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Chrome finally heads to Android, but there’s a catch

It's been a long wait, and finally Chrome for Android is here - albeit with one serious condition: it's for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich only.

Google exec comments on the sponsored Chrome campaign and the finger pointing continues

The involved parties all weigh in on the Chrome advertising debacle, including Googler Matt Cutts.

Internet Explorer 6 usage finally drops below one percent in United States

While the vast majority of the graphic design community has been greatly anticipating the demise of IE6, it appears that Microsoft is excited to be done with the archaic browser as well.

Google in hot water over sponsored Chrome pay-per-post promos [UPDATE: Google punishes itself]

After spending much of the last year cutting down on "thin" Web content, Google is caught doing the very same thing for Chrome.

More details on the Google/Firefox deal emerge, big numbers involved

Following Mozilla's announcement that Google would remain as their default search engine, details have emerged that the new deal is considerably more lucrative than before.

Reports find Firefox faces upgrade lag, security debate

New reports find that up to a quarter of Firefox users use out-of-date versions of the browser, and that Google-commissioned security reports may be deliberately lauding Chrome at Firefox's expense.

Chrome 15 beats out Internet Explorer 8 in global popularity

While Microsoft, Mozilla and Google continue to compete for market share in regards to browser usage, a popular version of Chrome just knocked Microsoft's IE8 out of first place.

Microsoft to start silent upgrades to Internet Explorer

Beginning next year, Microsoft plans to start automatically (and silently) updating Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users to newer versions of Internet Explorer.
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Google Chromebooks celebrate 1 year anniversary

It's already been a year since Google first introduced us to the CR-48. Aside from a new name and shinier coat, how far have Chromebooks really come?

Google bringing high-end gaming to Chrome via Native Client

Google's bringining console quality to your browser with heavy hitters like Supergiant and Square Enix porting fan favorites in the months to come.

Opera 11.6 launches with speed and HTML5 improvements

While Firefox and Chrome continue to battle it out for second place in the browser wars, the folks at Opera Software pushed out a new update for users of the Opera browser.

Can Mozilla survive without Google?

Mozilla makes Firefox, but is heavily dependent on Google for revenue to fund its efforts. The problem? Google makes Chrome - and Mozilla's deal with Google is up for renewal.