Chrome Experiment’s ‘Cube Slam’ lets you smash your friends ‘Pong’-style via video

Google's latest Chrome Experimenta,'Cube Slam' was released yesterday. It's built with WebRTC, which lets you play against friends via video without needing to install any plug-ins. If you miss 'Pong,' you'll definitely want to try this…

Chrome Experiment’s ‘Roll It’ turns your browser into a Skee-Ball machine

Google's newest Chrome Experiment game is a 3D version of Skee-Ball that allows players to use their smartphone as the controller. Don't toss the phone too hard or you might break your computer screen!

‘Okay, Google’: Voice search goes live with latest version of Chrome

The "conversational search" feature that Google demoed at I/O is now available with version 27 of the Chrome browser, which lets you use your voice to search the Web and Google will speak its answers back to you.

Google brings Chrome OS App Launcher to OS X, download the beta now

The beta Chrome app launcher is now available on Mac OS X, which is designed for users who want to access Google apps like Gmail, Drive and the Google Play store directly from their desktop.

Microsoft working to bring standardized touch input to Chrome

The Microsoft Open Technologies group is trying to unify and standardize coding for pen, touch, and mouse inputs across all Web browsers. In particular, it is working with the Blink community to bring its standard to Chrome.

Chromium code suggests OS X version of Google Now is coming

If you like Google Now and own an Apple computer, you'll love this new discovery found in hidden codes by a Chromium expert. The codes suggest implementing rich notifications on OS X, indicating the impending arrival of Google Now for Mac.

Google intros Hangouts Remote Desktop, makes family tech support less frustrating

Paging the family tech support specialist! Google just upgraded Google Hangouts to include the ability to remotely control another user's desktop. Instead of a patience-testing phone call, you'll be able to fix Grandma's computer yourself…

Microsoft bullies Foxconn into paying it for every Android and Chrome product it makes

Microsoft has brought Foxconn on-board for their Android and Chrome patent licenses. The two were involved in a lawsuit back in 2011 over unlicensed software on the Nook tablet.

Google updates Chrome with improved spelling and grammar checker

The latest version of Google Chrome will warn you whenever you're making yourself a probable target for Grammar Nazis. The browser now also comes with support for three new languages.

New Chrome Experiment converts any website into a playable 3D maze

The latest Chrome Experiment game, World Wide Maze, will take any website and turn it into a 3D maze. All that's left is to sync your mobile device and use it as an external controller.

Browsers go boom: Pwn2Own hackers take down Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer

Think the browser your just updated is safe? At the Pwn2Own competition held during the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, Canada, hackers from France and the UK cracked Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and used them to take…

Mozilla says no Firefox for iPhone and iPad unless Apple amends its ways

Mozilla stated at SXSW that it won't be making Firefox for iOS in the foreseeable future. This means that iPhone and iPad owners alike will be stuck with Safari for now.