Google developing touchscreen Chromebooks

Google is rumored to be making what could be a competitor to its own Android devices – touchscreen Chromebooks that could very well end up being very similar to the new Windows 8 touchscreen laptops available today.

Acer president says Windows 8 was a sales flop, but is that Microsoft’s fault?

Acer President Jim Wong said that fourth-quarter shipments of Windows 8 computers paled in comparison to Chrome-based ones. But the numbers may not tell the whole story.
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Happy birthday Safari! Thanks for changing everything

There was once a time when the "mobile" web was significantly different from the "real" one, but that bridge has been gapped over the past 10 years thanks – primarily – to Apple's browser.

The state of the browser war as we enter 2013

The face of Internet browsing continues to shift, ever-so-slowly, with Internet Explorer's market share dropping as more people take up Google's Chrome alternative.

This browser is not a browser: Re-imagining our window to the Web

Forget everything you thought you knew about browsers. Technical innovation and creativity are pushing these simple tools to new frontiers of interactivity.

Can Google rescue the Chromebook by making it more like Surface?

Google's cloud-dependent Chromebooks haven't taken off yet. Is a touchscreen and a more Surface-like experience in order?
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Best Chrome extensions for writers

Even the greatest writers of our time need a little help with their writing. Whether you're looking for help with procrastination or you just need a more comprehensive editor than Word's spell check, we've chosen a handful of Chrome…

Can Chrome 23 really improve laptop battery life by 25 percent?

Google believes its updated version of Chrome is so good it can increase battery life by 25 percent. We were a bit skeptical, so we put it to the test ourselves.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop and 3 other ways to offer tech support from afar

If one of your loved ones struggles with computers, we've got the skinny on Chrome Remote Desktop and four other ways to make technology less intimidating for them.
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Tired of politics on Facebook? Replace it with cat pictures

Ideal for everyone tired of listening to campaign rhetoric being spouted by Facebook friends, there's a Chrome extension that can help silence the noise.

Lock down your email with SafeGmail’s military-grade encryption

Sending sensitive personal information over email is a dangerous security misstep that could make you increasingly vulnerable to hackers. But SafeGmail plugin for Chrome takes the risk out of the whole process by encrypting your messages…

Google adds support for ‘Do Not Track’ within Chrome

Potentially useful for anyone protective of their privacy while online, Google started testing the 'Do Not Track' feature in Chrome.