Who counts the counters? Is Chrome really more popular than IE?

StatCounter raised eyebrows by proclaiming Google Chrome briefly surpassed Internet Explorer as the Web's leading browser. But where do these numbers come from, and does anybody know what's really happening?

Google starts testing device syncing for Chrome

In order to unify the Chrome experience across all devices that use the Chrome browser, the development team at Google is testing a new way to sync tab information between devices.

Battle of the browsers — Google Chrome edges ahead of IE, but only for a day

Google Chrome continues to grow in popularity, and on Sunday became the most used browser in the world for the first time. On Monday, however, IE took the lead again, though the trend suggests IE's time at the top will soon be a thing of…
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Is Google still worth our love, or has it become another selfish corporation?

Google has built its entire business on gaining the trust of its users and arguing that it is a 'good' company, different from others. Its actions in the last year and a half are clashing up against its own philosophy. Is Google still…

Google Chrome gets pwned (twice!) at Pwn2Own

The previously invulnerable Google Chrome was among the first to fall at this year's Pwn2Own contest, although only one attack is collecting the $60,000 bounty.
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Android Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie: What to expect

Android fans are still struggling to get their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich, but Google is already working on Jelly Bean and now Key Lime Pie.

Chrome still trying to catch Firefox; IE still dropping, says Net Applications

In February, Net Applications finds Firefox was still the number two browser, as both Internet Explorer and Chrome lost share.

Google drops Pwn2Own sponsorship, posts $1 mln Chrome bounty

Google has withdrawn its sponsorship of next month's Pwn2Own hacking contest...but is putting up to $1 million on the line for viable Chrome exploits.

Google Chrome will adopt Do Not Track

Google has reversed its position on "Do Not Track," committing to putting the technology front and center in its Chrome browser. But Web users everywhere still need to be wary.

Chrome 17 launches, upcoming updates focus on speed

While Microsoft is making users wait months for the final version of Internet Explorer 10, Google has pushed out yet another version of Chrome to consumers.

Weekly Rewind: Path uploads user info, Chrome Beta launches on mobile, and Amazon teams up with Viacom

This week Path enraged some users by uploading whole address books, Chrome Beta launched for mobile, and Amazon partnered with Viacom in another move against Netflix.
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Chrome Beta for Android impressions: Even in beta, it’s our favorite new browser

Our hands-on impressions of Google's new Chrome Beta Web browser for Android 4.0, which has almost instantly become our favorite new Android browser. Video, screenshots, and a roundup of new features explained.